Terms and Conditions written on a chalk board with a man drawing a yellow line under it

What are the Most Important Rules that Govern Gaming at Everygame Casino?

Everygame Casino is a place where people go to play fun online games.  That is the simplest and most concise definition of everything we are in business to do. 

We try to use clear and precise language in everything we do.  For example, we need to define many things that apply to gaming at Everygame.  We publish what are called terms and conditions about the casino generally and about many other aspects of the casino such as promotions.

Just a moment here for terminology...terms and conditions (also known as terms of use or terms of service) are known in many forms:  Ts & Cs, T + C's, T and C - the list goes on and on....for simplicity's sake, from this point forward we will refer to OUR terms and conditions as the T&C.  So, let's get at it....

Gamers Should Read and Understand the Terms and Conditions

We also run a customer service desk that is open every day all day.  We receive many inquiries every day and most of them are actually covered in the terms and conditions .  Many gamers are surprised that the answer to their question is covered plainly in the T&C and we hear regularly that most gamers don’t read them.

So, as a service to the public, we will “read” the T&C with you!  We won’t read every word out loud but we hope that by going over the T&C with you, you can see that they are written in the simplest and plainest language, easily accessible to almost every gamer.

It is the plainness of the T&C that surprises many gamers.  We wanted the T&C to be easy to understand even though it was and still is possible to put them in vague legalistic language.  We chose to put them in language that is as everyday as possible.

Section One: General Casino Rules

Everygame Casino serves many thousands of gamers from all over the world and, still, in this section we need only seven entries!  A casino is a lot less complex than many gamers think!

The only long entry in this section deals with the effect of a disconnection between the casino and the gamer.  It says that if the internet fails for any reason, or if your computer fails for any reason (if you are using a downloaded version of the casino) and—here is the key element—if you have any losses as a result of these failures, Everygame Casino is not responsible for those losses.


Section Two: Bonuses and Promotions

This section is much longer than the first section!  As we shall see together, bonuses and promotions have requirements and nuances that have to be very carefully defined and explained.

The first part begins with a simple definition of who can take a bonus.  Go down to the sixth paragraph and read: “Only one bonus per customer can be active at any time.”  Some gamers have questioned this provision but it makes perfect sense in light of the following section which talks about wagering requirements.

Reasons for the One Bonus per Customer Rule

The restriction of one bonus per customer at any one time simply has two purposes.  The first is that collecting bonus money is not a source of income for gamers.  Some gamers want to accumulate bonuses and then withdraw the money.  The wagering requirement prevents this practice and, therefore, makes collecting bonuses illogical.  That’s why we allow only one bonus per customer at any time.

The second purpose of this provision is to ease the burden on the account monitoring team and software.  Since every bonus has a wagering requirement, if we allowed gamers to have more than one bonus at a time, it would inevitably lead to misunderstandings and confusion.  The one bonus per customer at any given time rule makes it a lot easier for us to monitor the progress of the bonus for the benefit of the gamer and to prevent misunderstandings.

Remember, we always say that gaming at Everygame Casino should be fun above all else and nothing interferes with the fun side of gaming like a totally avoidable misunderstanding.

Standard Wagering Requirements

The first thing we had to do is tell gamers what the standard wagering requirement would be and we do so: it is 30x the deposit and bonus.  Keep in mind that many casinos require 45x or even 60x as their standard wagering requirement.

Sophisticated Software

The next question that many gamers ask us is how do we keep track of the wagering requirement?  The answer is two-fold.  First we use very good software!  We mean this statement is all seriousness.  As an online casino, almost

Everything we do at the casino is based on software.

Customer service is one exception and the personal attention VIPs receive is another exception.  But everything that goes into game play and your personal account are all handled by software.  We use very good software!

You Have Two Accounts

Now look at the very next sentence: “After completing the wagering requirements, the bonus balance is transferred to the withdrawable balance.”  You actually have two accounts at Everygame Casino.  The more important one is the withdrawable balance.  The second one is the bonus balance. 

If you never take a bonus, you will never have a bonus balance and all of the money you have on account at Everygame would be eligible for withdrawal.  Credits you have in the bonus balance are not withdrawable.

We also tell you that every bonus may have its own set of T&C’s which we openly refer to as “small print”.  The print might not be small at all but we want all gamers to read all the rules and that includes specific rules for specific bonuses.

Welcome Bonus

This is actually a series of four deposit bonuses and a no deposit bonus.  It can get as high as $5555.  This section of T&C covers very little of the Welcome Bonus rules.  For that reason, we urge all gamers, and in this case, all new gamers to read the relevant T&C before embarking on the Everygame Casino Red journey.

We want you to have great fun gaming casually at our casino, we truly would like you to see Everygame as your casino as well, and we try our best to make all of the rules as easy to understand as possible.

Casino Rules Protect Both Gamers and the Casino

One of the unfortunate complaints we hear and that we try hard to rectify is the complaint that there are too many rules.  “Can’t we just play?”  The fact is that where money is involved there have to be rules defining every aspect of that money.  Have you ever been to an amusement park?  Do you know the T&C of that amusement park?  The park may be liable for many unfortunate occurrences but the park is not responsible for injuries caused by irresponsible behavior on the part of the guest.  It’s all there in the Terms and Conditions.

We Both Need Clear Rules

We could go on and on but the idea is that you as the customer and Everygame as the casino have a mutual need for rules.  We don’t want misunderstandings and you should want to know all the rules before you fall into a misunderstanding.

As Always, the Bottom Line is to Maximize Fun

We believe that by putting the T&C into everyday language, we maximize fun and fun is always the goal.  As you saw on the T&C page, we have not finished so we will write part two next month.

Happy Gaming!