How Does SpinLogic Create New Slots?

SpinLogic, the exclusive game provider here at Everygame Casino, is so consistently creative that we wondered how they do it.  One thing is clear: when a gamer at Everygame Casino enters the casino using their Red casino login, they instantly have access to over 300 games that cost SpinLogic many millions of dollars to develop!

What is the Creative Process in Developing Slots Like?

Slots Come Fast and Furious

We will concentrate here on slots since SpinLogic releases a new slot every month.  Slots do not grow on trees!  It takes a team to develop a single slot and the members of the team all have salaries, consulting fees, independent contractor costs, and so on!  Just making the decision to undertake yet another online casino slot requires a huge investment from SpinLogic.

How is the Work Divided on the Team?

We might divide the work in something similar to this manner:

  1. How will the wild symbol work?
  2. What will the free spins bonus round be like?
  3. Which characters will the slot feature?


It Looks Simple but it Isn’t!

There are by now many different ways for the wild symbol to create extra wins.  We have regular wilds which are so old hat nowadays that very few new slots ever come out will plain old regular wild symbols.

Sometimes the wild symbol will stack.  Three-high is the most common way for a wild to stack and sometimes the wild symbol will stack to cover an entire reel.  Sticky wilds do exactly that: they stick to the place they landed on and stay there for a determined number of spins.  As more and more wilds stick to the reels, the gamer enjoys increased winning spins!

A variation of the sticky wilds feature that was developed by SpinLogic is the moving wild.  The symbol sticks to a reel and then moves to a different spot on the next spin.  It stays on the reels but moves about!

The wild symbol may expand.  This is quite similar to stacked wilds in that stacked wilds go vertically and expanding wilds tend to go horizontal.  Still, expanding wilds usually do result in more wins since they often expand vertically as well as horizontally.

Exploding wilds, well, explode!  They send little wild symbol messengers across the reels and where these messengers land become wild symbols in their own right.

A win with a wild symbol may trigger the cascading reels feature which can result in many more wins from a single spin. Wild symbols may have a multiplier for each win with the wild.

There is a new feature that allows the wild symbol, at pre-specified times, to turn a regular icon into a wild symbol!  When this feature is triggered, it can be used in conjunction with any other wild symbol feature!  This feature doesn’t yet have a universally recognized name; it is known as the replacement wild feature, the duplicating wild feature, or, rarely, the replicating wild feature.

The Scatter Symbol is Anything but Scatter-brained!

Here we have team members deciding on how to employ the scatter symbol.  It is a given in modern video slots that the scatter symbol will trigger the free spins bonus round.  It is also understood that the scatter symbol is called that because it works in any configuration on the reels instead of the usual left to right configuration that creates most wins.

The team has to decide how many free spins a gamer will receive for getting three scatter symbols, or for four scatters, or for five scatters.  In Li’l Red, the newest game from SpinLogic, five scatters award the gamer fully 60 free spins!  A lot of extra kachinging can be expected from 60 free spins!

The free spins bonus round team also has to decide which features will help create more big wins in the bonus round.  They can decide on multipliers with either one multiplier or a series of multipliers.  They may want to expand the power of the wild symbol in the bonus round. Then, reps from the scatter symbol team and the wild symbol team have to meet to decide exactly how the wild will perform in the bonus round!

Are Slots Creators Artists or Artistes?

We are being mirthful here but it really is a sound question.  Every line, every wrinkle, every color, in short, every detail of every symbol and character has to be decided by the creative team.  We can only imagine what these meetings are like!  “I think the elves eyes should be a couple of millimeters bigger and rounder” or “I would add a line of cloth here” or the ingénue should be a little more… ahem…you know… full!

Go to the slots section here at Everygame Casino and just look at the symbols, icons, and characters.  Pay attention to the detail.  We all take these details for granted when we play slots but it is an established fact that gamers do subliminally recognize the creativity in the symbols and a slot with ho hum characterizations would not be popular.

In the very competitive world of gaming, even a single poorly conceived slot will hurt the brand of the casino that carries it.  This would redound to the game provider who may lose client casinos as a result!

You have to imagine the pressure the creative teams are under to get every new slot “right”.  And they do it every month!  And our gamers are always happy with every new slot that comes around!

Members of the Team Have to Have Thorough Understanding of How the Random Number Generator Works

It is one thing to say that there should be a 3x multiplier and expanding wilds and fifty free spins and who knows what else.  However, it could be that the random number generator would turn a slot like this into a slot that loses money regularly for the casino!

The return to player rate for slots here at Everygame Casino is about 97%.  A little tweak here and there could result in a return to player arte of over 100%!  By the way, the return to player rate in deuces wild video poker is a little over 100% if the gamer uses the absolutely best strategy on every hand!

Just saying.

Everygame Casino Offers Over 200 Slots

One of the great benefits of online casino gaming is that we never have to take out an older slot in order to make room for a newer slot.  Land-based casinos have walls which force them to take something out to enable them to bring something new in.

As a result, our gamers can see in a “scientific” way just how slots have developed over the last couple of decades!  It’s an amazing phenomenon and a tribute to the ongoing brilliance at SpinLogic!

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