sound money management is much easier at Everygame Casino than at a land-based casino

How to Manage Your Gaming Money Well

Sound money management is a big part of having the most fun possible while gaming at Everygame Casino.  One of the first things gamers should realize is that it is a lot easier to manage your casino gaming budget when you play at an online casino.  Later on in this article we will talk about the reasons gambling at a land-based casino makes sound money management difficult.  For now, we will concentrate on good money management at an online casino.

When you’re looking for an online casino, it is best to find a casino with a large game library and one that is known as a sign up bonus casino.

In both of these parameters, Everygame Casino is one of the very top of the line among online casinos.

The Everygame Casino Sign up Bonus is Worth up to $5555!

One of the primary elements of sound money management is to play as much as possible with the casino’s own money!  To this end, the massive Welcome Package at Everygame gives new gamers a huge budgetary advantage over land-based casinos.

Here is how Everygame Casino offers new gamers up to $5555 in bonuses:

  1. For your first deposit, the bonus is 125% up to $1000.
  2. For the nest deposit, the bonus goes up to 150% up to $1500.
  3. The third deposit has once again a 125% bonus for up to $1000.
  4. The last deposit in the Welcome Package at Everygame brings a 150% bonus for up to $2000.
  5. At the end, as a show of camaraderie, Everygame tops the Welcome Package off with a $55 no deposit bonus!

Here at Everygame Casino, we offer many bonuses to every gamer.  Some bonuses come with free spins.  We have our New Game Promotion, the Game of the Month Promotion, and we often have a promotion based on the season or a special holiday such as Valentine’s Day which comes every year in February or St. Patrick’s Day which comes every year in March.

So, the first tip towards sound money management is to play with the casino’s money or with free spins.

Treat Gaming as a Pastime

Gamers who look at online casino gaming as a fun pastime also have other fun pastimes as well.  Playing darts in a pub with friends is also a fun pastime.  Taking walks or even challenging hikes in Nature is another fun pastime.  In fact, if we were to make a complete list of all the fun pastimes gamers or anyone else can partake of, the list would likely encircle the entire planet!


Staying within a Reasonable Budget Can be Easy and it Can be Difficult

In short, when gaming is one of many fun ways to pass the time, it is a lot easier to stay within a financial budget.  We all easily stay within our monetary budgets when we shop for everyday clothes, eat in restaurants, or buy airline tickets.

However, when we are shopping for clothes for a special occasion, we often “go over budget”.  Similarly, when we go on vacation, we often are willing to spend more money on all kinds of things from hotel accommodations to restaurants to souvenirs than we would spend at home.  Here is one way that land-based casino gaming can play havoc with an otherwise sound monetary budget for gaming.

First, it costs money to get to a casino.  Getting to Everygame Casino is about as easy as pie: walk to the computer or to your comfortable sofa.  On the computer, you can play in either download or Instant Play.  No flying, packing suitcases, getting a vaccination, or any other costly necessity of either time or money or both!

When you play on your sofa or in bed with Mr. or Ms. Right, you’ll be playing on our excellent mobile gaming platform.  The fact is that most gaming at Everygame these days is done on the mobile platform.  Why go to a land-based casino when you can “carry the casino with you” in your pocket or purse?

The second reason that gambling at a land-based casino can be detrimental to sound money management is because when a person goes to a casino for a long weekend, they often feel like they are on vacation.  This leads to them spending money that they would not have spent at home.

So, our second tip for good money management is actually a two-parter: play at an online casino such as Everygame Casino and avoid the “I’m on vacation” feeling that so many people feel when they go to a land-based casino.  The “I’m on vacation” feeling is fine…..when you are really on vacation!  Going to a land-based casino is not a real vacation even though so many people get that vacation feeling.

This often leads to players spending an inordinate amount of time on the casino floor and gambling away money that might have been better used for going on a real vacation!

Money Management is a Function of Time Management

We just spoke about spending an inordinate amount of time on the casino floor at a land-based casino.  When you play at Everygame Casino Online, it is much easier to budget your time.  After all, the casino is always there for you!

So, relatively short gaming sessions are a lot easier to manage at an online casino than at a land-based casino.  An online gaming session might be 30-60 minutes long while a “short” gambling session at a land-based casino might stretch out to many hours!

Many online casino gamers play our games in order to relax and unwind after work.  This almost never happens at a land-based casino!  In fact, the long hours gambling at a land-based casino often create the opposite effect: gamblers get anxious and try to “just get even”.  Desperation gambling g often demolishes a sound money management plan.

Play a Variety of Games

At Everygame Casino Red, we offer over 300 games!  No one at a land-based casino can play 300 games!  In fact, most gamblers at a land-based casino play a very small number of games since they lose their seat when they switch games.

Land-based casino gambling leads to seat and terminal hoarding which leads gamblers ironically to not hoard their money!

Online gaming is so available, varied, and flexible that there is never any need to hoard either games or time.  This makes it infinitely easier to budget the money for gaming properly!

The large assortment of games we have on offer also means that gamers will play some games that they have never played before.  In games of skill, this is a distinct disadvantage to the players for which we have a ready solution: unlimited free play!

There is nothing quite as efficient at staying within as monetary budget than being able to play a game in free play mode!

Even in the games of chance such as slots, craps, and roulette, we offer unlimited free play.  In roulette and  craps, there are so many betting options that many gamers really do need to play for free for a time in order to learn the games.  Slots, on the other hand, are easy to learn.  Still, many gamers play slots in free play mode to find out if they like the slot enough to play it for real money.

Slots are so varied that some gamers fall in love with one type of slot and really care less for another type of slot.  Sound money management allows players to find out for free which slots they will love to play for years to come!

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As we have said in this article, Everygame is a leading online casino with a large assortment of games.  We can also point to these articles, which are informative and helpful for a lot more than “just” money management.  These articles are yet another aspect of gaming online at Everygame that sets us apart from other casinos.

Gamers enjoy our games, our promotions, and all the tips and advice we give on all areas of gaming.

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