Everygame Casino sees online gaming growing fast in 2021 and beyond

We Look in the Crystal Ball and See the Gaming Experience Getting Better

One of the biggest lessons that the covid 19 virus pandemic has taught us is that what may have looked like an insuperable trend may, in the end not become a trend at all!  Everygame Casino employs people whose task is to look ahead.  In some cases, looking ahead is fairly simple.  In other cases looking ahead is very difficult since what lies ahead may not be seen until we see it!

The Great Trend in Online Casino Gaming

The comfort and convenience of online casino gaming has led to the three decades long upward trend in online gaming.  Everygame Casino has been around long enough to be able to visualize the amount of growth we might expect year to year.

Boy, (is 'person' more politically correct?) were we fooled by 2020!

Of course, we were far from the only ones fooled by this virus.   Let’s look at the trends we expected for 2020 and then the single biggest development in online casino gaming in 2020 and going forward.

More Casinos

At the start of the online casino gaming economic niche, there were a small handful of casinos.  Then a few more came on board and then a few more.  The number of casinos remained small for a few years and then started to leap forward.

Today there are a few thousand online casinos.  Most are fair, honest and reputable having followed the lead of Everygame Casino and the other originals. Some are not.  So, new gamers have to be careful to choose a reputable casino if they want to play casino games online.

Here are a few of the parameters new gamers have to see in an online casino before signing up and depositing money.

  1. The casino has to be regulated and certified by a recognized authority that has the single purpose of regulating and certifying online casinos.
  2. The casino has to protect your money with the best available encryption software.
  3. The casino has to offer many games in a number of game categories.
  4. The casino should allow an impartial outside industry watchdog to check out the return to player rate for all games.
  5. The casino should also allow an independent concern to check the random number generator for fairness.
  6. The casino should have a blog and an articles section such as this one so that gamers can learn as much as possible about the casino and the games.
  7. The casino should offer Instant Play so gamers don’t have to download the casino to their hard drive which might already be bursting.
  8. The casino should offer a state of the art mobile gaming platform so online gaming can accentuate its comfort side since the convenience side is already quite apparent.
  9. The casino should support all aspects of responsible gaming.

Everygame Casino meets all of these minimum requirements solidly!  We also run many excellent promotions.  Many of our promotions combine deposit bonuses and free spins.  Our Welcome Package for new players can reach as much as $5555 in deposit and no-deposit bonuses.

We Anticipated Growth Similar to our Growth in Previous Years

So, as we entered 2020, we expected our yearly growth to be about what it had been in the previous decade.  We grow nicely every year.  In the online casino market, with so much competition, the steady growth we had experienced before 2020 was on par for the course for a top online casino.


We are also in competition with land-based casinos.  We expected the competition from land-based casinos to continue even as competition between land-based casinos has taken a different shape in the last decade as we will talk about later in this article.

We also expected new casinos to enter the online casino market which has happened.  We expected new game providers to come along with great competition for Real Time Gaming, our exclusive game provider.

Competition is a good thing and we anticipated meeting the competitive challenges in 2020 as in any other year.  Completion is also a good thing for the game providers as the accomplishments of one set the bar higher for all and both we, as an online casino, and you, our gamers, benefit immensely from the competition.

Covid 19 Rears its Ugly Head

In January 2020 and increasingly in February and March a different sort of flu virus began to circulate in the world.  Italy was especially hard hit and then there was a veritable avalanche of covid 19 virus cases in every developed country, creating life-threatening dangers mostly to people over the age of 60.

Land-based casinos were forced to close.

Online casinos such as Everygame Casino Red suddenly had an influx of gamers who previously had played exclusively at land-based casinos.

The Pandemic Lingered on for a Very Long Time

Months passed.  Gamers who were new to the online gaming experience found that they liked it!  They liked it a lot!  After all, online gamers have known for decades that online gaming is a lot more convenient and a lot more comfortable than land-based casino gambling.

Online gamers don’t have to go through all of the hassles of travelling to a casino to play.  Even as many land-based casinos are finally re-opening, the hassles of travelling to the casinos are even worse than they were before the pandemic hit.

The cost of getting to a casino has risen.  The cost of staying at the casino may be higher as capacity in the hotel is restricted.  Casinos have had to take out a lot of terminals and table to comply with the requirements of social distancing in the casino.

Online Mobile Gaming is the Straw that Stirs the Gaming Drink

Online casinos have developed and are constantly improving their mobile gaming platform.  This adds a major element of comfort to online gaming.  Most online gamers play all curled up on the sofa or in bed, often in the arms of their most favorite person.

Some land-based casinos have introduced an in-house mobile platform so players can play while in their hotel room.  Why travel to the casino then?

Everygame Casino Never Has to Take out a Game

We have such unlimited space in cyberspace that we never have to take out the old to make room for the new.  The erstwhile land-based casino gamers who have come to Everygame Casino in droves in 2020 and still in 2021 have discovered that at Everygame they can play those classics that their favorite land-based casino had to take out, possibly years ago.

The Trend We Now See Coming

We see that many players who were formerly land-based casino players will never return to land-based casino gaming.  They will stay online.  This will force us to find the way to improve the gaming experience through more games and better promotions.

Integrated Resorts and Massive Investments

Between 2010 and 2020 tens of billions of dollars, possibly hundreds of billions, were invested in building what has come to be known as Integrated Resorts.  These are huge complexes that offer something for everyone from water parks, amusement parks, giant playgrounds, conference centers, shopping malls, many restaurants and pubs on the grounds of the IR (as they are called) theaters, and a casino.

In other words, the idea behind the IR of the last decade is to make the casino something of an afterthought.  The problem is that the money invested in these giant complexes may be lost if the IRs don’t fully re-open soon.  Only covid knows when that might be.

So, there is a lot of financial pressure on land-based casinos these days.  Many will likely close for good.  In contrast, there has been no financial pressure on online casinos.  Instead, the pressure we feel is the same as we have felt since we began so many years ago: to constantly get better and give our gamers the best gaming experience they can have.

Join Everygame Casino

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