$150,000 Wonderland promotion logo - a blue Cheshire cat with $150,000 written above it and Wonderland written below it

How Do I Compete in the $150,000 Wonderland Promotion?

For the entire month of May and on into June, Everygame Casino is running a massive $150,000 promotion called Wonderland.  In this promotion, players play three great slots from the huge selection of online games at Everygame Casino in friendly competition with each other!

The size of the prize pool is not surprising to long-term gamers at Everygame Casino since the casino has long been known by the moniker of the sign up bonus casino!  That’s because the Welcome Package for new gamers is four deposit bonuses topped off by a no deposit bonus all together worth potentially $5555!

A Slew of Bonuses

Everygame Casino continues to offer excellent bonuses even after gamers have taken advantage of the huge Welcome Package.  The $150,000 Wonderland is simply a case in point.

How the $150,000 Wonderland Promotion Works

Every week, until June 8th, 300 gamers will share the $30,000 prize money for that week.  The highest prize amount will be $500 per week.  At the end of the promotion, one lucky gamer will win the final $1000 prize!

Three Great Slots for Your Gaming and Competition Pleasure

The competition is all in good fun as gamers try to get more points each week and qualify to be one of the 300 lucky winners in that week.  There is no restriction on how many times a gamer can win a prize so, especially now that so many players are still at home most of the time, this is a great way to spend some time and possibly to end up a few hundred dollars ahead every week.

The three slots you’ll play in this promotion are Magic Mushroom, 5 Wishes, and Stardust.  These slots fit perfectly into the theme of a Wonderland of gaming and gifting.  For the few who haven’t yet discovered the awesome wonders of these slots, here is a quick rundown of each.

Magic Mushroom

This is one of Real Time Gaming’s most creative slots!  It has three reels and 27 ways to win.  That means that there are a lot of winning spins in this game.  the variance or volatility is very low which means that gamers who love to see winning spins will be very happy to paly Magic Mushroom even though most of the wins are for small amounts.

With 27 ways to win on only three reels, you win whenever three icons appear on the reels anywhere.  It’s really just that simple!  Magic Mushroom has become one of Everygame Casino Red’s most popular games for just this reason: the wins come fast and add a lot to the enjoyment of playing a slot based entirely on a fantasy world.

The Respin Feature occurs when the middle reel is covered entirely of the Magic Mushroom wild icon. 

The five mushroom fairies each sport a different bold color.  It is the intense color scheme that adds another happy dimension to playing Magic Mushroom.



There are 243 ways to win in Stardust.  Since you’ll be playing this wonderful and fantastic slot during the $150,000 Wonderland promotion, you might say that there are now 244 ways to win!

The green and blue fairies have truly magical powers in this game and add a dimension of merriment to the promotion!

The icons all have something to do with fantasy and legend.  The icons were drawn by the creative team at Real Time Gaming in such a way as to make it slightly mysterious as to what they are and what they represent!  The mystery lends a special feature to playing the game.

The green fairies are the wild symbol.  They can metamorphose into blue fairies which give a 4x multiplier to wins.  The tree is the scatter.  You can get up to 50 free spins by getting five scatter symbols and you can also retrigger the free spins!

Three of the icons award wins with only two icons on the reels!

The Lucky Feature is a random benefit in which a reel or reels become entirely made up of wild symbols! 

5 Wishes

This fantastic game reprises the Aladdin legend.  There are two progressive jackpots that come up at random in 5 Wishes.  So, in addition to giving you competition points for every spin, 5 Wishes gives you a great chance to win a random progressive jackpot!

There is also a fixed jackpot of mythical proportions in 5 Wishes.  This non-progressive jackpot always wins 5000x your bet so it is one of the best random jackpots you can play for.

Aladdin’s lamp is the scatter symbol.  If you get five scatters, you’ll receive 100 free spins!  Imagine the flood of wins you’ll get during those free spins!  In addition to the largesse of jackpots and free spins, you can retrigger the free spins as many times as you can as long as your luck stays with you.

Winning during the $150,000 Wonderland Promotion

A simple math calculation says that with 300 winners every week and $30,000 in prize money every week, the average win will be $100.  We also said earlier that the highest weekly win could be as much as $500.  So, gamers have a big incentive to play and get those gaming points.  Who knows, you might be one of this week’s weekly winners and that will automatically qualify you for the final bonanza of a one-time draw for $1000!

Everygame Casino Continues to do Online Gaming Right

Everygame Casino Red has been in the online gaming business for more than twenty years.  All that long ago, many people thought that online gaming would not work.  Much to some people’s surprise but not to ours and not to our gamers’ surprise, online gaming has grown exponentially! 

One of the great draws that an online casino such as Everygame can sponsor is a monthly promotion such as the $150,000 Wonderland promotion.  While gamers can play often and for reasonable lengths of time at Everygame Casino, no one plays that often at a land-based casino!

So, come to Everygame Casino for the big promotion this month!  We are sure that every new gamer will quickly find out what all of our loyal gamers from twenty-plus years have long known: Everygame Casino is a great online casino in every way!