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Vegas Lux is Our Newest Slot and We Celebrate with a Super Promotion

As you all know, Everygame Casino is a well-known and extremely popular casino online.   You might think that we wouldn’t celebrate the reopening of the Las Vegas casinos that is going on as we speak. The fact is that we welcome the challenge of competition with Las Vegas and are happy to be able to run the Vegas Lux promotion in June.

Vegas Lux is the newest slot from RealTime Gaming and it fits in perfectly with our history of great online casino promotions.  We’ll tell you all about the promotion, then we’ll review the Vegas Lux slot, and then we’ll talk a little about luxury in Las Vegas and elsewhere.

You’ll see that when we talk about luxury we encourage all of our gamers to have the most luxurious vacations they can have at many locations, not exclusively in Las Vegas!

Great Bonuses Plus Free Spins

The promotion for Vegas Lux is a combination of bonuses and free spins.  Whenever a players heads out to Las Vegas, he or she wants every advantage to make the long weekend as memorable as possible.  Gamblers do go out of their way in Las Vegas to show off their luxuries, to dress the part, and to telegraph to one and all that they “belong” in the luxury camp in Vegas.

Here is how the Vegas Lux promotion works:

  • Login to your account and make a deposit
  • Use bonus coupon code:  VEGASWINS
  • Your account will be credited with 125% match up bonus up to $1250
  • AND 50 Free Spins for Vegas Lux

125% match bonus is really generous, so make the max deposit you can to get the full advantage of this high match bonus in June.

As you can see, Everygame Casino is fine with people winning at Vegas Lux and even in Las Vegas if that is where you decide to go.  At the end of this article, we will talk a bit about other ways to enjoy a luxury vacation without going to Las Vegas!

Vegas Lux Slot Review

As we said, in Las Vegas a lot of gamblers like to show off their jewels and other signs of affluence.  Vegas Lux features some icons that demonstrate the luxurious side of Las Vegas gambling as well as the simple gambling side.

A Wealth of Icons Signifying Luxury

The icons include a bejeweled woman who might be a gambler, might be a gambler’s moll, or might be a showgirl!  It’s really up to you to decide.  Another icon is the young man who might be the person accompanying the female gambler, might just be a gambler himself, or might be a performer in the high-priced show!  Again, it’s up to you to decide.

The other icons are the symbols of the four card suits signifying the importance of blackjack, poker, baccarat and other card games; the cherries signifying the ancient history of gambling in Las Vegas when getting three cherries was the height of success; the triple sevens icon which has also made many gamblers wealthy in the long-ago past; the wild symbol which just says “Wild” signifying what we were born to be; the Free Games logo which is one of the two scatter symbols; and the diamond which is the other scatter symbol.

Five Reels and Many Ways to Win

Yes, there are two scatter symbols in Vegas Lux.  There are also five reels in the 3-4-5-4-3 pattern and 720 ways to win.  There are so many ways to win that Vegas Lux gives wins on almost every spin!  Most of the wins are relatively modest which makes Vegas Lux a very low variance slot.  That will surely be one reason it becomes an instant classic as soon as gamers start playing it in earnest!

The Diamond Scatter Symbol

This scatter pays a multiplier when at least three symbols show up anywhere on the reels.  The multiplier is 2x for 3 diamonds; 10x for 4 diamonds; and 50x for 5 diamonds.

The Free Spins Scatter

This symbol has free spins written all over it!  You need five of a kind to get the free spins.  This is a lot easier than you might think since it’s a scatter which means that the five symbols don’t have to be connected.  As often as not, you might get five of a kind in two or even more different ways.  When that happens, your free spins will increase by 8 free spins for every time you trigger the bonus!

Here’s a luxurious fact: you can retrigger the free spins in multiples of 8 free spins up to a maximum of, drum roll, 240 free spins!

The Joys of Small Wins

When you play Vegas Lux, you will enjoy a luxury of modest wins!  The fun keeps coming.  Vegas Lux is a great slot in more ways than one; in fact in more ways than the 720 ways to win embedded in the game!

Since you’re playing at home, you can offer yourself free drinks!  You can set up a luxurious buffet and invite a bunch of friends over to celebrate the return of Vegas!  And, when you finish this gaming session, you might go online and research a truly great vacation in which you can pull out all the stops and have a rip-roaring time even without going to Las Vegas!

What Constitutes a Real Vacation?

Slots are all about vicarious entertainment and enjoyment.  Many slots have themes that we cannot experience in real life such as space travel or ancient cultures.  Just because we can go to Las Vegas doesn’t mean that we have to go to Las Vegas!

We suggest that you enjoy the luxurious side of Vegas playing Vegas Lux and when it comes time to go on a vacation, even if for just a long weekend, you go on a real vacation.  If you live in the United States, there are literally tens of thousands of excellent vacation destinations for individuals, couples, families, groups of friends, and any other combination of people who might want to vacation together.

There are vacation spots for the outdoors type, for the sea and sun types, for big city people, for people who love museums, art galleries, country roads, minor league baseball, and a plethora of more!

Play Vegas Lux and Enjoy Much More

So, our recommendation is to play Vegas Lux on your desktop, in instant play, or on your mobile device, enjoy the multitude of happy wins, and use your vacation money on the real deal. 

Oops!  We made a pun!  Well, pun intended!