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How to Get the Most out of Blackjack: Tips from Everygame Casino

Naturally, slots remain the number one game at Everygame Casino and almost every online casino.  Of the many other games we have on offer, blackjack is one of the favorites.  We sometimes write articles with some advice for when you are playing blackjack.  Here is another set of helpful tips for the blackjack player in you.

Pay No Attention to the Man behind the Curtain

This is actually advice primarily for blackjack players at land-based casinos.  A lot of the time, other players at the table will blame the player who is using the correct strategy for losses they incur.  If you take a card with 12 points, which is the correct paly in many hands, and the next player busts because of your decision, they might blame you.

This is a fairly common occurrence at land-based casinos but but it never happens when you play online at Everygame Casino.  So, it is another good reason among the dozens of good reasons why it is better for most gamers most of the time to play casino games online!


Believe in Statistics

The best strategy in blackjack for any variation is always based on statistics.  It wasn’t so very long ago that the statistics on blackjack strategy took into account just a few hundred hands and were based in some borderline cases on hunch and a sense of what the best play might be.

 Then computers came along.  Even though the early computers were slow and lumbering, they were able to tabulate the statistical results of many thousands of hands.  By now we have the results of millions of permutations and there is no longer any doubt as to the best play in any given situation for almost any blackjack variation.

In fact, the difference in best strategy for some hands might be determined by such variables as whether the dealer hits or stands on soft 17 or whether the game allows the surrender option.

The house edge in most blackjack variations if you play with best strategy is about 0.5%.  The house edge rises to between 4-6% when the player uses hunch and subjective feelings to decide what to next.  The difference between 4-6% and 0.5% is huge.  A player who uses their hunches to decide on their next play will almost always lose.  A player who believes in statistics and plays according to the statistical averages on every hand will win very often.

We headed this section with the term “believe”.  That’s because very few of us are statisticians and because none of us outside of the very few who have access to a powerful computer and the time to run a million or so blackjack hands can actually develop the statistics ourselves.

We also used the term “believe” because…

Believe in the Random Number Generator

The random number generator is software that never stops running, finding numbers, cards, or anything else the casino wants it to find, entirely at random.  When you are playing blackjack, the random number generator is running through the deck non-stop until you signal it stop by clicking on “deal”.

That is a subline irony all in itself: the RNG stops when you tell it to go!

The importance of the RNG for our discussion here is that it has no idea what happened in any hand before the present one.  There is a Gambler’s Fallacy that talks about a slot being “due” or a blackjack hand being due.  The RNG makes believing in and following the Gambler’s Fallacy one of the biggest mistakes a blackjack player or anyone playing online casino games can make.

Even blackjack players who are at a land-based casino, and are playing in a single-deck game, and are counting cards should not use the Gambler’s Fallacy to sway their thinking about how to play their hand.  Even at the most skilled level of blackjack, there is an element of luck that makes it impossible to know with clear certainty how the hand will play out.

In online blackjack, the only way to increase your chances of winning a hand in a long blackjack session is by accepting the validity of statistics, never playing hunches or whims, and always accepting that the RNG ultimately controls all of the outcomes in the game.

Believe in the Value of Money

Everyone who talks about casino gaming exhorts players to manage their money well but few actually explain what this means.  In general, gamers hear that they should only bet with money they can afford to lose.  A lot also depends on factors like how long you play for.

If you want to play for an hour, you might choose to make smaller bets in order to manage your bankroll well for the entire hour.  You might allow yourself to make larger bets if your gaming session will be only a half an hour.

How Do You Feel?

Here is a quick rule of thumb to determine the betting range that fits you best.  Let’s say that you are playing blackjack and you bet $1 on each hand.  Let’s assume that you lose five hands in a row.  How do you feel in terms if the $5 you have just lost?

Most gamers will shrug off a $5 loss on a string of bad luck because they know that in all likelihood their luck will change, that luck can vary wildly throughout a gaming session, and it was only $5 after all!

Now raise your bet to $20 per hand and again assume that you lose five hands in a row.  Now how do you feel in terms of the money lost?  If a $100 loss makes you feel bad despite knowing that luck goes through wild gyrations during  a gaming session and also that your luck will likely change so that the $100 loss is not permanent by any means, then a $20 bet per hand is too high for you.

If the $20 bet every hand is too high for you, it is probable that your safe and comfortable betting range is between $1 to $5 per hand.  Stay within this range and you will have a much better time gaming at blackjack than if you stray outside of your comfort zone.

Believing in the values of money means knowing that the money you budget for gaming might not be available for traveling, movies, restaurants and the many hundreds of things you use your money to do.  We always make a value judgement about money whenever we spend it.  We suggest that you do the same when you sit down to play online casino games.

How We Value Money

Here is a quick example on how many people value money.  Many people like to go to ethnic restaurants to sample food from other cuisines.  These are dishes that they would not likely cook at home.  However, many people will say that pasta in an Italian restaurant is always overpriced so they order something else at an authentic Italian restaurant.  “I can make pasta at home and it will be just as good as anything I can get in the restaurant.”

Many people will order a less expensive steak at a steak house or possibly something like ribs which are cured in a sauce and make for more hassle when they try to make them at home.  Once again, a person might say that if they want a high-priced cut of meat they will buy it at the butcher and cook it themselves at home.  It will be just as good at half the price.

The same sense of the value of money should influence your gaming decisions.  This includes the size of your bets and the cost of gaming aside from the actual gaming.  This, of course, is another reference to the superiority of gaming at Everygame Casino Red instead of at any land-based casino!

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