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What are the Top Features of SpinLogic Gaming’s Games?

Gamers at Everygame Casino sometimes take the high quality of the games we run for granted.  In this article, we would like to salute SpinLogic Gaming, our exclusive game provider, and talk about the many great features their games have.

There are a few characteristics that all online casino games have to have in order to keep the game provider viable and to keep the casinos that carry their games popular and viable as well.

  • State-of-the-art graphics
  • Exceptional animation
  • Catchy and appropriate sound and music
  • A variety of features involving the wild symbol
  • Ditto regarding the scatter symbol

We would like to elaborate on these points.


The heart of any game is a combination of the rules of the game, the game play, and the game presentation.  A board game that you play at the dining room table with family and friends also has to have great game play and presentation and easy to understand rules.’

Online casino games should have easy to understand rules plus superior game play and presentation.  For online games, the presentation is a synergistic combination of the graphics, the animation, and the sound or music.

Casino graphics have evolved in amazing ways in the past twenty years.  When we say that our newest slots from SpinLogic Gaming have state-of-the-art graphics we are pointing to the future as much as to the present.

The graphics of the newest slots at Everygame Casino will always feature the best graphics available to SpinLogic Gaming at that time.  It also doesn’t mean that any slots older than a year old are old fashioned.  Far from it!  The slots at Everygame are all very accessible to sophisticated modern gamers even as we readily agree that some reflect the graphics of 2020 while others reflect the graphics of 2010!


Exceptional Animation

The ability of SpinLogic Gaming and other game developers to cause the characters in their slots to move has added a massive amount of fun to modern video slots.  We have always emphasized that slots and all of the other games we offer are essentially entertainments.  The animation is so sublime these days that they create a great deal of the entertainment value of the slots we offer.

Music and Sound

We have always had slots with sound.  The sound quality in slots continues to improve so in every new slot we present to our gamers, the sound or music is like another character!

The Wild Symbol

SLG has found ways to make the wild symbol do tricks that no one thought possible when Pong was the top line online computer game!  Pong has long since gone “Ping” and the wild symbols in SLG’s large line of video slots continue to find new and extravagant ways to help you win!

Do the wild symbols stack?  Do they expand upwards and downwards or do they also expand horizontally, to cover spaces on adjoining reels?  Do the wilds stick to the spot they “fall” on?  Do the wilds carry a multiplier for wins they create?  Do the wilds cause the winning payline to cascade down thus causing new symbols to take their place?

If the wilds can do wonderful tricks in the regular games, imagine how these tricks can be increased in the free spins bonus rounds?  This is the area where the scatter symbols reign supreme!

The Scatter Symbols

In most slots, it takes three symbols in consecutive order on a payline to create a win.  The scatters are so named because they win in all positions.  In some slots, it takes only two scatters to win a prize.  At Everygame Casino, we like to think that SLG was the original developer of the scatter symbol concept!

The scatter symbols primarily send gamers to the free spins bonus rounds.  In many free spins rounds, gamers are given a multiplier for all wins even if there wasn’t a multiplier in the regular game.  In some slots, gamers can choose between more free spins with a lower multiplier or a higher multiplier with fewer free spins.

The free spins rounds often have special money-making extra features!  These often involve the wild symbol but SLG is famous for creatively helping players win in the bonus rounds!

Sometimes the free spins can be retriggered.  There are some slots in which the free spins can be retriggered an infinite number of times!


The main feature of SLG slots that we have not yet covered are the jackpots.  There are two basic types of jackpots: progressive jackpots and spontaneous/random jackpots.

Progressive Jackpots

These jackpots can reach into the six figure or seven figure range!  In most cases, they are run directly by SLG which means that a penny or two are taken from every bet made on the progressive jackpot slots from all over the world.  That is a lot of bets!

These jackpots go up and up until a lucky gamer somewhere in the world wins it.  Then the jackpot reverts back to its starting point and begins to grow fast once again!  There is one thing about progressive jackpots that gamers, especially new gamers such as the many thousands who have come to our cyberdoor these past few weeks, need to know.  In order to qualify to win the big progressive jackpot, you have to bet the maximum on the winning payline.

This causes the progressive slots to have high variance which means that, return to player rate aside, these slots produce relatively few wins but that the wins are usually pretty big.  Many gamers play for the progressive jackpot only on our mobile platform and only when the gamers are not at home.

Gaming on the mobile platform is the most common way to play these days and the progressive jackpot slots may have too high variance for casual play at home.  A few quick spins while on the go are fine.

Spontaneous random Jackpots

These are jackpots that hit whenever the random number generator gives its okay!  You don’t have to have a winning payline to win a random jackpot!  They come to gamers who are having fun and get lucky!

Some slots have several random jackpots of different sizes.  You could win two random jackpots of different sizes in the sane gaming session!

The Advantage of Online Casino Gaming

It seems that every subject we write about hints at the profound advantages of gaming at Everygame Casino Red or another reputable online casino.  In the context of this article, that advantage of online gaming is that you can easily try out as many of the slots we offer as you wish to try out. 

You don’t have to change seats!  You don’t have any problem getting back to the slot you were on and enjoying if the new one doesn’t meet up with your expectations!  At land based casinos this is a common problem to the extent that most slots players at a land based casino play a very small number of different slots even over the course of a three-day casino venture!

SpinLogic Gaming Shines

SLG is a proven game provider!  We are happy that we have been connected to SLG for many years.  Every one of the games we offer has the SLG stamp to it: great graphics and game play are givens.  In some games, there is also animation and sound.  When there is, the animation and sound alone are often worth “the price of admission”!