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How Will the Recent Crisis Affect us Going Forward?

Everything seems to have changed seemingly overnight yet it is still just as easy as before to access Everygame Casino: you go to the casino, put in your Everygame login, and you’re there!  Would that everything were as simple as coming to Everygame Casino and spending some entertaining time playing our vast collection—300 and counting—of superior online casino games provided by Real Time Gaming!

We can already see some trends emerging even as we emerge from the lockdowns.  Some of these emerging trends apply generally to entire societies, some to specific industries, and some will be unique to online gaming!

Let’s take a look in our crystal ball and see some future trends that will develop in the wake of the latest virus crisis.

People Will Continue to Play at Online Casinos

The lockdowns forced gamers who used to go to land-based casinos to look online for the casino games they like.  Many of these gamers have since discovered the many advantages in convenience, game selection, control of one’s gaming, higher return to player rates, better promotions, and less temptation to drink alcohol while playing, to play when we’re too tired, and so many other reasons why online gaming is better than land-based casino gaming.

People Want to Travel

The lockdowns kept so many people indoors or at least in town.  Even people who wanted to travel or were willing to travel had no place to go.  Hotels were closed.  Tourist attractions were closed.  Restaurants were closed.  State and national parks were closed!

Now that people can travel again, we think that there will be a definite wave of travel.  This will combine with gamers’ new appreciation of online gaming so that we see a decrease in travel to land-based casinos. 

This trend could last a long time!  As a family or couple or group of friends goes from the low countries to the mountains, the next time they can travel they might choose to go to a different location within their country or to another country altogether. 

The travel industry will recover in large measure but we see less gaming on land and more gaming online!

More Online Casinos

As we see a continued growth in online casino gaming, we will also see an increase in online casinos.  There are now thousands of online casino where twenty years ago there were very few!  We may see rapid growth in online casinos.

As the number of online casinos increases, the number of promotions and other benefits gamers can enjoy will also increase.  Simple competition will virtually guarantee more promotions, higher bonuses, and more benefits for gamers!  So, a growing trend in online gaming will be increase gaming in raw numbers, increased casinos, more promotions and other benefits and more game providers.

The increase in online gaming will naturally cause an increase in game providers!  This is all within another major trend we see coming to both the developed world and possibly even more so to the developing world.

Virus Every Few Years

A new virus emerges every few years.  They are increasingly hard to contain.  Many people lost their jobs because they couldn’t go to the factories to work or to work in industries that almost completely shut down.

Many people will look for jobs that they can perform from home in the event of another shutdown.  It doesn’t matter if the next shut down will take place in five years.  Now is the time to get ready for it!

This will apply both to young people and to people whose jobs were suspended by the shut downs.  One way for people to become retrained is in computers.  The most creative people might gravitate to jobs such as online casino game development.


Placing a Premium on Creativity

In every field, employers will be looking for the most creative people.  Developing a brand will become even more important than it was a few months ago.  We have seen how quickly a brand can be lost or forgotten.  For example, how many people are still paying attention to developments in professional sports?  Will this broad industry survive and, if so, how long will it take?

So many young people stopped their university studies.  How many of them will realize that the so-called education they were receiving in university didn’t prepare them for the real world?  How many students will choose not to return to university?  How will that affect universities, professors, and everyone else who depends on Big University for their living?

Decrease in Conferences

We see a major decrease in conferences.  First, we see a continuation of social distancing.  This obviates the possibility of bringing thousands of people together for a conference.  Secondly, we see reductions in spending for frivolities as businesses and industries try to learn the long-term lessons of this virus crisis.  Finally, we saw that conference calls among large numbers of people could be had with existing technology.

This indicates that the technology for conferencing by tech will get even better, soon!  So, we see a lot more technology-driven meetings and a lot less in-person meetings.

Distancing will Continue

Eve when the crisis is announced to be over, we think that older people will continue to try to observe social distancing.  We don’t know which demographic will be at greatest risk the next time, but, for now, the older than 60 cohort will probably continue to observe some kind of social distancing.

This also includes continued use of masks.

We also see a decrease in in-person treatments such as manicures and pedicures, massage, and other treatments that bring people into close contact with each other.


We see two contradictory trends emerging in retail sales.  First, people are starved for the chance to go shopping.  This will result in an increase in in-store shopping.  On the other hand, many people will continue to shop on the internet.  This was a noticeable trend even before the virus hit and it will continue.

Supermarkets will shop for their customers who want that service.  Supermarkets will deliver or new delivery companies will perform that task for the supermarkets.

A Move to Relocate

This is partly a political response to government lockdowns.  Some people, maybe many, will look to move to places where the lockdowns lasted a shorter period of time and were quickly lifted.  Where government officials acted aggressively against average citizens may see decreases in population if the voters don’t choose to be led by new candidates.

Nursing Homes

Especially in the United States, we saw that a large number of people passed away in nursing homes.  We can see that the public might demand new contracts with nursing facilities before they place their parents there.

Non-Police First Responders

This might just be a phenomenon in the United States and it might peter out in a few months but, for now, we see an entirely new profession emerging: non-police first responders.

We could see that the distrust in government all along the political spectrum will cause more autonomous zones to be created. 

Companies will Automate more Vigorously

We see a massive move to automate.  A fully automated factory can stay in operation even during a lockdown. 

The latest intellectual trend in business will be the trend toward survivability.  Every business has to put aside enough money to survive the next crisis.  This will have two effects.  One, many companies won’t be able to grow as fast at they might have otherwise and, two, it will open the doors to more companies where before the crisis it was economically unfeasible to start a company in an established industry.  We might see established companies streamlining for the future and new companies coming aboard to take the place of now non-existent business expansion.

And We Thought it Was All about Gaming!

Gaming will become even more important than it was before.  People see how fleeting everything they took for granted was and could be.  This means that gaming in general will increase and online gaming at Everygame Casino Red will also increase.

One final word: all of the hand sanitizers that have gone up in the last couple of months will stay, we will use the sanitizing liquid, and maybe it will help us during the next virus crisis.  In the meantime, Happy Gaming to All!