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What Should We Think about Whenever We Sit Down to Play at Everygame Casino?

Every time you use the Everygame login to access your casino account, there are a number of things you should ask yourself.  If you have asked yourself these questions in advance, then you should have the answers ready when you log into your account here at Everygame Casino.

A Great Talk about Gambling

There is a fantastic YouTube talk by a man named Adam Kucharski on the subject of how science is taking the luck out of gambling.  We certainly don’t agree with everything he says in this talk but we feel strongly that you, as gamers, would benefit a great deal by listening to the talk which takes about an hour.

In this article, we will talk about a number of things he mentions and will both try to explain his point of view and how ours may differ. 

Turning Gambling into Gaming

As we understand the talk, our approach to online casino gaming is totally correct in that we constantly encourage our gamers to turn gambling into gaming.  Let’s see immediately how this happens?


How Much are You Willing to Risk?

At about the 20:00 mark in the talk, he asks the audience how much they would be willing to gamble on a single flip of a coin.  The bet is that if your lose, you lose your bet, but if you win, you win double your bet.

If he were to perform this procedure 1000 times, everyone would take the bet and would bet high.  But how much would an average person be willing to bet if the toss were a one off deal?

Almost everyone would bet a dollar, most would also bet $10.  At $100 the number decreases significantly and then at $500 it decreases to next to zero.

Online casinos have found that even wealthy people are often not willing to wager a sum on a game even if they do in fact have enough wealth to be able to lose that amount of money.  The average person understands the value of money and is willing to bet much less than they can afford to lose.

This is the essence of turning gambling into gaming.  We still bet on the outcome of the game but wee bet far less than we can afford to lose and therefore the gambling changes and becomes gaming!

The Random Number Generator

This is the software that underpins all digital gaming.  So, at Everygame Casino, all of our games are run by the Random Number Generator or RNG.  At casinos on land, every digital game is also run by the RNG.  However, casinos on land have many games that are operated in real time or with physical equipment. 

Blackjack, poker, craps, roulette, baccarat, keno, and bingo may be games that fit this category at a land-based casino.  One idea that Mr. Kucharski is presenting is that in all physical games, it may be possible to observe the equipment and come up with a betting scheme that increases the player’s advantage in some cases giving the player a real edge over the house.

A physical roulette table and wheel may have a slight bias.  It is undetectable to the average gambler but a very keen observer may find it if it exists at all.  Counting cards in blackjack is much more accessible to the gamers who are prepared to make the effort to learn this skill.

The RNG takes this element out of gambling.  It is another reason why we tell gamers to turn gambling into gaming.  In blackjack, for instance, it is not necessary to count cards in order to stay very close to a break even position or actually get ahead of the house. 

Statistics are the mathematical language of observations.  In blackjack, computers have “observed” millions of hands and have produced the statistically best strategy for every hand.  This can then be translated into the odds of winning or losing at blackjack.  The house retains a small fraction of an edge in blackjack which many players often reverse in any given session of blackjack.  As long as the player is risking an amount that is far less than what he or she can afford to lose, following the best strategy in blackjack turns the gambling side of it into a gaming side.

Returning to card counting, this tactic has value when the gambler is willing to stand or take another cards based solely on the results of the card count during an actual hand but it is far more lucrative when the player knows that he or she is very likely to win the next hand or tie it with twenty points.  In that case, a very brave gambler would increase their bet in the hope of scoring a very large one off win.

The Enormous Power of Observation

There are thousands of situations in which close observation is extremely important.  Close observation can save lives.  A large number of these cases are obvious such as the need to watch the road when driving.  More difficult to detect is when a friend appears to be sober but, in fact, has had just a little too much to drink and should not be allowed to drive.

We know a story of a man who was taking his kids on a road trip and stopped at a microbrewery and sampled two of the bar’s home brews.  After he finished the beers, he told his kids that it would be a while until he was ready to get back behind the wheel!

In poker, observation is the single most important key to winning enough hands to be able to walk away with more money than you came with.  Observation in poker means watching how every player responds to the cards as they are played and also to the subliminal logic of every bet along the way.

Science Can Never Take the Luck out of Gambling

The bottom line, then, is that science can get us very close to the perfect gambling decision but, to use a mathematical term, our approach to that line is asymptotic: it comes close to the line but never touches it.  For the purposes of this discussion, it is important to understand that the approach to the line of perfect decision-making in all gambling situations can never actually reach the line.

This realization brings us back full circle to the point we have been touting all along: if science cannot take the luck out of gambling, then nothing can take the luck out of gambling, and then, it is up to us to take the gambling out of gambling!

Gaming should always be the goal!