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How to Get the Most Fun from Gaming

We at Everygame Casino have a mantra of sorts that we repeat pretty often: We do everything we can to get our players to turn gambling into gaming.   We feel that gaming at a casino online makes gaming more possible and reins in the gambling aspect of playing for real money.

In this article, we would like to show you a number of ways to keep the gaming going and to keep the gambling under control.

Take Part in All of Our Promotions

We offer the type of online casino promotions that land-based casinos have a much harder time offering.  For example, every deposit bonus comes with a play through requirement.  This means that you have to wager a multiple of the bonus before you can withdraw your winnings.

We do this because some players would simply take their bonus money and run.  Any land-based casino that offers a deposit bonus also has a play through requirement.  The problem land-based casinos have with deposit bonuses is that most players can’t complete the play through requirement in a single weekend and “I don’t know when I’ll be back again.”

So, land-based casinos give away free food at the buffet and free alcohol on the casino floor where the house reaps a huge bonanza from people who, under the influence of a couple of stiff drinks, turn gaming into gambling! 

Focus on Fun

This is another advantage of gaming at an online casino although many people don’t see it that way.  They say that land-based casinos are just so much fun.  Our response is what will you do when the excitement wears off and you still have two days left on your casino excursion?

When you play at Everygame Casino, you can have fun until you feel the need to end the session and do something else.


Mobile is the Best Venue for Gaming

Our mobile gaming platform is perfect for this.  Many gamers nowadays play a few minutes in bed before going to sleep or before simply turning out the light!  Mobile gives people the chance to enjoy whatever they like for a few minutes in bed.  Some watch Ellen or stand-up comedy, some like streaming movies or television shows, some like watching sports whether live or recorded years ago!

And a very large number of people like playing a few minutes of online casino games!  It doesn’t really matter what you like to do in those last moments before the lights go off!

Gaming at Everygame Casino is just one of thousands of things you can do on your mobile device before nodding off.  At a land-based casino, most people just stay on the casino floor for lack of anything else to do.  After all, why come to a land-based casino to watch television?

One of the most ironic of all modern ironies is that more and more land-based casinos are now offering mobile gaming!

Set a Financial Budget that is well within Your Means

Instead of saying that you can afford, say, $100 per gaming session as your bankroll, try setting a smaller sum as your bankroll.  If you can afford the $100, you can play with half and set aside the other half for a great vacation or excursion!

We always encourage gamers to develop a wide range of interest so that online casino gaming becomes one of many fun things you do with your free time!

Stay Healthy

This is a lot more than exercising and eating properly.  When we are healthy—which can mean having an overall good sense of our mental and physical well-being—we have a lot more fun doing the things that are fun to do.

It is one thing to say that we should drink more water but it is another thing to actually do it.  We should drink small amounts of water often.  When we do so, we hardly notice the drinking as it becomes such an integral part of our routine.  But we stay hydrated during the gaming.  This allows the fun to pour in.

If we aren’t feeling well—and not staying hydrated is a major cause of our not feeling well—we very quickly lose the edge that we call “fun”.  We might mention it to a friend or family member and we’ll say something like “I can’t put my finger on it but I just don’t feel good.  It’s not so much that I feel bad; it’s just that I don’t feel good.”

The minimum amount of attention you give to your mental and physical health will alleviate and even eliminate all of these fun-killing sensations that we can’t quite pinpoint.

Study the Games of Skill

When we know the game we are playing, we can enjoy it more.  Blackjack, for example, is a game of skill.  The fun blackjack players have playing it comes from embracing the skill they need to succeed.

Slots and roulette are games of chance.  The fun part cones from enjoying the many ways to bet in roulette and the spinning of the wheel.  The fun in slots comes from deriving pleasure from the story line, experiencing many different storylines vicariously, and betting just enough to have a hand in the action but not enough to be a problem if we lose.

Play the Games We Know Best

We should always play the games we know well.  Playing games that we don’t know well is another stumbling block to having the most fun at an online casino.  Slots are easy to learn since they are a game of chance.  Video poker takes more time to learn since there are so many variations and it is a game of skill.

The same applies to blackjack, Caribbean Poker, Baccarat, and other games of skill.

The fun in playing games of skill is in appreciating the skill you have acquired through study and practice and turning that skill into winning sessions.

Enjoy the Games for their Own Sake

There is always the possibility that you will win a seven figure jackpot.  There is also the possibility that you won’t.  It is far healthier to play a progressive game or any other game for the fun of playing instead of for the chance that the game will make you rich!

In the games of skill, the house edge is so small that many gamers either end up slightly ahead or slightly behind at the end of a session.  Since the games of skill are not likely to make you rich, players get the most fun out of knowing that they are playing well; that they are following the best strategy; that they are playing with money they can afford to play with; and that they will say that it was fun no matter what.

Everygame Casino Says Welcome

Everygame Casino Red has a large Welcome Package with up to $5,555 in bonuses.  We offer over 300 games.  We run many promotions.  We write several articles a week with the goal of helping our gamers have fun at the casino!

Have a Great and Fun Time Gaming at Everygame!