March is a fun-filled month at Everygame Casino

March is Full of Wonderful and Special Days

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St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

Paddy’s Lucky Forest was developed by our exclusive game provider, Real Time Gaming, to begin its long run in February and March to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

We thought it would be fun to see what other days occur around the world in March.  As we are writing this article, some of these days have already come and gone so we will mention just one or two of the days that came earlier in the month.

St. David’s Day: March 1

St. David is the Patron Saint of Wales.  Wales has always been less populated than Ireland and a lot fewer Welsh people became emigrants to the United States and other countries so St. David’s Day is a lot less well known around the world.

On St. Patrick’s Day, the city of Chicago puts many gallons of green dye in the Chicago River and changes its color to bright green.  We wonder how the city and other places would celebrate St. David’s Day if there were a few hundred thousand Welsh emigres living in the city.

Welsh people have a parade, wear the traditional clothing of Wales, and eat traditional Welsh food.

Here are five boys’ names that have their origins in Welsh:

  1. Cedric is a Chief especially at a time of war.
  2. Conway is holy water.
  3. Galahad is a hawk.
  4. Owen is a lamb.
  5. Reece is impetuous.

Here are five Welsh origin girls’ names:

  1. Glynis is a valley.
  2. Jennifer is fair-skinned.
  3. Aderyn is a bird.
  4. Blodwen is a white flower.
  5. Myfanwy is a treasure.

International Woman’s Day: March 8.

Millennials and many others don’t remember when the term MS. didn’t exist yet.  Older gamers know that women have come a very long way in the last 50+ years.  Even the United States finally has a female Vice President!

International Woman’s Day is celebrated in different ways in different countries.  It is a day to celebrate women’s achievements and advancements in every area from professions to leadership roles to the arts and much, much more.


Pi Day

Pi is a mathematical anomaly in that it never reaches a final fraction.  It just goes on and on through millions, billions, trillions, and more fractional numbers.  Since pi is often rounded off as 3.14 the people who celebrate International Pi Day chose March 14!

Shakespeare Week

This event runs from March 15 to 21.  It is designed to help school-age children access the esoteric language of Shakespeare.  You can find many educational materials at

Shakespeare Week was begun in 2014 by a small group of intrepid Shakespeare lovers and educators.  Schoolkids read from Shakespeare’s writings and act out scenes from his plays.  This festival has grown in popularity every year to the surprise of some since Shakespeare’s language is soooooo old fashioned!

All of the educational materials on the website are made available throughout the year!

Global Recycling Day

Modern societies are so affluent that they not only produce many goods that people want and need, they also produce the packaging in which these goods are delivered to people’s homes.  Trash is a major problem as it pollutes rivers and lakes and has even begun to pollute the vast oceans.

One solution to this problem is simple education.  For example, in Slovenia, you can walk for miles and not see a single wrapper, empty plastic bottle, or cigarette pack on the ground anywhere!  This is the result of an educational system that values a clean environment enough to teach even little kids about it.

Another way to deal with trash is through recycling.  The technology is available to recycle paper, metal cans, plastic bottles, cardboard cartons, and glass.  There is the fear that the billions of tons of natural resources that we take out of the earth every year will, one day run out.

Thus the need to recycle.

World Frog Day: March 20

Frogs are a necessary part of most complex ecosystems.  Without frogs, many of the insects that carry disease would literally fly wild!  Frogs eat an incalculable number of insects every year.  You can only imagine how dangerous the mosquito population would become were it not for frogs.

The frogs, in turn, get eaten by larger animals who sustain themselves on small prey, frogs being one of the most important.

In addition to serving a vital role as the “canary” in the ecosystem, frogs have also been found to secrete or otherwise produce chemicals that can benefit people from painkillers that are better than morphine and are not addictive to helpful alkaloids that researchers have been able to take from the skin of frogs.

World Poetry Day March 21

Poetry is a major part of literature.  Just as the language of Shakespeare is a big challenge to modern people, so has poetry always been a big challenge to people who think and speak and, for the most part, write in a prose style.

The United Nations declared World Poetry Day in 1999.  People who invest time and energy to get to the root meaning of great poetry benefit from the different angles and perspectives poetry brings to mundane everyday events and phenomena.

A rainbow is a beautiful thing and when a great poet describes a rainbow, it adds a great deal to our appreciation of this common atmospheric event.

Piano Day

Just as Pi Day is set at March 14 because that corresponds nicely with the fraction 3.14 that is the standard measurement for pi, so Piano Day is always on the 88th day of the year since a piano has 88 keys.

When we think about mastering something at the casino, we think about video poker or blackjack which have a lot fewer than 88 individual things to learn!  So, let’s all celebrate the great pianists of our time on March 29.

Click HERE for a fantastic live performance of Celebration by Kool and the Gang.

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