What Draws Gamers to Ancient Egypt?

Real Time Gaming (or RTG) our exclusive game provider has a rich catalogue of online games in many categories and variations and still returns to the rich culture of ancient Egypt for many new slot games.  The new online slot is called Egyptian Gold and has many features of modern slots and also many featureless that have fascinated people for millennia.

Ancient Egypt is Featured in the New Slot from RTG

The Wild Pyramid is the Wild Symbol

Egyptian Gold has five reels and 243 ways to win.  However, and this is great news, when the Pyramid Wild appears on the third reel it expands and covers the second, third, and fourth reels six rows high.  This makes Egyptian Gold a game with 576 ways to win!

What is Special about the Egyptian Pyramids?

Well, first of all, look at them!  They are clearly amazing feats of engineering, design, and production.  Those are also the main aspects of great online slots!  The pyramids had to be built on super solid rock since they were so heavy that soft sand underneath them would have caused the pyramids to collapse!

There are about 70 pyramids even though most people think that there were only a few!  The pyramids were built as burial chambers for the Pharaoh Kings.  Modern Egyptian society is just as fascinated by these structures that were built over 4000 years ago that Egypt has been excavating around the pyramids for generations.

Modern thought is that the pyramids were built by local Egyptians, not by slaves as has been the customary belief for a very lo9ng time!  Archeological digs have found evidence of a massive logistical set up to house and feed thousands of pyramid workers.

The pyramids were also storage areas for Egyptian Gold which the Pharaohs “took with them” and which gives the new slot its name.


The Pharaoh and the Queen were Like Gods

The symbols of the Pharaoh and the Queen in Egyptian Gold are on the one hand mesmerizing and on the other hand quite visually accessible.  The Pharaoh has deep sunken eyes!  He has a haunting visage that hold gamers’ attention.

By way of contrast, the Queen is beautiful!   The Queen’s sunken eyes are also mesmerizing but they are a lot more attractive than the Pharaoh’s!

The Pharaoh wears the ancient headdress called a neme.  It is made of cloth and is striped.  The ancient Egyptian Pharaohs wore many different types of nemes but modern people are familiar with just one or two.

The Pharaoh in Egyptian Gold is also wearing the postiche which was a symbol of royalty for about 1500 years during the time that the pyramids were being built.  The postiche was a false beard made of metal that was held in place by ribbon that the Pharaoh tied around his head.

Queens in ancient Egypt wore wigs to protect them from the hot sun and two strands of a flexible gold chain that came together to form a cobra snake on her forehead.  The Queen in Egyptian Gold has a crown of jewels and a ruby necklace.

The Scarab as Holy Symbol

Graphics and animation are the elements that make modern video slots go and the “holy” beetle or scarab is drawn in great detail.  It also gives its name to the many exciting features in Egyptian Gold.

First, a word on why the Egyptians worshipped beetles.

Ancient Egyptians wore a scarab as an amulet for good luck.  The scarab was the symbol of the Sun God, Re.  If nature gave Egypt any symbols at all it would be either the sun, which burns hot almost daily, and the flooding of the Nile River which gave much-needed nourishment to the narrow bands of cropland on either side of the river.

Without the life-giving floods, there could be no Egyptian culture because the sun was simply too hot and ferocious.

Scarab Features in Egyptian Gold

There are five random features that all go by the general name of Scarab Random Features!  Although in ancient Egypt, the scarab or dung beetle was far from random, the features it gives to Egyptian Gold are totality random and great!

  1. The Wild Reel Feature: reels 2, 3, and 4 become wild up to four rows high which makes Egyptian Gold a 324 ways to win game for that one spin.
  2. Random Wilds Feature: wild symbols are randomly placed on the screens for one spin.
  3. Magical Re-spin: after a losing spin, the reels spin again and the player usually wins a big prize.
  4. Free Games Pick Bonus.  This is a feature within a feature!  When you get three or more scatter symbols, which are the scarab, of course, you choose from three free spins bonus options.
  5. Jackpot Pick Bonus.  This bonus is triggered randomly.  There are twelve bonus options.  Hidden beneath them are other symbols.  You pick options and, if you get three of a kind, you will win one of four progressive jackpots: the mini, the minor, the major, or the maxi jackpot!

Return to Ancient Egypt with Egyptian Gold

Egyptian Gold us yet another great slot that travels back in time to Egypt of the Pharaohs, the beautiful bejeweled Queens, the pyramids, the postiche, the neme, and the scarab and to the future in the form of the many random features and the hundreds of ways to win!

And, remember, with the Jackpot Pick Bonus, you might win a progressive jackpot!

Ancient Cultures Make for Great Slot Memes

Whereas the Pharaohs of old had their nemes, in today’s world, we have our memes!  In the world of slots, one of the most popular memes is ancient cultures.  So, along with ancient Egypt, RTG travels back often to ancient Greece and Rome and to the more recent Aztec, Maya, and Inca societies!

The best way to play all of these great slots and a few hundred other excellent games is to play at our online casino.