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What are the Best Tips for Online Roulette?

Roulette is a bit of an anomaly among the large expanse of online casino games.  Roulette as an online game has all of the exciting elements of the game at a land-based casino: the many betting options and the spinning of the wheel accompanied by the rolling and bouncing of the tiny ball. 

We, at Everygame Casino, readily acknowledge that online roulette does have one “missing” element: the howling, noisy crowd beseeching the gods of casinos everywhere to influence the ball to land in the space they have bet on!

Of course, you can make your own noise!  In this article, we will talk about a few ways that you can enhance the fun of playing roulette online.

Find Online Roulette with Top Graphics and Sound

Let’s take a little lesson from slots to make this point.  The slots at an online casino are the same as the slots at a land-based casino.   The graphics are the same at both gaming venues.  However, the background sound at an online casino in slots is a lot more important than it is at a land-based casino.

That’s because a land-based casino has an overwhelming background sound of bells and whistles combining with the whoops and hollers emanating from the craps and roulette tables.  So, the sound of an individual slots game is a lot less important at a land-based casino than it is online.

At Everygame Casino, we have long partnered with Real Time Gaming as our exclusive game provider for three reasons related to gaming: graphics, sound, and animation.  In slots, as we said, the graphics and the animation are the same online or on land but the sound is a lot more audible online.

So, when we chose who to partner with, we chose RTG as a great slots developer.  We also chose RTG to provide our roulette games because, in roulette, RTG knew that we needed the very best and most attractive graphics to get gamers to play and enjoy roulette.

So, one of the best reasons to play roulette at Everygame Casino is the superior graphics.

How Does RTG Make Online Roulette Come Alive

The three most important elements of roulette are the table, the wheel, and the ball.  The table in both the American and the European roulette games at Everygame is so realistic you will feel like you can actually touch the felt.  The color jumps out at you.  Everything about the table itself is relentlessly attractive.

We all know that there are a lot of different bets you can make in roulette.  On land, you simply take your chips and place them where you want them to go.  If you can’t reach the spot you want to bet on, you tell the croupier and he or she will place your bet for you.

At our roulette games, the graphics are in place so you can direct your chips to wherever you want to place them.  It feels as if you are actually and physically placing the bets themselves!

Once you have your bet or bets in place, you act as the croupier and your direct the wheel to spin!  At a land-based casino, the players never touch the ball.  That would be a very big mistake on the player’s part!  But at Everygame, although everything is virtual, we have such realistic graphics in our roulette games that you really do feel as if you are spinning the wheel and dropping the ball!


A Wheel is Not Always a Wheel

The wheel at a land-based casino will be of high quality polished wood.  It will look elegant even to those players who are playing at a rundown land-based casino.  These do exist, you know.  An online casino can never look run down.  That is one reason why RTG never rests in looking for even better and more realistic graphics for its roulette wheels.

We suspect that RTG is even now working on a way to give gamers that new wood smell when they are playing roulette!

Hail the “Lowly” Ball

The ball in roulette is really the unsung character in the entire game and, yet, without the ball, there would be no outcomes!  So, RTG adds a clankety-clank sound as the ball bounces about before coming to a safe landing.

Embrace the Random Number Generator

At land-based casinos, there often are gamers, or just one hapless soul who is trying to figure out exactly how the wheel is off center.  Even a slight single millimeter of tilt will cause some numbers to come up more often than others.  These sad characters probably lose a lot of money and have no fun at all as they try to game the game.

Online roulette players can thank the software we all call the random number generator or RNG for making it possible to play the game for fun and not concern ourselves with millimeters.

The RNG also doesn’t know what happened on the last thousand spins.  So if your favorite number is the jersey number of your favorite athlete and that particular number has not come up in say one hundred spins that doesn’t mean that it is “due” to come up.  The RNG has no idea that you are so anxiously waiting for just that number to come up!

There are a lot of bets but there isn’t any sure-fire betting strategy in roulette.  This is a game of chance in its purest form.  So don’t look for betting or playing strategy; look for fun.

By embracing the reality of the RNG, you will be able to enjoy the game more.  Focus on the fun and you’ll have fun!

The Single Most Important Strategy in Roulette

We just said that there is no strategy in roulette, didn’t we.  Yes, we did.  But here we will talk about an aspect of roulette that is less a strategy and more a call to be aware of what you are doing.

There are so many different bets in roulette that it is easy to make overlapping or contradictory bets.  Overlapping bets are fine since they cover the same territory in slightly different form.

Contradictory bets are those bets that guarantee that if you achieve a win on one side, you will lose on the other side.  So, always make sure that your bets are complementary and not contradictory.

Manage Your Money Well

As in all casino games, money management is very important.  With so many different bets it could be possible to exceed your betting budget quickly.  If you want to enjoy the game for a long gaming session, make fewer bets and make them for less money.  In that way, the money you place on the spin becomes just one of many conduits to the overall fun time.  It ceases to be the goal!

Enjoy Online Roulette

Everygame Casino Red is committed to providing the best online roulette games possible.  We are prepared to upgrade our roulette games as soon as RTG tells us they have made a major breakthrough in graphics, sound, or game play.

Roulette is especially fun to play on your mobile device when you are taking a well-deserved break from work or are traveling on the commuter train home after a long day.

Roulette is an unsung online casino game but it is well worth your attention.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how much fun it is to play roulette at Everygame Casino!