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How to Use Everygame Casino to Your Best Advantage

It’s time for another article about the advantages of gaming at a casino online over gaming at a land-based casino.  We will try to forge new ground in this very important discussion. 


One of the areas that gets a lot of attention is the broad spectrum of online casino promotions versus the narrow spectrum of land-based casino promotions.  Land-based casinos offer loyalty points similar to online casinos.  The big difference is that you have to use a player’s card to get the points.  A lot of gamers leave home for a weekend at a land-based casino and they leave the player’s card that already has a good number of points on it safely tucked away in their night stand! In terms of gaming at a land-based casino is concerned, the mantra "never leave home without it" is most appropriate!

This never happens at Everygame Casino since we are the player’s card, we keep track of all points accumulated “on the card” for you.  When you log in, you automatically activate your “player’s card”.  It’s impossible to “forget” your card when you play online!

Other Things to Never Do

We see many articles in other sites on things to never do at the blackjack table, at the roulette or craps tables, even while playing slots.  Some of the things gamers are told over and over again are old hat by now.  They include never sitting for long stretches of timer, never betting with money that is needed for more important expenses, never to make contradictory bets in roulette, never play American roulette because the 00 slot doubles the house advantage, never to take insurance in blackjack and so on.

Things to Always Do

We hear less about the things gamers should always do.  First, the obverse of the above negative advice has gamers stretching at least every half an hour, correct money management, paying careful attention to your bets in general, European and French roulette have only a 0 slot so are twice as good for gamers as American roulette, and insurance is a statistically poor bet while surrender is often the very best decision a gamer can make.

Much Easier to Do the Positive at an Online Casino

All of these examples are more doable at an online casino such as Everygame Casino. First, it is easy to come back to a gaming session after stretching for a few minutes or taking a ten minute walk if you are playing online.  Land-based casino gamers tend to preserve their favorite terminal by staying at the terminal indefinitely.

Money management is much easier for online gamers since they are at home and have many other things that require their attention.  It is easy to set a gaming time and money budget at home since the casino is available 24/7; you can always come back the next day or the next week depending on your other responsibilities.  Land-based casino gaming usually takes place during a long weekend excursion which means that gamers will want to gamble as often and as much as they can.

At a land-based casino, there may be only one roulette wheel and, if it is an American roulette wheel, gamers will play there simply because they don’t have  a choice. 


Some Other Ways Online Gaming is Better than Land-based Casino Gaming.

Let’s look at a few other areas that people talk less about but are no less important to see the overall superiority of online gaming.

Never Get Distracted

If you are gaming at an online casino and your thoughts start to go to a different subject be it housework, job related work, or cleaning out the closets, it is simple and logical to end the gaming session and go do the activity that has grabbed your attention.

Land-based casino gamers also get distracted but they get distracted by other things.  Most men will get distracted by women in short skirts or dresses or very tight pants.   That is Nature’s way!  However, many men will lose their concentration on the game at hand when they get distracted by an alluring woman.  This leads to losing money that need not be lost.

If a man is distracted at home by his significant other (or vice versa), the gamer can simply close the session and “move on”.  This rarely happens at land-based casinos where gamers have already “invested” money and time in gaming and will continue gaming come what may!

Alcohol and Hunger are Highly Distracting

The free alcohol distracts gamers at land-based casinos in two ways.  The first way is obviously that when we drink even one stiff drink, we begin to bet less in accordance with sound betting tactics.  Many gamers who suddenly start following a betting system, do so after having one or two free drinks.

At home, it is easy to hold off until after gaming to have a drink.  Then you can meet friends at a local pub and drink together.  Drinking for free in a land-based casino may be attractive but drinking with friends is so much more enjoyable.

The second way that getting free drinks at a land based casino is distracting is that gamers will look for the cocktail waitress when they should be looking at the game they are playing.  Many gamers lose money as they try to get the waitress’s attention so she can bring them another free drink.

Always Play Games of Skill with the Requisite Skills

We often tell gamers that one of the big advantages of playing at an online casino is that they can play a much wider range of games than gamers at land-based casinos tend to play.

A corollary to this is that some gamers, who generally play games of chance, can also play games of skill at an online casino where they might choose not to play these games at a land-based casino.

The upshot of playing games of skill is that you need a lot of skill to win at these games!  One of the most unsung advantages players at online casinos have is that online casinos usually offer unlimited free play.  We certainly do!  This gives gamers a lot of free time to practice the games of skill they want to play for real money only after they know the games well!

Players at a land-based casino who decide to take a flyer at one of the games of skill often lose a lot more than they should because they follow the simplest and most obvious “strategy” while strategy in these games is a lot more nuanced.  The most common example is the blackjack player who always stands with 12 or more points.  This is usually the wrong strategy if the dealer is showing a 7 or higher card.

Always Appreciate Your Many other Activities

At a land-based casino, gamers are single-minded.  They come to gamble, eat for free, drink for free, and sleep as little as possible.  If the casino is the only one in town, which is quite common these days, they will forego any and all touristy things to do.

If they are in a place with many casinos, gamers will often stay at one casino for hours rather than walk to the next casino in the bristling heat of the day or because the next casino is “so far away”!

When you play at Everygame Casino Red, you can see gaming as just one fun activity among many other fun activities and along with many things you, as a responsible adult, need to do.

Online gaming is always available so there is never any reason to hoard it!

Everygame Casino Promotions

We mentioned online casino promotions early on in the article.  Everygame Casino has many excellent promotions that are much easier to use online, where you can play as often as you wish, over any promotion at a land-based casino where you play once or twice a year for a few days at the most.

The promotions at Everygame Casino begin with the Welcome Package which can get as high as $5555 in deposit bonuses and a no deposit bonus at the end.  The Welcome Package is just the beginning of a “beautiful friendship” we hope all of our gamers have with Everygame Casino!

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