Are Game of Chance and Game of Skill Players Different?

Everygame online casino offers over 300 games in several different game categories.  Our games can be categorized as games of chance or games of skill and we encourage gamers to play both types of games for the fullest gaming experience.

Now, if there are fundamental differences between the gamers who like to play the games of skill versus those who prefer to play the games of chance, why does Everygame Casino encourage gamers to play all types of games?

This is a very good question!  Let’s explore the matter.

Everygame Casino Urges Gamers to PlayAll Different Kinds of Games

What is a Game of Chance?

In this category we place slots which are the most popular games at any casino be it an online or a land-based casino.  Roulette and craps also fit into this category as do Keno, Bingo, and many casual games of which we offer the ever-popular Fish Catch and Banana Jones.

Games of chance have no particular strategy for winning.  The only strategy of sorts is to avoid making costly mistakes.  Here are a few examples of costly mistakes while playing games of chance:

  1. Using a betting system such as the Martingale System.  They don’t work.
  2. In craps or roulette, making contradictory bets.
  3. In any game, betting beyond your financial means.
  4. Trying to win back losses which is commonly known as throwing good money after bad.
  5. Playing for too long a period of time.
  6. Flouting the odds.  This is especially true in Keno where statistical analysis has shown that choosing four numbers has the best chance of winning.

What is a Game of Skill?

These are games that require top level strategy on every hand or every move.  The most common games of skill at a casino are video poker and blackjack which have a return to player rate of about 99.5% with no volatility at all.

Volatility or variance is a term in slots where in high volatility slots gamers enjoy fewer winning spins with higher payouts.  In low volatility slots, it is reversed: players get many more winning spins for smaller payouts.

A high volatility slot with a 97% return to player rate might have some garners winning well over 100% of their wagers while the majority win back 90% or less. In low volatility slots almost all players get similar returns on their bets which is usually in the 97% range at online casinos but significantly less at land-based casinos since these casinos have to cover very high operating costs.

The reason video poker and blackjack have no volatility is because they are played with a deck or decks of cards which are functionally immutable.  This is different than slots where the random number generator can be calibrated to give the casino more or less return on bets made.


Can Gamers Really Benefit from Playing Both Types of Games?

Here is the crux of our recommendation that garners play both games of chance and games of skill.  People who come home in the evening and curl up to play some slots or other games of chance are trying to unwind after the stresses of the day at work or otherwise.

This is totally fine!  We here at Everygame Casino encourage gaming as a relaxing event.  We encourage setting time budgets for gaming since you can always access our casino while, at a land-based casino, players are limited to the few days they will be there!

We also encourage playing games of skill!  These games require that the player focus on small details.  At work, we might also need to focus on small details.  So, there are a few benefits to doing so at home in an online casino games of skill.

One benefit is developing better self-confidence.  Making the right decisions in games of skill works to elevate one’s feeling of self-confidence and anyone who has stood up in a meeting to make a presentation knows just how important confidence is!

A second benefit is that playing our games of skill is, in effect, practice for the far more important details you need to see and focus on at work.  The third benefit is that with a return to player rate of close to 100%, playing online casino games of skill is a very inexpensive way to hone one’s skill at looking at difficult situations strategically!

Do Players of Games of Chance Also Use Strategy?

Yes, they do but not as a way of controlling the outcome of the game!  They use strategy of a sort by:

  1. Setting time and monetary budgets for gaming.
  2. By seeing gaming as a form of entertainment so any money they lose, if it is in a reasonable range, can be seen as the “cost of entertainment”.
  3. They play a wide range of games of chance.  We offer about 200 slots.  We hope that all of our gamers can sample every one over time!  We also encourage playing Fish Catch and Banana Jones which are pure fun!
  4. Players of games of chance should cultivate the sense of gaming as fun.  In that sense, gaming is like any other activity that you enjoy doing!  Especially when you play at home, you can spend some time at Everygame casino and some time in the kitchen cooking or baking if that is your favorite activity, outside bird-watching, swimming, bicycling, jogging or any other physical activity you like, and so on.  The list of things you can do as fun and for your pleasure is truly endless!  Gaming’s rightful place is as one of them!
  5. Players of games of chance can strategically play games of skill for all the reasons we mentioned above and for the feeling of satisfaction that comes from stepping outside of one’s comfort zone and being successful at it.

Gamers are Different!

We hope that you have understood from our short discussion that players of games of chance do have characteristics different from the characteristics of players of games of skill.  Despite these differences, we hope that all of our gamers step out of their comfort zone and play the other kind of game!

We have shown how doing so is beneficial in many ways!

Players of games of chance can develop confidence and the feeling of satisfaction that comes from less risky attention to detail.  At work, your job depends on your attention to detail while at the blackjack terminal you risk only your bet!

Players of games of skill can benefit by playing slots or other games of chance for the pure fun of doing so.  As we say often fun is as important as being serious!

One of the best ways we know of to have simple and inexpensive fun is to JOIN EVERYGAME ONLINE CASINO!