The Bubbly Witches are Back—Just in Time for Halloween

There is a hot cauldron bubbling here at Everygame Casino. What is bubbling inside?  Big wins, great fun, and a little good-natured scary stuff to make this year’s Halloween quivering and quaking all the better!  This time Real Time Gaming has three witches to stir the giant “pot”.

Along with the seasonal witches’ brew, you will get expanding wilds, free spins, Crystal Balls, and great graphics to put a big Halloween smile on your face!  Bubble Bubble 3 is the next in the Bubble Bubble series which we suspect will keep going since we are quite sure that the game developers at RTG can count beyond three!

Say Hello to Bubble Bubble 3 at Everygame Casino

Get in on the Bubbly Action

Bubble Bubble 3 has five reels and 50 paylines.  In addition to the three beautiful good witches—as Glinda, the good witch of the North told Dorothy: only bad witches are ugly—pumpkins, a treasure chest, the aforementioned crystal balls, plus the usual royal symbols and numbers bedecked in Halloweenish attire and decoration.

The top prize is 4000x your bet on the winning payline.


W Stands for Wild

There are two wilds in Bubble Bubble 3 as befitting a slot with intensions on becoming an instant classic!  Sisters Willow Witch and Wanda Witch together comprise the wild symbols.  Willow shows up early on reel #1 while Wanda takes her time but successfully creates wins with her appearance on reel #5!

In an unusual development, these witchy wilds can substitute for ALL symbols INCLUDING the crystal ball scatter!  That alone can make this year’s Halloween feast of candy especially sweet!

When a wild symbol creates a win, the win is doubled.  If both wilds help create a win, the cash reward is multiplied fourfold!

When a wild symbol helps create a win, it expands into neighboring reels thus creating yet more wins!  A win with a wild can become a massive addition to your bag of candy (or to your casino account if you choose to go that way!  Cauldron-sized LOL for that one!)

The Scatter will Straighten out the Most Scatter-brained among Us

When three or more crystal ball scatters appear anywhere on the five reels, they trigger the free spins bonus round.  There are three possibilities in the free spins round.  By touching one of the scatter symbols, you choose the bonus feature for that bonus round!

  1. The Winni Witch Magic Feature wherein a symbol on the third reel is given a shock.  It say turn into another scatter symbol for more prizes and triggering the Mega Magic Feature.
  2. Winni’s Hextastic Symbols Feature turns the royal and number symbols from low paying to high paying.  It is possible for both the Winni Magic Feature and the Winni Hextastic Feature to occur on the same spin!
  3. The Winni Returns Feature places nine—yes nine—wild symbols on the reels.

The Mega Magic Feature has the potential to provide from 20 to 33 additional free spins.  How this happens is buried deep within the recipe that is bubbling in the cauldron!  You do remember the cauldron, don’t you?

A lot of the luck in Bubble Bubble 3 has to do with finding the best combination of wild and scatter symbols plus some extra spins when you retrigger the previous round of free spins and remember to brush and floss after enjoying Halloween candy!


Every holiday in the calendar has its own unique flavor.  Valentine ’s Day is all romance and sweets.  Christmas and Easter have religious meaning but Christmas also has jolly ol’ Santa and his reindeer.  Plus a quick shout out to Mrs. Claus for putting up with all those elves throughout the year.  What is she cooking up for Santa for his Halloween feast?

St Patrick ’s Day is all about the great traditions of the Irish people.  Thanksgiving is a day of solemnity as we recall our good fortunes with family and friends.

Halloween is special.  Adults and kids put on special costumes.  There is plenty of candy to go around.  There is also that great witch’s theme where we suspend our disbelief in potions to believe, for just a few hours, in the power of potions, spells, concoctions, brews, elixirs, tonics, potations, draughts, drams, and any and all other potted liquid libations!

Halloween began as a day where people wore costumes to fend off ghosts.  Today people wear costumes to become the ghost!

Take your Halloween happiness to the next level by playing Bubble Bubble 3 in conjunction with its predecessors Bubble Bubble and Bubble Bubble 2!  On Halloween especially, a spoonsful of sugar makes the medicine go down!

Everygame Casino Red also features three other slots with Halloween themes in addition to the Bubble Bubble slots!  They are:

  1. Witchy Wins
  2. Halloween Treasures
  3. Witch’s Brew

Since we are at the cusp between the soft coolness of autumn with its beautiful colors and the harsh deep cold of winter, we feel that it is time to get your online casino gaming ready for those cold, dark nights!

The best way to do that is to JOIN EVERYGAME CASINO NOW!