How Does Online Gaming Help Gamers to Set Goals?

Gamers at Everygame Online Casino can choose from more than 300 excellent games in several game categories.  For example, Everygame Casino has a large selection of slots.  These are the games that game developers can create every month since modern video slots have themes that require imaginative characters and creative ways to use the wild symbol and the free spins bonus round.

How to Learn Good Habits from Online Casino Gaming

Everygame Also Offers Thinking Persons Games

While slots, bingo, keno, and other games are games of chance, Everygame Casino also offers many games of skill.  The two most prominent are video poker and blackjack where the return to player rates are about 99.5% if the player uses the best strategy on every hand.

We would like to talk about how online casino gaming can help gamers to develop the skill to set goals that will help them when they are concentrating on having fun, which is what online casino gaming is all about, and also in their professional lives!

What are the Most Important Goals Online Casino Gamers Have?

The two goals we repeat as often as we can are: have fun gaming above all else and see online casino gaming as a form of entertainment.  Actually, the one is a corollary of the other as we normally feel entertained when we are having fun.

These two goals can help people set goals in their everyday lives!   Casino gaming can become an obsession that causes trouble in many ways.  By seeing casino gaming as fun, we eliminate the tendency to play casino games obsessively.  People who are having fun usually know when it is time to stop!

Similarly, when we are being entertained, we usually know how long the “entertainment” will last.  A stand-up comedy routine will last an hour or so.  A theater play might run for two hours as do most concerts and some movies.  Sporting events have normal time spans so we know when the entertainment is over.

Even a meal in a restaurant with friends has a beginning and an end that everyone is aware of.  So, by setting these two primary goals for online casino gaming, we can extrapolate to many other activities and keep them in perspective.

What are Some Other Goals Gamers Can Learn from Online Gaming?

About 30 years ago, the well-known conservative writer William F. Buckley, Jr. wrote a slim book called On Gratitude in which he defined the need to feel gratitude towards one’s patrimony.  The book was a political statement but we can also learn a great deal from being grateful for the very existence of online casinos such as Everygame Casino.

There was a time not so very long ago that the only casinos were land-based ones located in Las Vegas and other places in Nevada and Atlantic City.  While gaming at a land-based casino is a lot more accessible these days as there are many such casinos, the fact is that online casino gaming has all of the elements that land-based casinos lack.

These include convenience and comfort, the ability to accept deposit bonus offers, many promotions, and the ability to play for short sessions as often as you wish.  Land-based casino gaming is a twice a year proposition as it does incur extra costs.

During the long lockdowns forced on land-based casinos by the corona virus, millions of gamers came to online casinos.  We should feel a sense of gratitude for the technology that allows for unlimited numbers of gamers at online casinos.

Online Gaming Can Turn a Closed-minded Person into an Open-minded Person

We often tell gamers to sample a variety of games.  This extends to slots of course as online gamers here at Everygame Casino can play our entire library of 200 slots.  We might venture to say that no land-based gamers have ever played 200 or more slots at land-based casinos.

We also suggest that gamers play both games of chance and games of skill. We extol the fun side of our casual games, Fish Catch and Banana Jones.  By letting go and trying new things, we learn open-mindedness.  This might allow us to come up with a creative solution at work simply by allowing our minds to wander freely about the problem.


Cultivate Good Habits

Everyone needs to emphasize good habits and eliminate to the extent possible any bad habits.  The best habits online casino gamers can have are to set time and money limits on gaming, to leave the alcohol for after gaming, to play only when we aren’t tired or hungry, to avoid using get rich quick gambling schemes or playing with a betting system that won’t work in the long run.

Another set of good habits online gamers can learn is to play blackjack and video poker with the best strategy even when the best strategy seems counter-intuitive.  It takes a dedicated person to learn the best strategy for these games so we can add dedication and perseverance to the list of goals online gaming can direct us toward.

Learn How to Accept Both Wins and Losses

There is a famous poker player, called Phil Helmuth, who has never learned how to accept losing.  He pouts and tilts at bad beats.  YouTube is replete with clips of Phil Helmuth losing it.  Ironically, he is also a great poker player!  If he could ever learn to accept losing with equanimity, he might be an even better player!

We all need to learn how to win or lose with equal equanimity.  By setting time and money limits in gaming we go a long way toward doing so.

Become an Effective Decision-maker

Playing the Everygame Casino games of skill with the correct strategy, as counter-intuitive as it may seem from time to time, will help you become and effective decision-maker in other areas.  Work may come first in this regard but there are many areas where good decisions are very important such as:  travel decisions, eating habits, getting along with people you strongly disagree with, and many others.

Accept the Odd Decisions

The key way that online gaming can help turn anyone into a good decision-maker is to learn to accept the counter-intuitive strategy as the correct one.  Possibly the most famous example of the counter-intuitive being the correct decision is how the Avis Car Rental company chose its world famous ad campaign: “We’re number two.  We try harder.”

Robert Townsend was the new CEO of Avis.  He contacted a well-respected ad agency to come up with an ad campaign for the company. Mr. Townsend promised to use whatever the ad people suggested as long as they could say that it was the best idea they could think of.

A few weeks later they all met and the president of the ad agency apologized for the idea they had saying that none of their team liked it but it was the best idea they could come up with.

The idea was the slogan: “We’re number two.  We try harder.”

Robert Townsend also did not like it but he had promised to use whatever the ad agency said was their best idea.  Avis used this disliked slogan and it proved to be one of the best ad campaigns in American business history!

Everygame Casino Tries to Think out of the Box

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