What are the Benefits of Taking Bonuses at Everygame Casino?

Recently, we began a short series of articles on the terms and conditions at Everygame Casino Red.  One of the interesting things about the t and c at Everygame Casino is that there is a lot more to explain regarding bonuses than about the casino in general.  (Node 25521)

So, in this article, we will expand on the entire concept of bonuses.  We will compare online bonuses such as the type you can get at Everygame Casino with bonuses that land-based casinos offer.

What is the Purpose of Online Casino Bonuses from the Casino’s Point of View?

The main purpose from the casino’s point of view is to make gaming more fun for players.  This is the real motivation of Everygame Casino and all other reputable online casinos.  The thinking is quite simple: if gamers are having a good time at the online casino, they will come back again and again and also will be less likely to go to a land-based casino looking for casino fun and action.

So the many bonuses online casinos offer are a very sound method of attracting and keeping online gamers happy.

What is the Purpose of Bonuses from the Player’s Point of View?

The player doesn’t have a business incentive at all; players have only a gaming incentive.  So, from a player’s point of view, a bonus has a few functions.  One, it gives the player the true feeling that he or she is playing with the casino’s money. 

This is not trivial at all.  Everyone wants some advantage over the house and the bonus gives them some advantage since the bonus money is theirs to use in gaming but it originated with the casino.  The second purpose of bonuses in the eyes of gamers is that it gives gamers a chance to make speculative bets at no cost!

If a gamer were playing with his or her money alone, they might never put money on a single number in roulette.  They might keep their bets to a minimum in blackjack.  They might choose to play single-hand video poker rather than play multi-hand video poker.  They might choose to conserve their bankroll by betting less than the maximum in video poker even with the knowledge that such a bet takes away their eligibility for the big extra bonus for a Royal Flush.  Finally, without a bonus, many gamers conserving their money might not make a bet in a progressive jackpot game.


The Digital Nature of Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos are almost entirely digital.  The only exception is live casino gaming via the online casino platform.  When you make any bet at an online casino, the casino tracks that bet.  It connects the bet with your account first  in order to credit your account for wins or to take from your account if you don’t win.

The casino also tracks the bets and outcomes in order to resolve any conflicts that might arise from digital gaming.  At land-based casinos, there is a similar situation but the casino cannot track bets and connect them to any individual gambler unless the gambler is using a player’s card.

So, the digital nature of online gaming serves two purposes: the gamer’s and the casino’s.  At land-based casinos, it is possible for a player to play without any tracking at all.  This applies to bonuses offered at land-based casinos if they offer bonuses at all.

From the very first online casino moment and since then, all bonus activity at online casinos has been digital.  It was not digital at land-based casinos until just recently, when digital tracking became available.

Everyone is a VIP at Online Casinos

This, of course, refers to the availability of bonuses at online casinos.  Actual VIPs still get extra perks at online casinos but not in the way of bonuses.  At land-based casinos, in the days before digital tracking made the player card possible, pit bosses would observe players and would signal to a casino employee to go over to a player betting a lot of money and offer free meals, free alcohol, free hotel accommodations, or free show tickets.

The only offer among these that was really worth something was the free tickets. Meals are not expensive at the buffet; players could get perhaps three free drinks worth a few dollars each; and even hotel rooms mid-week are not all that expensive.  Finally, the offer of free hotel rooms often came as a future consideration.  In other words, the casino would be saying in effect, “We can’t give you a free room now but we can the next time you come.” 

All good if there is a next time!  All good if the player doesn’t lose the voucher for the room.  All good if the player chooses to come back to that specific casino!  As we said, all good……but.

Bonuses at Everygame Casino

As we covered in the article on reading the terms and conditions, we write the t and c in everyday language so everyone can easily read them and understand them.  The first bonus almost every gamer at an online casino receives is the Welcome Bonus or bonuses.  These vary greatly from casino to casino.

The terms and conditions are very important because one of the biggest criticisms of online casinos generally and about the entire bonus structure in particular is about how hard to read and inscrutably dense the t and c are.  That’s one reason why our much simpler t and c are so important.

The Wagering Requirement

This is for some reason a big problem to critics of online casinos.  It is legitimately criticized when the wagering requirement is excessively high such as 45x and even 60x the bonus and deposit.  We state immediately that the wagering requirement for most bonuses is 30x!  That means that a player has to bet at least 30 times the bonus and deposit before withdrawing winnings.

If the very existence of a wagering requirement is the only reason to not take a bonus offer, then this criticism and the accompanying fear of taking a bonus on the part of some gamers, is unfounded.  As long as the wagering requirement is in the 30x range, it is fair and reasonable and the bonus offer, when you accept it, can give you as much as $1000 or more of the casino’s money to play with.

Online Casinos Have a Lot More Bonus Flexibility

An online casino can offer a bonus every day of the week and the gamer can work off the wagering requirement as he or she sees fit timewise.  Land-based casinos have a captive audience for a couple of days at a time and then the audience changes almost entirely.  So, land-based casinos have a much harder time when it comes to bonuses. 

Take a Big Bonus Today at Everygame Casino Red

In addition to the massive Welcome Package of bonuses that can reach as high as $5555 in bonuses, Everygame Casino offers many other bonuses.  If you are already a gamer here, we invite you to take a bonus today and if you are new to Everygame Casino, we hope that you will take a very big chunk out of the $5555 set of welcome bonuses just for you today!