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Why Does Everygame Casino Always Say that Online Gaming should be Seen as a Form of Entertainment?

As a top casino online, Everygame Casino provides entertaining games in many categories such as slots, table games, video poker, specialty games, and more.  As you can see, we at Everygame Casino are very strong on the idea that online gaming here is a form of entertainment.  In this article, we will elaborate on this idea.

Two General Types of Entertainment

There are many different ways to be entertained.  If we were to categorize them according to cost to the consumer we get two basic categories: expensive and inexpensive.  One of the reasons we are so strong on seeing online gaming as a form of entertainment is that it can be enjoyed as a low cost form of entertainment.

What is an Expensive Form of Entertainment?

There are basically two criteria that make some forms of entertainment expensive: they cost a lot to get into and you can’t get your money back.  You might ask, “Are there really entertainments like that?”  Well, let’s see.

Modern Sporting Events

Have you ever tried to take a family to a Major League baseball game in the United States, to a big time football (soccer for the rubes in the US) game in Europe, or any other sport where the players make more in one game than most people make in a decade or longer?

This is just the extravagant cost of a single game in an expensive sport.  How about getting a ticket to the Olympics?  Do you own a gold mine?  Does the World Cup (football) sound like something you can attend with pocket change?

Every sport has big tournaments and championship games.  The Super Bowl of American football is so expensive that even many celebrities have begun to avoid it! 

Prima Donna Concerts

How much of the cost of a ticket to any concert by a performer who is full of himself or herself is a function of the demands they make in the people around them?

Barbra Streisand doesn’t have any concerts planned for the remainder of 2020 but in previous years, she charged as much as $1500 for a ticket to a single concert!  These days, the Rolling Stones top the list at over $600 per ticket.  At the height of its popularity the Broadway show Hamilton carried a price tag in the thousands!!  Such chutzpah!

Big cities provide free concerts in the park.  The Chicago Grant Park concerts are great, classical, and FREE!

Online gaming can provide many hours of fun and entertainment at a small fraction of the cost of these concerts.  Even the shows in land based casino hubs are outrageously expensive.  The gambling at land based casinos is also expensive as the free flow of free alcohol attests to.

Online gamers at Everygame Casino Red enjoy the highest return to player rate because we have such low overhead.  Our gamers don’t have to pay for the theaters or the free alcohol out of a lower return to player rate!

Streaming Services

We are aware that the top streaming services are much cheaper than the cable services were before the competition from streaming services caught on.  Streaming services are neither very cheap nor very expensive.  The biggest drawback to streaming services is that they don’t carry every show so some people have to buy subscriptions to two or more streaming services!

Thus bingeing on movies and television can get to be quite expensive!

Inexpensive Entertainment

Every country has National Parks.  States (in the US), Provinces (in Canada), and local regions all have state, Provincial, or regional parks as well.  In these parks, people can fish boat, swim, hike, camp, and may other great outdoor activities. 

Many small local parks are havens for migrating birds.  Bird watching is a cheap form of entertainment after you buy the good field glasses and drive to the park!


Many governmental divisions (counties, states, Provinces, and so on) have fairs during the summer.  These do cost something to get in.  Meeting the price of admission to a local fair in the United States is still possible by tapping into the petty cash drawer.

These fairs are subsidized by the local governments, by the Chambers of Commerce, and by the small business owners who sell their arts and crafts, paintings, handmade pottery and other forms of earthenware, jewelry, cheese, wine, bread, and so on ad infinitum.

You can buy or not as you see fit but the fair itself—from catching a glimpse at Farmer Sally’s prized cow to the one ring circus of acts that might never make it to the big top—is still a very inexpensive world of entertaining sights, sounds, and smells.  Mingling with the bovine bouquet is the smell of homemade pie, corn dogs, and so many other delectable food items that our mouths are watering just writing about it.

Oh, for a return to normal in time for the local fairs of 2020!


Road Trips

These have the cost of gasoline for the car and possibly for hotels and motels along the way.  If you can route the road trip to stay at family and friends en route, you’ll save money.  You don’t have to eat in restaurants.  There are supermarkets all over the roadways these days and local markets are a special pleasure in and of themselves!

We love the Amish market in Lancaster, Pennsylvania especially early on a Saturday morning in the dead of winter!  Every small location has some food specialty that is simply too good to pass up!  They aren’t expensive; you have to eat after all!  We tasted fried pickles in Harrisonburg, Virginia after attending a free concert, part of the annual Bach Festival - highly recommended (the pickles AND the festival!).

It is possible to plan a road trip to take advantage of low cost sleeping arrangements.  A tent always comes in handy.

Used Book Stores

Used books are not nearly as inexpensive as they were once.  Still, for people who love books, who have a short list of authors they like, and who have the time to browse endlessly, used book stores are great entertainment.  Many also carry old copies of magazines from way back when.

One of our writers found several copies of the magazine Intellectual Digest in which they published what they called “Damnable Puzzles” which were the epitome of logic problems.  If that’s you cup of tea, then used book stores provide an endless supply of entertainment.

Online Gaming

We finally return to gaming at Everygame Casino Red.  We offer over 300 great games in many categories.  The slots are pure games of chance that take gamers on a kind of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!  From your comfortable sofa, you can travel back in time, ahead to the future, way up in space or way down beneath the waves, celebrate holidays from several cultures and place your tongue firmly in your cheek in such games as Cubee!

The games of skill also provide a lot of fun and entertainment as do the table games and the specialty games.  Players who download the casino can join a large number of slots tournaments in which there may be no buy in fee or, if there is, the fee is extremely low.

Slots tournaments may be the piece de resistance of online gaming entertainment!