two brown die with black dots set on a background of a computer board with many chips indicating a random number generator

Are Online Slots Rigged?

We have heard this question before and to this day we have no idea where it comes from! The slots at a top casino online are absolutely NOT rigged! All slots and all other games at an online casino are controlled by the Random Number Generator or RNG.

What is the Random Number Generator?

The RNG is software that stops at a specified interval after a gamer has pressed “spin” or “deal” or any other term that prompts a game to start or to finish. Slots are a series of spins so the RNG stops at a specified period of time—literally a second or two—and where it stops determines whether the gamer won the spin or not.

Do Land-based Casinos Also Use a Random Number Generator?

Land-based casinos use a RNG for games with a terminal such as slots and video poker. We use the RNG for all of our games since we are entirely digital. Land-based casinos have many “live” games such as craps, roulette, and blackjack.

Does that Mean that All Games at Land-based Casinos are Also Completely Random?

We believe that no casino, be it on land or online, has any incentive at all to rig any game.

In theory, the dice in craps might over time become weighted. This may result in an almost imperceptible alteration in the outcome of throws of the dice. There is some anecdotal talk online about a player who “saw” how the dice were slightly tilted in one direction and used that “inside” knowledge to win a lot of money.

We think that such stories are truly impossible to believe. Even if the dice had changes their equilibrium by the minutest fraction, an average player would still not be able to “know” what numbers were going to come up going forward!

There are Similar Tall Tales about Roulette

At a land-based casino, the roulette wheels are all mechanical devices. Once again, in theory, a wheel could become slightly warped so that some numbers come up more often than others. A land-based casino has the incentive to change the roulette wheels at specified intervals in order to avoid any hint or rumor that a roulette game at a given casino had been gamed.

The Random Number Generator Can be Calibrated

This means that a casino can determine how often, in theory, any specific symbols would come up on the screens. Land-based casinos try to calibrate their slots to have a lower return to player rate than the ones that come straight from the game provider’s factory have. That’s because land-based casinos have much higher operating costs than online casinos have.

Even so, calibrating a slot is far from rigging it. The calibration is also just theoretical. A slot run by the Random Number Generator is still a sort of independent and autonomous entity. That means that the big jackpot might come up a month later than expected or two jackpots might be won in the same week.

At its most basic level, random still means random!

Can You Explain the Return to Player Rate?

The RTP, as it is called, is a purely statistical evaluation of how often a player will win and how often a player will lose. In slots, the RTP is usually about 97%. In blackjack and video poker, the RTP is over 99% if the player uses the most statistically accurate strategy.

Slots also vary based on their volatility. This means that some slots—the ones with high volatility—earn gamers fewer winning spins but that a winning spin, on average, pays more than a winning spin in a slot with medium or low volatility where the wins are more plentiful but for lower amounts of money.

So, three slots might all have a theoretical 97% RTP but one will almost always return about 97%, these being the low volatility slots, while others may vary in their actual RTP whereby one player will win a lot of money and many others will win much less.

In online blackjack and video poker, the RTP of 99.5% is very straightforward. It should be obvious that a game with a high and consistent RTP of 97%-99.5% requires only a little luck to end up on the winning side for that gaming session.


Take an Example from Video Poker

Let’s say that you have taken our advice from many previous blogs and you play more frequent short sessions. Let’s assume that you are playing video poker with a 99.5% RTP and you bet $1 per hand. If your gaming budget is 100 hands, you can expect to win back $99.50 of the $100 you bet!

A little luck and you are a winner for the session!

The same applies to low variance (volatility) slots. Low variance slots reward gamers with many smallish wins. It takes just a small amount of luck to end up on the winning end for the session.

And, all the while, you have been having fun and playing for the relaxation and entertainment value of the games.

How to Have the Most Fun at Everygame Casino

Now that we have established that the games at Everygame Casino Red are all controlled by the Random Number Generator and that some games have a nearly 100% return to player rate, we should think about how to maximize the fun and entertainment side of online casino gaming.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Set monetary and time limits on your gaming. The time limits will free up a lot of time for the many other interesting things you can do in your free time. The monetary limits will free up some money that you put towards your other interesting activities.
  2. Always be sure to play when your head is clear, you aren’t too tired to enjoy gaming, you aren’t hungry, and you are in the mood for fun.
  3. Play several different games in each session. This way you will play all 300+ games we have on offer at Everygame Casino.
  4. Make sure that you know the rules for every game you want to play. We offer unlimited free play so gamers can play at no risk while they are learning a new game.
  5. Drink alcohol after gaming. Alcohol reduces a player’s ability to make good decisions which inevitably leads to a loss of the fun side of gaming.