$1,000,000 written as the sum on a check

Several Good Tips for the Lucky Gamers who Win a Massive Jackpot

In some ways, gaming from Everygame EU is different than gaming from Everygame Casino in the United States, in Asia, or wherever the loyal Everygame Casino gamers live.  While Europe is home to tens of millions of people, it is a travel destination for tens of millions more people every year! 

Let’s put this into perspective.  New York City is home to some seven million people and at least that number come into the city every day to work or as tourists.  However, Los Angeles is also a vast city of many millions of people but it attracts far fewer people than does New York.  Aside from gawking at mansions in Beverly Hills, there isn’t a lot to do in Los Angeles and the city rolls up the sidewalk early in the evening.

In New York, they lay down new sidewalks at midnight and the beat goes on!  The point is that people are essentially the same everywhere but also different in important ways one from another!

Know Exactly Who You Are

In this article, we would like to perform an act of happy speculation coupled with some down to Earth good advice.  The speculation is that you have become an instant millionaire by winning a huge jackpot at Everygame Casino, in a lottery, or anywhere else that it is possible to win millions in an instant.

As soon as you have won this huge amount of money, you need to become as sophisticated and worldly as any European who sees huge throngs of tourists every year or the average New Yorker who is used to large gatherings of people from out of town.

You need this level of sophistication because, in an instant, people will want to get their hands on some of the money you have just won!

Don’t Tell Anyone Except the Government

It should go without saying that you have to give the government everything they say you owe them.  A good tax accountant or tax lawyer might help ease the pain but at the end of the day, you want the government to leave you alone and the best way to do that is to give then what they want.

But other than the government, we suggest you tell no one that you suddenly are a millionaire.  Tell your spouse and maybe your adult children.  Avoid bragging about the big win.  No one wants to constantly be accosted by people with their hands out and few people can resist putting their hands out.


Stay in Your Present Job

Unless you absolutely hate your job, you should continue to go in every day at least for a period of time.  Quitting your job will send up smoke signals indicating that something is seriously different than it was a day before.

If you are old enough to retire, you can do so and cloak your announcement in regretful tones such as: I’ll really miss all you guys”.  But if you aren’t old enough to retire and you still enjoy doing your job, stay in it for the indefinite future.

Keeping the future indefinite will have two very good effects: one, it will get you to think about the future and, two, it will make you want to turn the indefinite future into a very definite future indeed!

Don’t Stop Thinking about Tomorrow

Bill Clinton popularized that uber corny pop song from the 1990’s.  The advice we give you as the lucky winner of a huge jackpot is to truly see where you would like to be in five years’ time or in ten years.  Let’s say that you want to live in a huge house. 

Can you actually afford the house of your dreams with the winnings you have just pocketed?  In almost all cases, the answer is no.  This is a very important step in understanding the good news about your win: it makes you a millionaire but it still doesn’t give you the freedom to do anything you want or to buy anything you want.

Spend as Little as Possible on New Clothes and Other Baubles

This advice is not limited to new clothes.  It includes new shoes, high end vacations, first class airplane tickets, season’s tickets to your favorite sports team’s games, and every other possible purchase that will telegraph your new wealth and be too profligate for even a new millionaire.  Remember, as much as a million dollars is a lot of money, it isn’t what a million dollars were twenty years ago!

Embark upon a Sound Investment Program

Do not—absolutely do not—ask family, friends, or colleagues if they know “a good investment counsellor”!  This is someone you have to find for yourself.  You have to interview an investment counsellor before he or she will get your money to manage.  Be strong.  You don’t have to work with the first investment counsellor you talk to.

A good investment counsellor will steer you in the direction of a broad portfolio of investments so that your nest egg will grow and you’ll be able every year to take some of the money for a small splurge.  There are many ways we can spend money that would be considered a small splurge.

How Can We Spend Money? Let us Count the Ways

A cruise is one such way to splurge.  The two most popular cruises are the Alaska cruises that many cruise lines run and the run to Hawaii.  The Alaska cruise lasts about one week and the Hawaii cruise usually lasts about two weeks.  You can splurge on excursions, alcohol, souvenirs, and anything else that might cost money on a cruise such as the cabin you book.

You can take a two-week tour of a small area of Europe or of the United States.  The area from Yosemite National Park to Grand Canyon National Park has many other great National and State parks.  You can splurge here as well on hotels, attractions, and restaurants.  You can spend a little more and rent a slightly larger and roomier car.

Europe is so compact that you can travel in several countries and still not cover a huge number of kilometers.

A great way to have a splurgy vacation is to go on a safari.  South Africa is world famous as a safari haven but several other countries offer great safari experiences.

Enjoy Your Big Win in Moderation

We sincerely hope that whenever anyone wins a million dollars at Everygame Casino Red that they are able to combine enjoying the money and conserving the money!  Real long-term pleasure from any win or from gaming in general comes from enjoying our blessings and conserving them as well!