What are the Best Games at Everygame Casino?

This is a fun question.  The simplest answer is that all of the games at Everygame Casino are worthy of being called the best game!  Still, every gamer at Everygame Casino has her or his “best” game.  It’s a lot like fruit!  “What’s your best fruit?  Well, I like them all but….and now a dozen or more people will state their personal best fruit out of the dozens of fruits!

How Do Online Gamers at Everygame Casino Choose their Best Game?

What Games Does Everygame Casino Offer?

Here is a link to the landing page for Everygame casino’s games.   We like to list the new games as a separate entry even though the new games are almost always a new slots game from Real Time Gaming.  We give you a little description of the game and then, below all the recent new games, we give a longer blurb to further whet you appetite for a few spins on our new game.

In addition, at the promotion for the new game, we offer both a nice deposit bonus and also some hefty free spins!  All in all, we like our new games a lot!

We also offer several variations of blackjack, video poker, and roulette plus keno and all three Caribbean Poker variations.

We also offer two of the most fun games in cyberspace: Fish Catch and Banana Jones.


What is Online Blackjack Like?

The essence of blackjack is the same at an online casino such as Everygame Casino or at a land-based casino.  Players still go first, they have to get as close as possible to 21 without going over that sum, and they lose automatically if they do go over 21.

All blackjack games have doubling down and splitting but the rules may differ from game to game.  All blackjack games offer insurance for situations where the dealer has an ace and you want to protect your investment against a possible blackjack for the dealer.

There are two key differences between modern online blackjack and land-based casino blackjack.  The first is that the graphics and animation for online blackjack is now better than ever!  We are always at the forefront of improvements and general developments in the graphics and animation of our games.

The aforementioned Banana Jones and Fish Catch would not be possible without excellent graphics and animation!  The second big difference between blackjack at an online casino and blackjack at a land-based casino is that at Everygame Casino, there is no one to tell you that you “caused” them to lose a hand.

You see, blackjack is a game of skill.  At many land-based casinos, most players don’t know the best strategy for every hand so if you hit with 12 or more points—in a situation where that is the best play—it might cause the cards to come out in such a way as to cause other players at the table to bust.

It isn’t your fault but they might say that it is!  At Everygame Casino, this problem never comes up!

By the way, with best strategy, the return-to-player rate at Everygame Casino’s blackjack “table” is about 99.5%!

This is the same return-to-player rate gamers enjoy at video poker at our casino so let’s look at video poker next!

What is Video Poker Like at Everygame Casino?

Just as with blackjack, the graphics and animation in the video poker games we offer are excellent.  Video poker is very much like blackjack in the sense that while the random number generator decides the outcome of every card that comes out, the return to player rate cannot be calibrated as it can be in slots.

The return to player rate for gamers using the best strategy on every hand is about 99.5%, the same, give or take, as in blackjack!

Game play in video poker at Everygame Casino is quite like the video poker played at a land-based casino.  On land, players play at a terminal while at Everygame Casino, every game is computerized and digitalized.

At our casino, you never have to leave one terminal to play a different variation of video poker.

We also offer multi-hand video poker!  Here, we have to advise gamers to play with some caution.  The reason is that in order to win the extra payment for a Royal Flush, you have to bet the maximum on every hand.  So, if your bankroll is somewhat limited, you might choose to play single hand video poker.

Another big advantage of online gaming is that you can sample every game we offer.  At land-based casinos, many players play only one or two games in a long weekend!  At Everygame, you can play as many games as you wish dependent only on your personal preferences and your pre-set gaming time budget.

What is Caribbean Poker?

This is a fun variation of poker!  You ante and then you decide based on your own cards and the dealer’s card that you see whether to continue in the hand.  Many land-based casinos no longer have room for a Caribbean Poker table!  We have never had that problem nor will we!

Caribbean Poker also has a progressive jackpot that is a side bet.  You can win all of the progressive jackpot with a Royal Flush or part of it with great hands that fall short of a Royal Flush.

Why Do Gamers Like Fish Catch and Banana Jones?

We call these games Specialty Games because they really don’t fit any other category and they are quite special as well!  Fish Catch is a deep sea fishing game where you can play with or against gamers form all over the world.  Banana Jones is a parody on the Indiana Jones movies.  Here Banana Jones is trying to reach the famed Crystal Banana and bring it to its deserved place in a museum!

Both games are amazingly fun and colorful and gamers love playing them!

Now We Can Talk a Little about Slots!

Slots are still the most popular game at Everygame Casino Red.  Slots come in many shapes and sizes.  The main elements that make slots so popular are the themes that cover so many ideas from history, to myth, to futuristic societies, to seasonal themes such as Christmas, to simply colorful storylines!

Gamers love the many ways the wild symbols can change to give you even more ways to win!  Gamers also love the free spin bonus rounds where wins are amplified with multipliers and all manner of extra ways to win!

At Everygame Casino, we have over 200 great slots!  Over time, you can play every single one of them!  This is a far cry from what usually happens at land--based casinos where players tend to stay with the same slot for a very, very long time!

The best game is any game you play after you JOIN EVERYGAME CASINO!