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How to Increase Your Gaming Luck without Magic Potions or Totems

Everygame Casino offers more than 300 great games.  Some are considered games of chance while others are considered games of skill.  Here is a small secret: even the games of skill have a good amount of luck involved!  So, one of the questions we hear pretty often from gamers is: How can I increase my luck at casino gaming?

Luck and Superstition

Most people have some sort of superstition.  Avoiding sidewalk cracks is an old one as is not walking under ladders.  Some people have quite odd superstitions that they believe give them luck before an important business meeting, when they fly, even how they get dressed.

Superstitions have developed over the millennia because people have always wanted to find a way to increase luck.  Some people in dry climates pray for rain before the wet season.  Some people plant avocado seeds for good luck.   People who are truly Irish or who identify as Irish wear green on St. Patrick’s Day.  Some people always choose their own lottery numbers based on dates from family events or sports uniform numbers from their favorite teams.

Superstitions are designed to bring luck and everyone knows that luck is entirely independent of any superstitions.

Does That Mean That There Are No Ways to Increase Luck at a Casino?

In fact, it is possible to increase luck at either an online casino or a land-based casino.  Some ways of increasing luck are sometimes available to gamers at any casino and some are exclusive to online casino gamers.

Look for Fun First

This is almost always exclusive to online gaming.  At a land-based casino, players are “invested” in the gambling experience.  They have spent hundreds of dollars on the flight and hotel reservation and now have a weekend’s worth of time to gamble.

Online gamers never “have to” spend an entire weekend gambling.  The idea of gaming is much more applicable to online gaming since gamers can play for 30-60 minutes (or less) and the casino and the games will be available again on the following day.  At a land-based casino, when a player leaves the casino to go home, they leave the casino and go home!  At home, the only way they can play casino games is at an online casino such as Everygame Casino.

Playing online is not purely a way to increase luck but playing for fun or relaxation reduces tension and luck does increase as we play in a relaxed manner.  Many gamblers at land-based casinos do feel the pressure of their gaming and therefore opt for those tempting free alcoholic drinks.

The free alcohol reduces luck by clouding players’’ minds and causing then to make poor decisions.

Increase Your Luck by Playing Low Variance Slots

In terms of slots, variance refers to the relative frequency and size of winning spins and wins.  Two slots might have the same return to player rate but one will have high variance and the other low variance.  If you are looking to be “lucky” in slots, you can play high variance and progressive slots or you can play low variance slots.

Players who usually play low variance slots see their bankroll live longer.


A concurrent aspect of luck is in the progressive slots.  They are usually high variance slots as well so you can increase your slots gaming luck by playing the progressive slots in moderation.

Play Online for the Higher Return to Player Rate

This is another way to increase “luck” in gaming.  Land-based casinos have higher operating costs so they lower the return to player rate.  Online casinos have lower operating costs so they can afford higher return to player rates.

There are many reasons why playing at an online casino can increase “luck”.  The higher return to player rate is one.  Playing for fun is another.  Playing in short sessions is a third way, playing mostly low variance slots is another, and avoiding alcoholic drinks while playing is a fifth.

We aren’t finished talking about the “lucky” advantages of online gaming.

Play Every Game

At land-based casinos, players’ tend to play one or two games.  They stay at the same terminal for hours.  At an online casino, you can play all of the games on offer here at Everygame Casino Red over time.

Playing every game over time will help you find the games that are the most fun for you to play; it will introduce you to the games with the highest return to player rates; it will put gaming into its proper perspective which is that it is one of many activities you would like to do or that you are responsible for doing.

At a long weekend at a land-based casino, players tend to get the feeling that gambling is the only reason they are there, which in far too many cases is true.  At Everygame Casino very few gamers ever get the feeling that playing casino games is the be all and end all of things.

You’re home so you can get involved in a hobby, get together with friends, work on a work project with a serious deadline, do the dishes, look for a good recipe for the meal you will prepare for your family or your significant other and many, many other things to do.

Gaming is great fun that occupies a relatively small part of your day.

Use Top Strategy

This is the single best way to increase luck at the casino.  The so-called games of skill have strategies that bring the return to player rate to almost 100% and in a few cases to slightly higher than 100%.  Many gamers fail to learn the top strategy.  You can set yourself up to have great luck by following the top strategy in all of the games of skill.

Here is an example from video poker.  The highest payout in video poker is for a Royal Flush. If you have bet the maximum, you qualify for the extra payout for the Royal Flush.  The top strategy says to break up a winning pair in order to play for the Royal Flush if you have four of the five cards you need to get the Royal Flush.

The reason is that you stand a good chance to pair up one of the high cards you are keeping and you are setting yourself to be lucky enough to get the fifth card you need for the Royal Flush.

Avoid Playing with a Betting System

Most betting systems tell players to double their bets after losing.  These systems are designed for even money bets.  The problem is that if you lose several hands in a row, you will be betting a large sum, possibly your entire bankroll, on a single hand or throw of the dice or spin on the roulette wheel.

By avoiding all betting systems, you increase your luck by not reducing it.

Play Online at Everygame Casino

We have seen that there are two main ways to increase luck in gaming: to play exclusively for fun and to use the top strategy in the games of skill.  Using the top strategy in games of skill is doable at online casinos and at land-based casinos.

The two big differences are the length of time players spend at an online casino or on the casino floor at a land-based casino and the use of alcohol beverages while playing.

The longer you play, the more likely you are to get tired and tired players make poor decisions.  Online players play for shorter sessions simply because they can always come back to the casino the next day!

Similarly, at Everygame Casino, you can play for short enough sessions that you can easily forego any alcoholic drinks until after you finish gaming.  At land-based casinos, the players who play on and on will almost inevitably accept a free drink.  They will then start to make poor decisions.

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