Explore Thailand with Thai Emerald and Beyond

Now that the new slot Thai Emerald has become an instant classic here at Everygame online casino, it might be the appropriate time to explore exotic travel destinations that include, possibly even start with, Thailand!

Thailand is an Exotic Destination for Bucket Listers - Get a glimpse playing Thai Emerald

Why Explore Exotic Travel Destinations?

Before the corona virus became a worldwide pandemic, everyone had a bucket list.  The bucket lists usually included travel destinations.  However, for people living in North America there is a multitude of excellent travel destinations nearby (relatively).

The same applies to people in South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

People who wanted to “explore” beyond their more local regions might opt for a safari in Central America or several African countries.  India has always been a destination for young adults “taking a year off”.

The pandemic, which at this moment is entering its third year, has caused social and political upheaval.  It has also caused many people to lose confidence in not just completing their bucket list but in making a sizable dent in it!  So, we say that in the travel section of your bucket list, we recommend replacing a trip to Yosemite with a trip to Thailand!

Yosemite is a Beautiful Place

Yes, it is.

However, in the post-pandemic travel mindset, it is too local to be included in the “new and improved” bucket list!  Now, Thailand is not the only exotic place in the world but in celebration of Thai Emerald we will start there!

Let’s Look at the Slot, Briefly

Thai Emerald is a nature-based new slot from SpinLogic, our exclusive game provider.  The setting and design of this slot game have made it a go to slot for thousands (millions?) of gamers.  The background uses the deep green of the tropical forest to evoke an emotion in everyone who lives in colder climates.

The symbols feature highland creatures such as monkeys and birds and lowland creatures such as a butterfly.  Water is plentiful year round in Thailand so it is only natural for the game to feature an inland lake with a giant waterfall.

The parrot is the wild symbol.  There is also a Mystery Symbol which can turn itself into other symbols at random.  The emerald is the scatter and brings eight free spins that you can retrigger.

Now, Thai Emerald has been in circulation for about two weeks so we are sure that all or most of you have played the slot already!  Instead of rehashing the features of Thai Emerald, let’s talk about the features of exotic Thailand!


Regions of Thailand

Some travelers divide the country into four regions while others divide it into many more distinct regions.  We will talk briefly about eight regions.

Northern Thailand

This is a region of beautiful green rolling hills and quaint villages hidden in the folds of the hills and valleys.  Fog is a common morning occurrence and makes looking out at the landscape even more beautiful.

Chiang Mai is the town at the southern entrance to the Northern Region.  It features ancient city walls and many Buddhist Temples.


This is also sometimes called Northeastern Thailand.  The Mekong River is the major geographical feature here.  This river is the twelfth largest river in the world so any civilization that began along its banks had plentiful water plus the ability to trade with villages along its banks.

A favorite destination for adventure travelers—and if you are fulfilling a bucket list item, you are an adventure traveler—go to the Phu Phan National Park with bamboo stands, the ruins of ancient villages, and plentiful rushing water.

There are two other famous national parks in Isaan.  Sai Thong National Park is famous for its tulip fields.  These are natural tulip growths which rival in color and variety the wild flowers of many desert areas.  Khao Yai National Park is a tropical rainforest with dense growth.  The forest sometimes opens up into stunning massive grasslands!  Then the forest returns.

Central Thailand

This area is much less mountainous than other regions of Thailand.  It contains many national parks and two very famous cities with opposite histories.

Ayutthaya was the trading capital of a dynasty that reigned from the 14th to the 18th centuries. It was a truly pre-capitalist free trade region and city where traders from all over Asia and Europe could come to sell their wares and to buy the exotic spices and wares of the region.

Kanchanaburi was the main area where the Japanese forced locals and prisoners of war to build a railroad to Burma.  The famous movie “The Bridge Over the River Kwai” is based on this historical event.


This is the capital and by far the largest city in Thailand.  Bangkok, for westerners is possibly the most exotic city in Asia!  It has everything to offer visitors from lush, inner-city parks, to markets and restaurants.  The music that emanates from the theaters and music halls of Bangkok is among the most exotic yet accessible music you might hear anywhere.

Eastern Thailand

This is the sea and sand region of Thailand.  Ko Samet is famed for the fineness and whiteness of its sandy beaches.  This region abuts the Gulf of Thailand with many islands that feature hiking, and many types of wildlife from King Cobra to large, tropical turtles.

Southern Thailand

South of the capital, Thailand occupies half of a vast peninsula; Malaysia occupies the other half.  The land of Burma blocks Thailand from the Andaman Sea but the long stretch of land does border on the western Gulf of Thailand.  Here are more interesting islands and small villages plus modern accommodation for sea-loving travelers.

Koh Tao is renowned for the views scuba divers can see under the waters of the gulf!

Andaman Coast

Finally, we reach the small area where Burma has ended and Thailand now borders on the Andaman Sea.  The climate here is hotter and more humid than in the more northern regions.  There is also a mountain range that peaks at 1000 meters above sea level.

The Far South

Here Thailand meets Malaysia culturally and ethnically.  This region is predominantly Muslim so Islamic customs rule in terms of dress for women, Ramadan restrictions to eating and drinking in public and so on.  Still, if you are already in Thailand, this area is well worth exploring!

Thai Emerald and Thailand

Thai Emerald is an exciting new slot here at Everygame Casino.  We feel that it can inspire travel to the exotic and wonderful land of the Thai people—Thailand.

Everygame Casino is always looking for exciting and exotic ways to make online casino gaming more fun and enjoyable.