Can You Really Win Money Playing Slots Online?

Certainly, you can win money playing slots online and many gamers have become quite wealthy by getting very lucky and winning a big jackpot.  Everyone knows that the biggest jackpots are in the progressive slots while there are lesser jackpots in many other games here at Everygame Casino including slots, video poker, and Caribbean Poker.

What is the Key to Winning Money Playing Slots at Everygame Casino Online?

What Do I Need to Do to Win Money at Slots?

The single most important thing you need to do is to get lucky!  Slots generally have a return to player rate of about 97% so, if you are just normally lucky, you won’t win in a session of slots.  That is, unless luck is on your side which it often is!

See Slots as a Fun Activity

We often tell our gamers to see online casino gaming including slots, as a form of entertainment.  We also encourage gamers to play exclusively online at Everygame Casino since the return to player rate is higher in games like slots at an online casino than it is at a land-based casino.  This is because of higher operating costs at land-based casinos.

Still, there are a few tips we can give that will enhance your chances of winning while playing slots.


Set a Money Budget for Gaming

The first tip is to play only up to a pre-set budget.  When you reach that budget, you close the session.   Since you are at home, you will have a wide range of things you either can do or should do!

Here is one way that setting such a budget can help you win.  Let’s say that you set a budget of $100 in wagers per session.  If you want the session to go on for a while, the bets you make per spin will be small.  You might even bet the minimum per spin.   If, after you have bet the $100 that you budgeted for gaming you did not win, with a return to player rate of about 97%, you will still have about $97 out of the $100 you bet!

That is quite a small amount to “pay” for a half hour to an hour of fun!

Does Everyone Have a 97% Return to Player Rate?

The return to player rate or RTP can be a bit misleading.  That’s because of the concept of volatility in slots.  Volatility describes a confluence between the frequency of winning spins and the size of those wins.

Slots are categorized as having low volatility, medium volatility, or high volatility.  Low volatility means that you will have many winning spins and that the payout per average winning spin will be relatively small.  This type of slot is the type that most lends itself to the analysis above where we said that after a $100 gaming session in slots, an average gamer might still have about $97 in his or her account.

In slots with medium volatility, there are fewer winning spins and each one is for relatively higher wins.  High volatility means that there are still fewer winning spins and the wins are higher than in medium volatility slots.  In medium volatility slots there are fewer players who achieve a 97% RTP and the number of gamers who enjoy a 97% RTP rate in high volatility slots is even smaller.

Why Do Gamers Play High Volatility Slots?

The simple answer is that the higher the volatility, the higher the jackpots.  A few gamers get lucky and win a lot of money, sometimes getting into the six or seven figure range.   The excitement of going for that elusive big jackpot drives many gamers’ play.

The only proviso we encourage all gamers to follow is to be sure that they bet money they can afford to bet.  After all, online gaming is in the end a form of entertainment.

Slots are Great Fun

Modern slots are a lot of fun in their own right which is why they are so popular.  The amazing improvements in graphics and animation are driving this Golden Era of slots.  The modern super fun slot keeps getting better!  Here are a few of the many reasons why slots are such fun games to play at Everygame Casino Red.

  1. The wild symbols keep getting wilder and wilder!  There are stacked wilds, expanding wilds, sticky wilds, exploding wilds, moving or transporting wilds, and other modern uses of the wild symbol which in itself was an innovation prompted by digital advancements in the past!  All of these wild wild symbol inventions required superior animation!
  2. The colors in modern slots are brighter than ever!  This lends itself to slots that are simply fun to look at!  Many slots feature cute or beautiful symbols or characters with a variety of wonderful colors!
  3. Improvements in graphics make it possible for Real Time Gaming, our games provider, to explore themes that no game developer could have thought of exploring even a couple of decades ago.  The result is that there are more genres in slots now than there were a few years ago and the number of themes increases all the time!
  4. We now can offer over 200 slots to go with about 100 other games so gamers can go from game genre to game genre whenever they wish to do so.  This is in direct conflict with what happens at land-based casinos where many players hoard a slots terminal for an interminable length of time!  Land-based casino players play very few games even in a long weekend of gaming!
  5. Slots used to have three reels.  Now modern slots have five reels and some have six reels.  Graphics and animation make it possible for a slot to have expanding reels and seven or more reels based on how the game plays out is no longer uncommon!
  6. Where at one time slots had one payline, modern slots can have so many paylines that they are called “ways to win”!   Ways to win started out at 243 ways to win and now can top 1000!

The Last Word

Yes, you can win money playing slots online!  At Everygame Casino, we suggest that you put winning big money in the background and having a great time at the forefront.  With such amazing variety in slots and other games, all you need to do RIGHT NOW is to JOIN EVERYGAME CASINO!