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How Do Online Casinos Use Innovation to Improve the Fun Of Gaming?

Innovation is the straw that stirs the online casino drink!  By that we mean that even though online gaming is far more convenient than gaming at a land-based casino, it is the ability of online casinos to innovate that attracts new gamers and then keeps them gaming online!

So, in this article, we will take a closer look at the kinds of innovative actions online casinos such as Everygame Red have taken to make online gaming better than ever!

Innovation Translates into More and More Fun

We have spoken about this fact in the past but we need to speak about it again here.  Land-based casinos are a lot less convenient than online casinos.  Players have to travel to land-based casinos; they usually need a room in the hotel; they need to think about meals and restaurants; they have to prepare themselves psychologically for long hours gambling in the casino.

Land-based casinos gaming does have some of the same elements of innovation as do online casinos but they have them to a far less degree.  Online gaming is truly where innovation meets opportunity and then meets an appropriate market for the process to continue unabated!

How Do Online Casinos Innovate?

Online casinos shower innovative ideas in primarily two ways.  The first is with new ways for slots to entertain and achieve winning spins.  The second innovative way online casinos increase the fun side of gaming is through specialty games! 

What are Specialty Games?

Some games are a bit difficult to categorize so we call them specialty games.  The two most prominent specialty games at Everygame Casino are Banana Jones and Fish Catch.  These games are fun in its purest sense.  Few gamers at a land-based casino will ever play one of these entertaining games, even if the casino has a terminal for each, for the simple reason that gamers at land-based casinos are reluctant to give up their seats at the slot they are playing in order to play a few rounds of Banana Jones or Fish Catch!

At Everygame Casino, gamers can and do go to these wonderful specialty games often, even though they play them generally for a short period of time.  The flexibility of the online gaming platform makes movement between games as easy as pie and exponentially more fun!


Table Games are Great but Do Not Lend Themselves to a Lot of Innovation

The most common table games are blackjack, Caribbean poker, roulette, baccarat, and craps.  While we carry several variations of blackjack, these games are fundamentally so similar that it is difficult to see innovation as a driving force in their continuing popularity.

In other words, players who like to play blackjack don’t look for innovation as long as the graphics in the games are top grade which, at Everygame Casino Red, they are!

Slots Lead the Innovation Parade

Online slots are so much different than the slots that gamers played at land-based casinos for decades.  The banks of slots terminals at land-based casinos are a testament to the power of slots to attract players. 

However, and here is the bigger point, online casinos such as Everygame Red, can innovate with slots without putting in a large number of terminals.  As an online casino, we can accommodate a million gamers on the same slot at the same time!

Thus, the big question is how do game providers innovate in slots for the entertainment benefit primarily of online casino gamers?

Slots are Themed

Unlike the fruit slots that prevailed almost exclusively in the past, modern video slots all have themes.  The number of theme categories is limited but the ways in which a theme can be handled within a category is functionally unlimited.

A slot based on ancient Greece or Rome can have a military aspect or a philosophical aspect.  It can be primarily about the historical nature of the era, it can have a primarily mythological aspect, or it can strive to actually “be” in ancient Rome or Greece.

Thus, Real Time Gaming, our game provider, and the couple of hundred other game providers now working on innovative ways to develop slots, have several teams working on slots so that every new game, when the game developers introduce them through their network of online casinos, can become an instant classic in the pantheon of online slots!

Slots Have Wild and Scatter Symbols

The wild symbols substitute for all other symbols and characters except for the scatters.  The scatters are so-called because they win in all positions instead of from left to right as in standard video slots.

Wild symbols have many ways they can add to wins and scatter symbols bring gamers to the free spins bonus rounds.

How Do Wild Symbols Increase Winning Chances?

A wild card in poker is just that: a single card that can replace any other card!  A wild symbol in video slots can also be just a simple wild symbol, replacing all other symbols except the scatter.

However, and this is what makes video slots so much fun to play, the wild symbols have many other innovative ways to help gamers win! 

  1. A wild symbols can be stacked.  The most common way for a wild symbol to be stacked is three high.  However, more modern slots often have wilds that are stacked to cover an entire reel.
  2. Expanding wilds can get bigger in different ways.  The expansion could be instantaneous or it can be spread among several spins.
  3. Giant wilds can be big enough to cover a large expanse of one reel and may also spill over into a neighboring reel.  Some slots have two kinds of wilds, one that is the standard size and another wild that is in the giant wild size range.
  4. Wilds can stick to the reel it falls on for a specified number of spins.  As the number of spins tight a wild will stick to the reel is usually several spins, another wild might also stick and eventually the gamers will have reels almost covered by wild symbols!
  5. A wild could move from left to right and from one reel to another until it falls off the screen after a spin when it is on the fifth reel.
  6. Some slots have exploding wilds which can be different for certain games or from some game developers.
  7. Wild symbols often have multipliers that add to the size of the wins even as the wild symbols themselves add to the sheer number of wins.

Multipliers and Free Spins

There re are many slots that have added benefits for the wilds and multipliers in the free spins bonus rounds.  The key point for this article on innovation is that slots developers are always looking for new and innovative ways to increase fun in slots. 

The wilds and scatters do so by expanding and giving players free spins. 

There are many other ways that slots developers have innovated in ways that increase gamers’ wins and overall gaming fun.

  1. Cascading reels means that the winning symbols cascade down off the screen and new symbols replace them.
  2. Retriggering free spins means that by getting three scatters while playing free spins, the garner can retrigger the free spins.
  3. 3D gaming is fast becoming de rigueur in slots.  That means that the way a character is shown has to become much more realistic and artistic!
  4. Animation continues to improve as characters now talk to gamers and can interact with each other and with the gamers.

Everygame Red Promotions

As an online casino, we can run many promotions that last a week or a month.  This is in direct contrast to land-based casinos that almost never have the same players for more than three days!

We run many slots tournaments.  These extravaganzas are actually signs of the purely entertaining side of online gaming.  The buy-in fees are small or non-existent. (That means free).  Prize pools are as low as the buy-in fees.  Thus, slots tournaments are the perfect vehicle many gamers use to maximize their gaming fun at little or no cost!

Everygame Casino Red has a huge welcome package that can get as high as $5555.  The bonuses and fun just begin at the welcome package.  For every reason we mentioned here and so many others as well, we urge all newcomers to JOIN INTERTOPS CASINO NOW!