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Everygame Casino Online is Still the Best Place to Play Casino Games

Physical casinos came along many decades before online casinos such as Everygame Casino opened their virtual doors for great online casino gaming.  Since players were much more familiar with physical casinos, when online casinos emerged, the internet was full of advice to gamers as to what to look for in an online casino.

This was totally fair, of course.  After all, the online casinos were an entirely new concept in casino gaming.  The technology was new, the method of depositing and withdrawing cash were all new, and the games on offer gave a totally different interface than the same games at physical casinos.

Think of live roulette and online roulette; live craps and online craps; live blackjack and online blackjack.  It is altogether reasonable that online casinos had to find ways to attract gamers.  This we at Everygame Casino and most other online casinos have done very well in the last 25 years!

Corona Virus Closes Land-based Casinos

The great Pandemic of 2020 caused businesses in most sectors to close their doors.  Now some businesses in some locations are ready to reopen.  It is one thing for a  factory to reopen.  Such a reopening has its distinct set of challenges. 

Land-based Casinos Have Real Challenges Ahead

Reopening land-based casinos is a very different type of challenge.  The whole situation is dripping with irony from the standpoint of online casinos and their gamers.  Land-based casinos will have to re-attract players.  They will have to contend with a clientele that will want to go back to the way we were and will be upset if there are any restrictions imposed upon them by the casino, the state regulators, the health system, their fellow players, and any other legitimately interested party.

Online Casinos Have Enjoyed New Traffic

It’s hardly a secret that since physical casinos were closed, gamers would look to online casinos for their casino gaming fun.  Many such gamers by now have discovered just how much they enjoy playing casino games online!

So, online casinos such as Everygame Casino will likely enjoy a lot of allegiance from newly enrolled gamers who joined only in the last two months or so.

For example, a new gamer who took full advantage of Intertop’s Welcome Package and received all or most of the $5555 in new bonuses for new players might still be playing with their bonus money!


To Travel to a Land-based Casino or to Continue to Play with New Player Bonus Money

These gamers might feel that they should use the money they already have on account at Everygame Casino rather than “invest” even more money getting to a land-based casino to play.

Another factor in this decision is that all bonuses carry a wagering play through requirement which means that gamers have to bet a factor of their bonus before they can withdraw their winnings.

A new gamer at Everygame Casino Red might still be playing off the wagering requirement.  Why then would he or she travel to a land-based casino when they have the clear incentive to stay home and play?

Land-based Casino Gaming will Surely be Much Different

One of the aspects of physical casinos that has always attracted some gamblers is the easy camaraderie, even among total strangers, especially around the craps and roulette tables.  This will certainly change going forward!

Casinos will be forced to maintain safe social distance between gamblers.  This will mean that especially the craps and roulette tables will have far fewer players than they had before the virus forced the casinos to close.  This will cause a loss of camaraderie and may even cause some gamblers who used to go to land-based casinos exclusively for that kind of camaraderie to stop going to a casino and playing online instead!

This will affect players of all games.  There will be slots or video poker terminals that will be closed off to gamblers because of the need for proper social distance.  Land-based casinos already have the problem of many players wanting to play at the same terminal.  How will these casinos deal with the same problem but with fewer terminals?

Will land-based casinos keep the same number of blackjack tables if they can seat only three or four players at a time?  What will the sports betting room be like with sports bettors waiting outside to get in?

What Will Gamblers Over 60 Do?

This is another question that no one can easily answer at this time.  We do know that everyone is sick of the lockdowns.  What will the over 60 crowd do when it becomes “safe” to mingle with others?  Will over 60 age gamblers simply stay away for a period of time?

If land-based casinos reopen their doors but lose a large percentage of the over 60 age crowd, will the casinos be able to stay in business?  This may affect younger gamblers as well.  If casinos have to reduce their staffs, how will that affect the gambling experience for younger gamblers?

What Will Full Capacity be Like at Casino Hotels?

If the casino itself has to limit the number of players who can be in the casino at any given moment, will it affect the casino hotel’s ability to achieve full occupancy?  If gamblers have to wait to get on the casino floor, what attractions will the hotel or casino come up with the entertain customers while they wait for their chance to gamble?

This will have an effect on bards and pubs and on the hotel or casino restaurants.  It might affect some tourist attractions in the city where the casino is located.

Furthermore, if air travel drops, how will people get to a land-based casino?  This might be less problematic for a local casino but it might have very serious repercussions for cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City plus the gambling coast of Mississippi.

Everygame Casino and the Golden Age of Online Gaming

As we said earlier, when online casinos started operation, the internet was full of articles telling gamers what to look for in an online casino.  Now we, at Everygame Casino Red, are in the unusual position of advising our newest gamers what they should think about as they contemplate going back to their favorite land-based casino as soon as it reopens!

We are realistic here at Everygame Casino and we know that many gamers will go back to physical casinos.  We also know that these casinos will be creative in finding solutions to their challenges.  Still, we are also confident that online casino gaming here has opened the eyes of many gamers and that we will retain a large percentage of players who spun their first online slots reel here during the corona virus lockdown.

Finally, we also know that the crisis is not yet in our rear view mirror so we will end with the same sentiments we have been expressing for two months now: stay healthy, wash your hands often, wear a mask outdoors, and arrive safely at the other end of the crisis!