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How to Explain the Meteoric Rise of Mobile Casino Gaming?

We talk about how the great improvements in mobile technology has propelled online casino gaming, especially regarding slots, in the last decade.  As a top online casino, Everygame Casino is always in the forefront of both searching for even better mobile technology and also, more importantly, implementing new mobile technology in our casino platforms.

How Did Mobile Tech Take the Online Gaming World by Storm?

There are about five billion mobile technology users in the world.  The number keeps going up every year as you would expect until the saturation point teaches 100% sometime around ten billion users.  The question is how did this happen so quickly?

Convenience and Comfort Create a Perfect Storm

The meme “perfect storm” has moved out of the realm of meteorology into everyday use to designate a situation in which all of the conditions combine perfectly to create something unexpected, even new.

The perfect storm for mobile online casino gaming came about just a few years ago.  People didn’t even know it was happening.  The perfect storm was the willingness of gamers to play on a hand-held device, while lounging comfortably on a soft chair or sofa, coupled with the discovery that the same hand-held device could go with the gamer wherever they went so he or she could play anywhere.

This is the marriage of comfort and convenience.  It needed, however, the technology to make mobile gaming so interesting and enjoyable that gamers would play for lengthy stretches of time on the mobile platform and would come back to the same format again and again.

The Majority of Gaming is Done on Mobile Devices

This is a ho-hum fact of life in 2020 but it took the online casino gaming industry by storm.  They saw the trend developing in 2015 but the line of majority gaming wasn’t crossed until 2018.  A lot of people who by now accept the situation as fact were surprised by how fast the switch from desktop or laptop to mobile came!


Land-based Casinos Have Many Live Games

The challenge for online casinos has always been to provide a fun gaming environment in those games that are not played at terminals in land-based casinos.  These games include blackjack, roulette, craps, bingo, keno, baccarat, and the many Caribbean poker variations.

Online casinos needed graphics that could reasonably replicate the live visual stimuli players got at land-based casinos when they played these games.  Online graphics for these games took some time to develop.  In contrast, online casinos thrived on slots and video poker which are the two primary terminal games at land-based casinos.

Aspects of Graphics for Online Games

The graphics had to be clear.  They had to be crisp.  The game play had to flow quickly.  Players had to be able to see the game develop in real time.

In roulette, when the ball lands it is clear what number and what color the result is and whether the number is odd or even.  Blackjack had to be slow enough for players to do the addition themselves and make their decision and to accept the outcome.  On the other hand, players who could do all these calculations quickly could get bored waiting for the slower players and the graphics that were designed for them.

Where slots have always dominated at online casinos, and for good reason, games like blackjack, roulette, and craps lagged behind.

Blackjack Finds its Niche

Only about five years ago, new graphics for online blackjack was developed.  It made the game play accessible to both the fast calculating players and the slower ones.  This alone would not be a headline story.

What happened was that the graphics converted extremely well to the state of the art mobile devices at that time.  It became fun, convenient, and comfortable to play casino games on the mobile devices of that time and slots play quickly followed.

Slots were Reformatted for Mobile

All of the slots were originally produced for land –based casinos and were to be played on large terminals.  When online casinos first came aboard, the game providers had to reformat the slots games for desktop computers.  Then, when mobile gaming began to be popular, the game providers had to reformat the same games for mobile.

As a result, the choice of games for mobile was always a fraction of the games available to desktop casino gamers.

Now, game providers are developing slots that are designed for the modern mobile screen.  Some mobile screens are actually quite big while some are still very small.  The technological design of these games has to take into account the different sized screens on mobile devices.

This is the most recent development in the “takeover” of online casino gaming by mobile devices.  In short, every new game developed for online casinos is actually developed for mobile gaming.

Two Snowball Effects

The coronavirus has slowed down economic activity all over the world in dramatic fashion but the state of local economies that existed before the virus began its march through societies will return.  The development that we have all been watching closely over the last twenty years or so is that all societies are rising economically.

In the modern era, a rising economy is driven by the internet, by cellular technology, and by the extra money so many people have to spend on such technology and on many other things.

The first snowball effect is that in the developing world, as a few people see that their friends, family members, neighbors, or colleagues have mobile devices, they will also want one and will devote the necessary funds to buying one.  As more and more people have a mobile device, more and more people will discover online casino gaming on their mobile devices.  This will be the second snowball effect.

It is too soon to tell if the increased volume of online gaming caused by the closure of land-based casinos will continue but most industry observers believe that online casinos will grow in size and number while some land-based casinos will eventually close their doors forever owing to reduced traffic.

Once gamers discover the comfort and convenience of online gaming and especially of mobile gaming, it will be increasingly hard to lure them back to land-based casinos at least to the extent that many players frequented land-based casinos before the pandemic.

There is No Turning Back

The so-called breaking point has been crossed.  Mobile gaming is the leading edge of the online casino gaming takeover of the casino gaming market.  This breaking point was driven by the technological improvements in the games offered to online gamers plus the great improvements in technology of mobile devices generally.

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