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How to Differentiate between Land-based Casino Gamers from Gamers at Everygame Casino?

There is a huge dichotomy between the types of people who play online casino games and the types of people who play casino games at land-based casinos.  Let’s take a look.

Is There Really a Difference between Online Gamers and Land-Based Gamers?

The simple answer is yes, there is!  Here we will look a bit closely at who plays what game at the casino be it an online one like Everygame Casino or a land-based one.

Each of the top games has its unique type of player.  There are, of course, many similarities as well but we find that certain types play certain games predominantly.

Who Plays Slots?

At land-based casinos, it often seems that slots players are in a mesmerized state watching the screen and acting in a stationary zombie-like state.  In fact, slots players are primarily introverts!  They may be highly intellectual people who are well read and enjoy reading in addition to playing slots.

Slots players at land-based casinos seem to be just feeding the machines.  In truth, they are very realistic about their chances to win and have budgeted a specific amount of money that they expect to lose!  Given that they expect to lose the money they budgeted for slots play, they are actually having a lot of fun even though they look like they are just playing like automatons.

Online slots players often multitask while they are playing slots.  They might set the game to auto play and go about doing their housework, cooking dinner, or even using the musical side of the slot to act as background sound while they do some office work at home!  These gamers love to be called to the screen when they get to play in the free spins bonus round.  After a regular spin, whether they win or lose, the game takes care of the action itself and they can just listen to the background sound.

Getting to the free spins rounds acts as a welcome diversion from cooking, cleaning, or working.

Online gamers are less easy to pigeonhole since they can easily go from game to game whereas land-based casino gamers are usually rooted to the game or table they are at for sometimes hours!

One of the curious and ubiquitous aspects of land-based casino gaming is the noise that usually emanates from the craps and roulette tables.  Introverted slots players often stay away from these games for the simple reason that they don’t feel all that comfortable in a rowdy, raucous crowd!

Online slots appliers do not have this problem since there are no rowdy crowds around the roulette and craps games online.  As a result, there is an interesting fact that roulette and craps are a lot less popular online than they are in land-based casinos!

Who Plays Roulette and Craps?

As we said, at online casinos, these games are a lot less popular than slots, video poker, and blackjack.  At land-based casinos, extroverts abound at the roulette and craps tables!  Many players don’t even understand the nuances of betting in these games but they aren’t bothered by it.  That’s why we see some contradictory betting, especially in roulette.

For land-based gamers, the acceptability of making noise at the table is what attracts them.  At land-based casinos, we also find that many of the players are there just for the excitement and are happy making even-money bets.  Craps and roulette are the most exciting games at land-based casinos while real poker and blackjack are for the silent, contemplative sort.

A blackjack player might try a few spins at roulette before heading off to the buffet, free ticket in hand and a bit wobbly in the knees from those free drinks, or he or she might try a few rounds of craps.  They likely don’t know what the terminology at the craps table means and might ask the croupier if there are any even money bets to be made.


Who Plays Blackjack

Online casinos are abound with blackjack players who started out playing at land-based casinos and moved on to online casinos for two vital reasons.  First, the graphics for blackjack at Everygame and most good online casinos have gotten so much better than they were even ten years ago!

Ten years ago, a blackjack player who wanted to play online might have sucked it up and stayed at the land-based casino to play despite no longer wanting to play there because the graphics for online blackjack were not yet all that easy on the eyes.  Now that no longer is the case!

The reason so many blackjack players have made the transition from land-based to online blackjack is because they are sick of being blamed on almost every hand for other players “losing the hand” because they hit with 12 points or any of the many anomalous moves they made that seemed to the less intellectual player to be illogical moves.

Some land-based blackjack players like to count cards.  It is by now rare to find a single-deck blackjack game at any land-based casino but there are still a few.  For the diehard card counter, these games are the most attractive.

Online blackjack is the perfect game for the quiet, contemplative gamer who ”vants to be alone”!

Who Plays Video Poker?

This is the game for which the make-up of players is very similar between online and land-based casinos.  In general, video poker attracts players who love poker but hate being bluffed, hate the pressure of bluffing, and feel that they can’t hide their tells.

Video poker is a quiet gamine at both online and land-based casinos.  It also has a very good return to player rate which is about as close to 100% as you can get in a casino game.  In fact, in a couple of video poker games, the return to player rate for absolutely perfect play is actually a small percentage higher than 100%!

Video poker players also like going for a Royal Flush!  The chances of getting a Royal Flush are not great, of course, but many poker players never come close to one in regular poker so the incentive to go for the elusive Royal Flush in video poker is very enticing.

Video poker players also love to play multi-hand video poker.  They like to see the wins pile up quickly when they start with a good hand and improve on many hands in the draw.

Who Plays Poker?

This game attracts the most aggressive players in the casino.  They are not violently aggressive but they are aggressive in the game they play and the way they play.  That is true for both online poker players and land-based poker players.

The big difference between online and land-based poker players is that land-based players like to size up their opponents in person and aren’t intimidated by their opponents sizing them up.  Online players are quite a bit more private.  In both situations, poker players live to bluff and to ferret out a foolhardy bluff!

Gaming is a Great Joy to Many People

At Everygame Casino Red, we offer a huge Welcome Package to gamers.  It gets as high as $5555 for four deposit bonuses and a no deposit bonus as the cherry on the top!

Online gamers are far more likely to set time and monetary budgets for gaming.  They are also a lot more likely to play casino games online for short sessions.  After all, the casino will still be around tomorrow and they haven’t spent a few hundred dollars just getting to the casino!

One great difference between online gamers and land-based gamers is that the online gamers here at Everygame Casino do play all of our games!  They may tend toward one game or another but the easy movement between games at Everygame makes a wide range of gaming options accessible.

Online gamers also tend to take more real vacations!  That’s probably because they appreciate the money they save not travelling to a land-based casino!  When the virus is finally spent and people can travel once again, we suspect that a large percentage of online gamers will be taking a well-deserved vacation!