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How to Play at a Land-based Casino

Everygame Casino has been a top casino online since we started in 1996.  We can safely say that 2020 has been the most extraordinary year since we began operation!  There has been a genuine upheaval in both the land-based casino market and in the online casino market.

The Lasting Corona Effect

The corona virus has certainly done a number on gamers, gaming, casinos, and everything pertaining to gaming!  One of the reasons gamers used to come to an online casino such as Everygame was to get in on our many online casino promotions.  These promotions include giant matching deposit bonuses, free spins, new game promotions, loyalty points, cashback, and the VIP Club.

Especially in terms of loyalty points and matching deposit bonuses, land-based casinos cannot compete with online casinos.  The first reason has to do with overall operating expenses.  Land-based casinos cost so much more to run per gamer than online casinos cost, that land-based casinos cannot easily afford to give away money.

A player at a land-based casino might have a substantial number of loyalty points but if they never plan on returning to that casino, the loyalty points are functionally worthless.  The same would apply if a land-based casino were to give deposit bonuses.  The player might have a lot of winnings in their account as recorded in their player card, but if they haven’t yet completed the wagering requirement they would not be able to take their winnings home with them!

As a result, land-based casinos don’t commonly offer deposit bonuses.


Gimme Some Gaming, Please

In the corona virus era, a second reason for coming to Everygame Casino online was simply for some gaming!  Without regard for promotions, game selection, comfort and convenience and any of the many advantages online casinos have over land-based casinos, the virus sent many gamers to online casinos just to be able to play casino games!

Gamers Discover the Value of Online Gaming

We know from our own experience, and no doubt most other online casinos have had similar experiences, that new online casino gamers are often amazed at how much fun online casino gaming is.  Therefore, we are quite certain that our new gamers will do most of their gaming online at Everygame Casino.

Still, the allure of land-based casinos remains.  So, here we offer a few of the mistakes gamers make at land-based casinos.  If you think that you will go back to a land-based casino as they reopen, be sure to keep these tips in mind so you can avoid these mistakes!

Avoid Sitting at a Terminal for a Long Time

It was almost a cliché in the past that a gamer at a land-based casino would hoard his or her slots terminal for endless hours!  In a different context, but one that is very relevant to the present discussion, we have advised gamers to stand and stretch often.

When you play online there is no reason not to stand and stretch at least every half an hour!  Land-based casino gamers often sit for hours and hours without so much as a bathroom break! 

Please, do not fall into this very dangerous mode of casino behavior.  It is far better to get up after 30 minutes and walk around, visit the rest room, and find another game to play!

Avoid the Rut of Playing Just One Type of Game

Some people love the games of chance and some people love the games of skill.  Whichever broad type of gamer you are, you should play the other type of game as well!  Players who generally play games of chance should try their hands at video poker or blackjack.  Players who generally play games of skill should try at least some slots spins! 

Both types of gamers will find their casino experience heightened by branching out in this way.

We understand that it has always been easier to branch out in this way at an online casino.  Nevertheless, it is also possible to do so at a land-based casino.

Make Sure that You Play 3-2 Blackjack

The most common “trick” some land-based casinos are trying is to pay only 6-5 for a blackjack.  The difference over a hundred hands or so may be quite significant.  Players who fall into the 6-5 blackjack trick can almost never finish a blackjack session as a winner while, in 3-2 blackjack, the house edge is so small that many players win over time.

Make Sure the Blackjack Game Allows Surrender

Surrender is a powerful tool in the strategy arsenal of all blackjack players.  Most land-based casinos try to avoid allowing surrender.  Play only at blackjack tables that allow surrender.

Sit at the End of the Table in Blackjack

Even if you don’t count cards, you will have a better idea as to how to proceed if you see several hands play out before your turn comes to play.  So, try always to sit at the end of the table that plays last rather than first.

Avoid Being Intimidated by another Player at the Blackjack Table

One of the most common occurrences at land-based blackjack is the player who blames another player for his or her losses.  This happens especially to players who use the top strategy on every hand.

When you play online, you cannot be so intimidated but at a land-based casino, some players do get intimidated by other players.  Once again, this is a good reason to play online at Everygame Casino Red but, if you are at a land-based casino and you are playing blackjack, and another player at the table starts to rag on you for causing him to lose hands, we suggest that you simply leave the table.

Make Sure that You Play 9-6 Video Poker

The top pay scale pays 9 coins for a full house and 6 coins for a flush.  Land-based casinos try to get video poker players to play in 8-5 games.  Just as 6-5 blackjack gives the house an overwhelming edge, so 8-5 video poker does the same!

It seems like such a small difference but it isn’t.  In 9-6 video poker the house edge is less than 1%.  It is quite a bit better for the house when gamers play 8-5 video poker!

Avoid those Free Drinks!

When a player continues to play after having even one drink with alcohol, they tend to “give back” to the house a lot more than the cost of the drink.  There are two very good ways to avoid this mistake.  The first is to be content with paying for drinks at the bar!  If you don’t want to pay for drinks at the bar, you should commit yourself to not drinking while at the land-based casino!

You might buy single shot bottles and fix yourself a drink to drink in the hotel lobby.  Just don’t drink and play!

The second way to avoid the mistake of playing after drinking is to take a free drink and stop playing after you have finished the drink!

Don’t Look at Women in Short Skirts or Low Tops

Sure, they are very sexy looking!  But you don’t know what the man they are with will feel about you ogling their lady.  So, NO OGLING!

Join Everygame Casino

Now, this article was written for all these gamers who feel that they can’t resist the temptation to go back to a land-based casino once it has reopened.

All well and good except that we know that online casino gaming has so many advantages over land-based casino gaming that the latter should be a once in a very long while salvo in land-based gaming and the former should be your go to way to play!