brown-haired women in front of the sea dressed as goddess Athena in a white dress

Athena is the Heroic Princess Warrior

The new game here at Everygame EU is Princess Warrior. This slot is based on the story, or myth as it were, of Athena who was the goddess of war, common sense or inchoate wisdom, and handicrafts. Princess Warrior has many unique features which we will review.

Then, as your top casino online, we would like to digress a bit and talk about why Greek Mythology continues to command so much interest among Europeans, Americans, and Westerners in general, and even people in the Far East who have their own ancient myths.

Reels and Paylines

There are forty fixed paylines on Princess Warrior. The highest jackpot you can win is 96000x your bet which makes one of the highest paying slots that doesn’t have a progressive jackpot!

How Wild Was Athena?

As the goddess of war, we can assume that she had a major wild streak. But as the goddess of simple wisdom and of everyday handicrafts, we can expect that she had a calm and contemplative side as well!

So, it is befitting her war-like nature that Athena is the wild symbol. But Real Time Gaming had quite a challenge to depict Athena as the Warrior Princess she was, as the beautiful goddess she was said to be, and also to portray in her face the knowledge and wisdom that she possessed in massive abundance. You will enjoy seeing Athena as she appears frequently but only on the third reel!

Princess Warrior Abounds in Features

Here is where Princess Warrior takes Greek Mythology into the 21st century! When the third reel is stacked with Athena Wilds, the Princess Warrior Feature is triggered. This feature is actually ten features wrapped in a mythological enigma!

The game will randomly choose one of these ten possibilities:

  1. 2x multiplier
  2. 3x multiplier
  3. 4x multiplier
  4. Random Wilds on all reels
  5. 5-9: Entire reels covered with Athena Wilds
  6. The Olympic Reward

The Scatter Symbol Gets in on the Action!

All of these great possibilities are functions of the Athena Wild symbol! The scatter symbol will take you to the free spins bonus round where you get to choose the primary feature of that particular bonus round. You can choose one bonus round feature one time and then switch to another or stay with your initial choice! These are the options for the free spins rounds:

  1. A random multiplier which the random number generator will decide will be 2x, 3x, or 4x.
  2. One reel is locked as a reel stacked with Athena wilds.
  3. Random Wilds on all five reels.
  4. If you choose this option, all of the above features are activated and the RNG decides which one will apply to any single spin.

Why is Greek Mythology Such a Powerful Force?

The keystone characteristic of the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece was that they were heroic. Human beings have always looked up to heroes for a sense of what humanity is capable of.


There is an important element in the ancient heroes of many cultural traditions, not just the Greek: the heroes of yore cannot be killed or destroyed. As such, they have a powerful eternity that real flesh and blood heroes don’t have.

Flesh and blood heroes can and are forgotten. Many heroes of any country’s wars may have a statue or monument in his or her memory. As we have seen, these statues and monuments can be removed and replaced with monuments to more recent heroes.

This may sound a bit political, but as we talk about the powerful sway of Greek Mythology we have to contrast the immortal nature of Greek gods and goddesses with the ephemeral group consciousness of modern day heroes. In this sense, the Greek heroes have a tremendous advantage over modern flesh and blood heroes.

Greek Gods and Goddesses have Many Roles to Fill

In his monumental book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert Pirsig speaks about “arête” which is an old Greek term that means excellence in whatever endeavor one pursues. In Pirsig’s telling, a Greek warrior might fight hard to the death and if he has survived the battle may shed a tear over a beautifully written poem! This is the ancient Greek sense that even the gods and goddesses have multiple obligations to flesh and blood people.

Athena as a Multi-faceted Heroine

Athena is the goddess of war. War requires great courage and strength but it also requires great insight into how to fight a battle in both the strategic sense and the tactical sense.

While strength is all physical, the transition of food into muscles and flexibility; and, while courage is a psychological aspect of human life that has to be cultivated and nurtured before it can ripen on the battlefield, strategy and tactics are all about using one’s mind to gain an advantage over one’s enemies.

Thus, Athena is the goddess of inchoate understating. This is the intellectual understanding that leads generals to make the correct strategic and tactical decisions. Athena was more than “just” the inspiration for Greek Warriors. She transitioned into the goddess of everyday common sense.

The average person is not leading warriors on the battlefield but we all need the inspiration to direct our thoughts correctly in the here and now. Even the top teams at Real Time Gaming need common-sense inspiration to produce slot after a slot that becomes instant classics!

Handicrafts and War

A warrior needs armor and weapons. Still, the skill that can produce the materiel of war can also produce beautiful clothing, tapestries, bonze trees, paper cuts, woven baskets, jewelry, and much more! Thus, Athena is at the same time, the goddess of the smiths who made the shields, spears, armor, and other war paraphernalia for Greek soldiers, she was also the goddess of the simple men and women who made excellent products for everyday use!

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