Is it Our Imagination or are Online Casino Games Becoming More Colorful?

It is not your imagination!

In fact, people in the entertainment business have known for a long time that color is as important to the success of an entertainment as is acting, script, and all of the other aspects of what we call entertainment.

What is the Existential Importance of Color in Online Casino Games?

Color is a Dominant Element in All Games

Many people think that color in online casino games is less important in games like video poker and blackjack as it is in the Fish Catch game or Banana Jones. As online casinos came to realize that their niche is entertainment with a side element of betting on the outcomes of games, they quickly understood the manifest importance of color.

Color Begets Imagination which Directs Creativity

From color came creativity in every aspect of a game be it a new slot, a table game, or any other game.  Let’s look at how important color is in entertainment and how that is being reflected in the more than 300 online casino games we offer here at Everygame Casino.

Color Creates Mood

There are good reasons why people look to color coordinate when they paint their home, get dressed, buy furniture, or things to put on the walls.  There is a reason that art critics talk about color when they discuss a work of art.  Marc Chagall was famous for his use of color in his esoteric paintings.

We speak about humor that is in poor taste as being “off color”.  We use the term color commentator to describe the person who analyzes plays on live sports broadcasts.  Her or his job is to “paint” a colorful picture for viewers to enhance their appreciation of the game.

Sports uniforms are a mix and match of colors.  Some team’s uniforms are deemed garish because the color combinations are weird.  In the theater, a set is supposed to show the audience the scene and the director will often add “a touch of color” to the set to create a mood that is independent of the actual set.


Color Creates Emotion

Red is considered a “hot” color.  This sense ranges from simple emotionality to sexual innuendo.  There is a reason why the area of a city with, shall we say, enhanced sexuality, is called the red light district.

In American football, when a team gets close to the end zone where they might score a touchdown, we say that they are in the red zone.

Yellow is a milder color but it is also very positive.  It elicits happy emotions as opposed to brown which dulls the senses.

Green is a very interesting color.  We all want to make a new neighborhood “green” by planting trees, grass, bushes and so forth but as a favorite color for other uses, green is not a popular choice.

White is too bland and black is too dark yet salt and pepper hair especially in a middle aged woman is considered extremely attractive.

Color Maintains Attention

Children’s books may have the best writing but without really good and colorful illustrations the kid listening to the book would quickly lose interest and the parent or grandparent reading the book might doze off in mid-sentence!

How Does All of this Apply to Online Casino Games?

Let’s take a look at some of the more colorful games that Real Time Gaming brought out just in the last year.

  1. Big Santa uses the colors of Christmas to put gamers in the mood to play the game.  Santa is wearing his red suit, his beard is the perfect shade of white, and the elves have green hats and rosy cheeks.  There are purple and other colors to round out the fun of watching the reels spin.
  2. Bubble Bubble 3 is about three witches which means that there will be some black in the slot.  So, RTG found the perfect contrasting purple to use as the background color.  The purple is a children’s favorite color which puts gamers in a child-like mood.
  3. Lucky Catch is another shark game.  It uses swirls of color to paint a picture of a friendly shark which we all know is not a natural phenomenon. In this slot, RTG uses every color on its palette to create a colorful and entertaining effect.
  4. Spring Wilds uses the motif of cuddly small animals to delight slots players.  The little chick is yellow, the piglet is a shade of pink, and the bunny in the middle is a blend of soft colors.
  5. Jackpot Pinatas uses streamers of different colors to create the wonderful world of a piñata at the moment it is broken open.  This is a child-like slot that gamers have had a lot of fun playing for about a year now.

The Magic of Color

These are just five examples of how Real Time Gaming uses colors to create a magical spell of sorts in their new slots games.  It is not only in slots that color has evolved to give gamers a more pleasing gaming experience.

Every table game has a combination of colors for the table, the cards, the dice, the chips, and the icons themselves.  Once again, color has the effect of changing a mere game into an entertainment experience!  And, since Everygame Casino also offers unlimited free play, gamers can have all the color coordinated fun they want without having to place a single bet!

The graphic for Caribbean Stud Poker has the blue ocean, an island in a shade of chestnut that gives it an inviting personality, a yellow sun, two trees in two shades of green, and an image of what we believe is supposed to be the wide wingspan of a tropical bird.  By the way, the Caribbean is home to hundreds of beautiful islands that we recommend as vacation destinations, especially now as winter ramps up!

The effect is to make gamers open the game and discover to their immense pleasure that Caribbean Stud Poker is an unsung but highly entertaining variation of poker!

We Have Just Touched the Surface about Color!

We could go on and on but we feel that you get the idea that the games themselves are an important aspect of everything we offer as atop online casino and that the colors that our game provider chooses add an indelible aspect to the gaming experience!

We invite everyone who is not yet a member of the Everygame Casino cohort to JOIN EVERYGAME CASINO!