metal numbers 2020 with the 0 being replaced with a 1 on a yellow background

How to Look Optimistically at 2021

We need to end 2020 as soon as possible.  Thank goodness, this year is about to come to a much-wanted end.  The New Year will probably be a lot better than the one we are exiting from.  But before we jettison into 2021, let's take a fond look back at 2020 - to you from us here at Everygame Casino, THE top online casino.

    1. Millennials learned new words:  pot, pan, oven.
    2. Seniors became zoomers.
    3. The good old days were redefined as from 2019 until January 2020.
    1. The annual flu was demoted to “the sniffles”.
    2. Tom Brady was offered the chance to promote his own brand of GOAT cheese.
    3. Everyone worked remotely including truck drivers who drove their trucks remotely with the toy they bought their kids for Christmas 2019.
    4. The term “that's soooo 2019” was used to describe activities that ....stopped happening in 2020 - getting a haircut, going to the movies, travelling abroad....the list goes on and on.
    5. NBA players made a video in which they cried, stomped, rolled around and begged people to watch their games.
    6. Elon Musk started a new company in which he takes nuclear families on cruises - in row boats.
    7. Many people, having been trained to stream shows endlessly during the lockdowns, were not be able to break away from their streaming habit.  In response 100-inch television screens hit the market and sold out within hours.
    8. Pajamas became so popular that fashion models established successful careers as pajama models.
    9. Designers vied for big prizes as the task of designing cut-out spectators for sporting events became a major growth industry.
    10. The slots continued to spin!  The Earth also continued to spin.  Spinning became the best exercise anyone can do! 


What will 2021 Bring to Everygame Casino and our Many Gamers?

We think that 2021 will have to be a better year than 2020 was.  Everygame Casino Red had many new gamers as land-based casinos had to shut down and gamers looked to us to provide - and found - great gaming online.

Those new Everygame Casino gamers will continue to do most of their casino gaming with us online even if they may return to their favorite land-based casino for short gaming excursions at some time soon.

Real Time Gaming will continue to bring out a new slots games every month! The wild symbols will discover even newer ways to help gamers win and the free spin bonus rounds will be wackier than ever!  And we will continue to base monthly promotions on those games.

Our gamers will continue to make Banana Jones one of the most popular games in the online casino universe.

Gamers will discover the pleasure of taking real vacations rather than going to yet another land-based casino.

More and more gamers will discover our excellent mobile gaming platform and will also find that gaming while curled up on their soft sofa with their significant other is great fun and usually leads to even more fun!

Let’s Hope that 2021 Turns out to be a Lot Better than 2020

Here at Everygame Casino, we are holding our breath not because we are wearing a mask but because we so much want 2021 to be a great year for every one of our gamers and for all the gamers at our rival online casinos and for all the gamers at all the land-based casinos and for all the people who don’t play online casino games but really should and ....(huff huff) for everyone!

Have a Wonderful and Happy New Year! 

Let’s get 2021 right!