woman in red sweater winning playing multi-hand video poker at Everygame Casino

How Does Multi-hand Video Poker Add Excitement to the Game?

Everygame Casino has grown tremendously, as has many an online casino, during the lock down so we would like to formally welcome all of the new gamers to the Everygame fold!  We hope you enjoy renewing your acquaintance with the land-based casino of your choice and we fervently hope you maintain your gaming at Everygame Casino as well! 

The Everygame Casino Welcome Package

So many of you took advantage of the $5555 Welcome Package for new gamers!  As you can attest, there is very good reason why Everygame is known as the sign up bonus casino!

Every new gamer had the fun and privilege of discovering the vast array of games we offer here at Everygame.  As much as many gamers have fun at land-based casinos, everyone knows that players on land play a lot fewer games than players online do.  That’s because at an online casino, you have one virtual seat while at a land-based casino, you need a seat for every game you wish to play.

The Discovery of New Games

Many new gamers at Everygame discovered the joys of playing video poker.  In this article, we would like to give you all some tips on how to get the most out of playing multi-hand video poker.

Poker is the Universal All-American Game

Poker came to North America from French traders who landed in the port of New Orleans in the latter half of the 18th century.  When these men played poker they didn’t play with a full deck.  By that we don’t mean that they were kind of stupid, as in the American cliché!  We mean that they had not yet developed the 52-card deck we play with today!

Poker made its way up the Mississippi River and then spread westward because there was a terrible war being fought in the east.  Poker, especially five card draw, became the favorite game of every saloon in the old American Wild West.

Amateur Bluffing is Okay but Professional Bluffing Scares off a Lot of Players

The singular feature of poker was and remains bluffing.  Especially in five card draw, where opponents don’t see any of your cards, bluffing dominates the game.  Many online casino gamers, who love playing a friendly poker game with their buddies of a Friday night, prefer video poker when they play in a casino because it is the perfect marriage of the classic five card draw poker and poker with no bluffing!


Everygame Offers Multi-hand Video Poker

The key strategy in video poker revolves around the size of your bet.  A Royal Flush pays a very large bonus but only of you have bet the maximum on the hand.  Almost all video poker strategy blogs assume the player will bet the maximum to qualify for the big Royal Flush bonus and the strategy for which cards to hold and which to discard is a function of going for the Royal Flush.

Naturally, in the overwhelming majority of hands, you’ll go for a lesser hand since a Royal Flush is quite uncommon.  But the maximum bet on the hand is a sort of commitment to go for the Royal Flush even to the extent of giving up a winning high pair to go for the big bonus.  This is the basic strategy of video poker: go for the Royal Flush in the uncommon event that you can do so on the draw but only if you bet the maximum.

If you are playing single-hand video poker, it would seem that every gamer can afford to bet the maximum.  Given that the return to player rate in video poker is close to 100% with best strategy, a single hand maximum bet should be in reach for every gamer.

The question, then, is whether gamers can afford to play multi-hand video poker.

The Odds Stay the Same

The odds that any individual hand will result in a high pair or an even better winning hand are the same whether you play single-hand video poker or multi-hand.  However, multi-hand video poker also gives you an aggregate number of hands.

This means that when you start with a good hand, you will have an aggregate likelihood of scoring a big win with many hands rather than with one hand.

Here is a simple example: If you are dealt a high pair so that you already know that you’ll win the hand, and you have been playing single-hand video poker, you will keep the pair and hope for two pair, three of a kind, or a full house.  Four of a kind is aloo possible but a lot more rare than any of these other three results.

In this example, you draw and get your win, whatever it turns out to be.  In multi-hand video poker, on the other hand, with the draw, you will get multiple wins.  If you’re playing 100 hands, you will win 100 times.  Some will be for a high pair, some will be for two pair, some for three of a kind, one or two might be for a full house, and you might even get lucky and score a four of a kind win!

It isn’t just the monetary side of winning so many hands that makes multi-hand video poker so exciting.  There is also a deep psychological element at play here.  There is very little in gaming that can quite match watching as you rack up 100 wins on a single draw!

Can You Afford Multi-hand Video Poker?

If you can afford the big bet, multi-hand video poker is one of the most fun games you can play at Everygame Casino Red!  Some gamers tell us that they would rather play multi-hand video poker for less than the maximum, thus giving up all chances of getting the big bonus for a Royal Flush, than playing single-hand video poker for the maximum.

This is the extent of the psychological side of getting a good starting hand in video poker: you see a lot of wins come up.  This adds a profound degree of simple fun in gaming to your video poker experience.

If you decide to play multi-hand video poker, you need to be sure that you have enough bankroll to cover a short losing streak.  If you need to reduce your bet in order to play multiple hands, you need to understand that that changes the strategy you will play with. 

It means, basically, that you’ll not play for the Royal Flush if you are betting less than the maximum.  For many gamers, the extra excitement of multi-hand video poker is worth not playing for a Royal Flush.

The bottom line is that video poker is the most exciting online casino game for many gamers, that many love to play multi-hand video poker, and that many will choose to play multi-hand video poker for less than the maximum, rather than play single-hand with the maximum bet!