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How to Combine Themes in One Great Slot? Let RealTime Gaming Show You the Way

In our never-ending pursuit of the best in online casino gaming, we at Everygame Casino along with Real Time Gaming, our exclusive game provider, keep looking for ways to think outside of the box.  By juxtaposing different ideas or motifs, we come up with interesting and fantastically entertaining games.  Wild Hog Luau is a perfect example of this.

Wild Hog Luau combines the ideas of animals in caricature in slots and other games plus the universal idea of a luau on a beach in warm Hawaii.  The barnyard animals in this game are pigs, of course.  They are happy vacationers having a wonderful time sampling all of the many pleasures Hawaii has to offer.  One of the thrills of a Hawaiian vacation is the coconut-based drinks.

Thus, one of the prominent symbols in Wild Hog Luau is a half coconut obviously filled with a delectable liquid refreshment! 

Getting Wild

The newest slot from Real Time Gaming has wild elements in its own right but here we will talk about how Everygame Casino has made it exceptionally wild.  You see, all the way through to the end of July, Everygame Casino is offering a huge bonus for gamers.

This is an introductory bonus for 150% up to $5000.  It includes 50 free spins on Wild Hog Luau and, as we shall now see, free spins are a major aspect of the game play in this fantastic slot!

The Symbols and Characters

Let’s first take a careful look at the symbols and characters in this slot.  We have beautiful royal symbols.  Each one seems to be decorated with tiny gems.  The mounting of gems form a kind of edge around the edge of the symbols.

The wild symbol is a scary pig’s head.  We wonder why Real Time Gaming chose exactly that to represent the wild symbol but we guess they wanted a really wild image to indicate the wild symbol.  When we talk about the Lucky Streak Re-spin Feature (very soon, we promise) you will see just how wild the wild symbol can be in Wild Hog Luau!

The scatter symbol is a totem pole.  These artifacts of many ancient cultures are also prominent in the isolated culture that personified Hawaii for centuries.  The scatter symbol has “vertical value” as we shall soon see!  So, the choice of a vertical symbol seems quite appropriate!

Finally, we reach the four happy hogs.  They are on a vacation together and they are happy as the proverbial pigs in mud except that there is no mud in this game!  The hogs are wearing samples of the colorful garb of Hawaii.  Each has colorful flowers in a type of headdress.

Looking at the pigs in still-life, they seem so happy!  How could they get any happier?  Well, they can!  After every win involving a hog, the winning hog gives a kind of head dance and a squealing sound that contrasts well with the ukulele music that forms the general background sound of Wild Hog Luau.


How Wild Can a Wild Symbol Be?

We know that in some slots the wild symbol can expand, it can stack three or more high, it can carry a multiplier, and can do many other things that lead to big wins.

In Wild Hog Luau, the wild symbol stays in place if it has helped you score a win!  In fact, after every win you automatically enter the Lucky Streak Re-spin Feature.  In this feature, the winning symbols or characters stay in place and everything else re-spins!  If you get another win, the process repeats. 

So, after every win, with or without a wild symbol, you have many chances to score another win.  And if you did get the original win with a wild symbol, it stays on the reels and can act with other symbols to create yet more wins!  The Lucky Streak Re-spin Feature can continue until all 15 spaces have been filled.  Then you receive all of your prizes and the hogs go into a veritable paroxysm of joy!

The Scatter Symbols are Far from Scatter-brained

When you get three or four scatter symbols, you get a cash award.  The free spins start at five scatters.  We have a chart that details how many free spins you’ll get for scatters starting with five.

  1. Spinning 5-7 scatters rewards you with8 free spins.
  2. Spinning 8 or 9 scatters rewards you with 10 free spins.
  3. If you almost fill the reels with precisely 10 scatters—no more and no less—you will receive 25 free spins.
  4. Finally, when the reels are almost or completely covered with 11-15 scatters, you will receive 50 free spins.

Now, free spins are a super way to play!  However, Wild Hog Luau is truly wild!  You can add to the number of free spins simply by getting five or more scatter symbols while you are spinning these free spins.  There is no limit to the number of free spins you can get!

Now, free spins are great and retriggering free spins is also great but having a multiplier attached to all of these free spins is another wild step forward!  The game itself chooses a multiplier for you.  The multipliers start at 2x the basic win for any combination and goes up to 10x for the basic payout.

We find it amazing to imagine getting a large number of free spins with a 10x multiple and many wins after the Lucky Streak Re-spins since that feature accompanies us on our free spins journey!

Cherishing Our Lucky Streaks

When we talk about a lucky streak, we usually think about hitting the correct color a few times in a row in roulette, or a few good hands in a row in multi-hand video poker, or helping Banana Jones take the crystal banana to a museum!  The lucky streaks that we can imagine having in Wild Hog Luau are quite amazing.

Play Wild Hog Luau at Everygame Casino Today

We are sure that after you join Everygame Casino Red, if you aren’t already a regular gamer here, you will quickly gravitate to every one of the more than 300 games we have on offer!  They are all great and we suggest you start your Everygame Casino journey with Wild Hog Luau.  It will put a permanent smile on your face!