How Do Advanced Blackjack Players Play?

On the surface, as online casino games go blackjack appears to be a pretty straightforward game.  The player goes first and loses automatically if he or she busts so blackjack strategy is all about what the player will do before the dealer plays.   Everygame Casino would like you to understand that there is basic blackjack strategy and advanced blackjack strategy.

Everygame Casino Invites Gamers to Enjoy Many Variations of Blackjack

Basic blackjack strategy may differ based on the exact variation the player is playing, how many decks are being used, what the table rules are for surrender, insurance, splitting pairs, and doubling down, and whether the dealer stands or hits on soft 17.  Despite these many nuances, basic blackjack strategy is quite accessible.  We have published articles about it.

Becoming an advanced blackjack player involves more than learning and applying a set of strategic principles that a powerful computer can (and has) crunched for you already.  To be an advanced blackjack player you need to combine the positive with the negative.


What are the Positives?

We have to distinguish here between blackjack at an online casino such as Everygame Casino and blackjack at a land-based casino.  At an online casino, you play entirely against the house with no distractions or annoyances from other players.

So, the first point of a positive nature is to be totally confident in your blackjack strategy so that the inevitable accusations from opponents will not deter you from making the right decisions on every hand.

Do Players Really Accuse Other Players at Land-based Casinos?

Yes, they do!

Keep in mind that most blackjack players have not taken the time or made the effort to learn basic blackjack strategy.  They play by the seat of their pants!  As a result, one of the most common “strategy” plays for non-strategic players is to stand with 12 or more points when the dealer’s card indicates that they should take a card.

If a strategic player—we have you in mind—hits with 13 points, another player might blame that player for their loss on the hand!  This is a common occurrence at land-based casinos!

Players Should Avoid the Temptation to Take Insurance

All casinos offer insurance which means that you can make a side bet if the dealer is showing an ace.  You win if the dealer has blackjack and you lose the side bet if the dealer has any other point count.  Insurance has been demonstrated to be a very poor bet.  Confident and positive players do not take insurance, period!

Players Should Learn when to Surrender

These days, a lot of blackjack games do not offer surrender but if you play one that does offer it, surrender is a great addition to your blackjack strategy.  Keep in mind that the house edge in blackjack is only about one half of one percent, so every small nuance that you add to your strategic decisions will lower the house edge even further!

Confidence Leads to Learning how to Count Cards

Many players feel that counting cards is too hard to learn.  It does take time!  At an online casino, where the deck is shuffled automatically after every hand, you might feel that counting cards is not worth the effort.  There are two reasons why counting cards while you play blackjack at Everygame Casino Red is a good idea.

You Will Play Multi-hand Blackjack

This means that you will play a few hands at the same time.  Even though counting cards in a multi-hand game is less valuable than counting cards in a single deck game where the deck gets shuffled only toward the end of the deck, counting cards will give you a small extra boost.

With the house edge so low to begin with, counting cards in a multi-hand game may even the odds entirely!

You Will Sometimes Play at a Land-based Casino

Here at Everygame Casino, we are very realistic.  We know that we got a huge boost in gamers as a result of the closures of land-based casinos during the corona virus pandemic.

We are very confident that gamers who “discovered” the comfort and convenience of online casino gaming will continue to play here at Everygame.  But being realistic sorts, we also know that as land-based casinos reopen, gamers will go back to playing there as well!  It won’t happen right away but it will happen.

So, if you can find a blackjack game at a land-based casino where the minimum bet is within your budget, the rules regarding surrender, doubling down, splitting, and soft 17 are also to your liking, you will find that being able to count cards will increase your winning percentage by a fraction that brings you extremely close to the winning side.

Eat and Sleep Well

Another positive that will increase your wins in blackjack is eating correctly and sleeping the right number of hours and sleeping well. We do not advocate any specific eating regimen.  For one, there is a lot of contradiction between eating plans and we are not trained to make any judgements about them.  What we do however is to encourage all games to learn what is the best eating regimen for them!

Some gamers, who used to eat a lot of meat, went to a low or zero meat regimen when they discovered that their body responds better to a plant-based diet.  Some gamers found that the opposite was true!

Some gamers thrive on five hours of sleep per night while others need eight hours.

Gaming at a land-based casino works against eating and sleeping well and when we eat poorly and sleep poorly we lose money at the games of skill in particular.  The way land-based casinos enable poor eating and sleeping is by tricking players into losing track of the time.

Land-based casinos have no clocks or windows.  So players keep on playing when they should be eating or sleeping.

Land-based casinos encourage by definition long gaming sessions.  So, players get hungry and tired and eventually succumb to the temptation of a free alcoholic drink.  Then another and another and pretty soon they ate making very poor decisions.

At Everygame Casino, we encourage relatively short gaming sessions.  You can get the full benefit of casino gaming, then meet with friends or family, go out for a meal or cook your own at home instead of yet another trip to the buffet, and can easily postpone alcohol until after gaming.

Finally, online casino gamers can tuck themselves in at a normal and reasonable time!

We think that any gamer who has not yet signed up to play at Everygame Casino should JOIN EVERYGAME NOW!