beautiful fancy face masks to celebrate Mardi Gras Magic at Everygame casino

Celebrate and Play Mardi Gras Magic at Everygame Casino

One of the many reasons we use the expert teams at Real Time Gaming to provide all of the games on offer here at Everygame Casino is that they come out with new slots every month.  What a show of imaginative creativity that is!  We are approaching Easter.  That means that the Lenten month will be upon us soon.  And since Catholics choose to do without some things “for Lent” they have a wild party beforehand!

They call that party Mardi Gras which is French.  Mardi Gras was first celebrated in North America in the French territories with their center in New Orleans.  Ergo, the French name for this wild celebration!

The Magic of Mardi Gras

It is appropriate that the new slot for February at Everygame Casino, your top casino online, would be called Mardi Gras Magic.

It is also in keeping with the spirit of the wild Mardi Gras celebrations that the wild symbol in Mardi Gras Magic will do many truly wild things!

The Royal symbols are bedecked in jewels indicative of the rich decadence of the holiday.  There are four beautiful ingénues to spirit you through the celebration.  One of the four femme fatales is feathered in gold, one in purple, one in green, and one in orange.   

The wild symbol is an exploding carnival mask and the scatter symbol is the logo icon.

Masks Play a Huge Role in Holidays and Parties

People have worn masks at parties and other happy events for centuries.  It is telling and interesting that a simple google search on masks in celebrations and parties gave us hit after hit about the importance of wearing a mask during the corona virus pandemic!

That may very well be true.  Still, many cultures have used masks as important elements in their own traditional celebrations.  The Celebration of the Dead in Mexico is a happy holiday in which people reverence their deceased ancestors.  Masks are a prominent feature of that holiday.

The Mask Festival in Venice is a yearly event in which people wear masks at parties and events and in the streets as they walk the cobblestoned pathways of the magical city of Venice.

The celebration of the Chinese New Year also employs masks as a major part of the fun.

In the Philippines, there is a holiday called Dinagyang in which revelers wear masks that they have fashioned from natural products such as feathers.

People wear colorful masks at local and ethnic festivals in many countries!

Of course, Halloween brings out a lot of masks as young kids go from door to door asking for candy and other sweets.

People on the floats that slowly wind their way through the streets of New Orleans throw leis and masks out at the crowd below.  So, it is truly fitting that the wild symbol in Mardi Gras Magic should be a mask!


What Does the Wild Symbol Do?

Mardi Gras Magic will make its official entry into the wild world of online slots in February.

Real Time Gaming calls the wild in this new slot a “bursting wild”.  When it bursts, it can make neighboring symbols wild as well!  This can happen in any spin in the regular game and will happen even more often in the free spins bonus rounds!

The bursting wild can turn a mundane spin into a big winner!  The top prize in Mardi Gras magic is 20,000x the bet on the winning payline!

Instant Win

At any time, gamers can win an instant prize.  You can win the random prize even on a spin that otherwise missed the mark.  The random win tells gamers the winning factor which is then multiplied by the wager to determine the final win sum.

Free Spins

As is common in slots, 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols get you 10, 15, or 20 free spins.  There is an extra supply of bursting wilds for the free spins rounds and you can retrigger the free spins by getting three scatters again!

Look Forward to Slots Fun

We are introducing Mardi Gas Magic on February 3 so we still have a little time before the big unveiling.  It’s certainly a good thing that Everygame Casino Red has about 200 slots on offer to help you stay entertained until Mardi Gars Magic comes your way!

In addition to all those slots, we offer a hundred other games such as blackjack, video poker, roulette, craps, Fish Catch, and Banana Jones.  You can find the latter two great games in the Specialty Games section.  We think that they are loads of fun to play!

New Games Never Get Old

One of the things that separates Everygame Casino and all other online casinos from the average land-based casino is that when a land-based casino brings in a new game such as the new slot of the month, they have to take a terminal out!  Every new game may require the casino to install several new terminals.  This results in a few older slots becoming redundant.

The older slots at Everygame Casino never become redundant.  Instead, they stay on and become classics!  In addition, even several new terminals to bring in a new slot may not be enough as more players want to play that specific slot.  So, a lot of waiting ensues!

Who wants to fly into a land-based casino just to stand around and wait for their turn to play a new game?  If we wanted to stand in line, we might just go to the supermarket during peak hours! 

All it takes to offer gaming to thousands of gamers is a single “terminal”.  Of course, in the wonderful world of cyberspace, the terminal is digital software of the highest quality which makes gaming at Everygame Casino so enjoyable!

What Does Everygame Casino Offer New Gamers?

So much!

It all starts with the huge Welcome Package which can get as high as $5555.  The bonuses and other promotions keep coming and every month we introduce another great new game from Real Time Gaming!  We run a promotion in honor of the new game!

So, look forward to Mardi Gras Magic and to the promotion based on the slot!

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