What Should New Casino Gamers Know?

Everyone likes to play games.  Some people play board games, some are active in sports, some play mental games such as geography or Sudoku.  Players at Everygame Online Casino love to play casino games!

This is obvious, of course, but there is quite a bit behind that droll statement of obvious fact.

What Does Everygame Casino Urge All New Gamers to Know?

What Do You See on our Homepage?

The first thing we see is that our Welcome Package is worth up to $5555 in deposit bonuses and a no deposit bonus to finish the promotion.

The details are in the “promotions” page which you can access by clicking on promotions to the left of the page.  The Welcome Package of bonuses immediately elicits the following question from a new gamer: “How can I make a deposit at Everygame Casino?”

We also see that Everygame Casino is available on download and at the Instant Play platform.   To the left of the page, download and Instant Play are joined by a link to mobile.  Once again, this elicits the question: “Which is better for me, download, Instant Play, or mobile?”

Also on the left side of the home page is a link to the blog.  We use the blog to introduce and explain new games and promotions.  In addition to the blog, we have published over 300 excellent articles such as this one that help gamers understand gaming strategy and how to have the most fun playing the online casino games here at Everygame Casino.

In short, from the front page, we see that there is a lot of information about our online casino that gamers have to read and experience!  In this article, we will point to a few things that we think new gamers should know.

What we will present here is by far and away not the final word on gaming at Everygame Casino.  To find the final word, you need to read the articles and play all of our games!

What Should New Gamers Know about Gaming in General?

Everygame Casino gaming is designed to be one part of many of the entertainments you enjoy.  We do not want gamers to see gaming as the be all and end all of activities for an evening or a weekend.  This may seem odd but we are very aware that too much real money gaming can lead some gamers to play obsessively.

We believe deeply in responsible gaming and to that end we offer help to any gamers who see themselves falling off the cliff into irresponsible gaming.

Gaming is Fun and Entertaining

This is the single most impotent thing we hope all gamers understand.  Gaming in this sense is the same as going to the theatre yet different, the same as going to sports events yet different, the same as going out for a walk or a hike yet different, and the same as spending some time with a hobby yet different.

We encourage frequent yet relatively short gaming sessions.  This is the diametric opposite of what land-based casinos encourage which is gaming, gaming, gaming!  A land-based casino has any one player on the casino floor for a couple of days at the most so the want to get the most out of every gamer.

Everygame Casino has many thousands of players already signed up so we don’t have any incentive to try to get players to spend hours upon hours “at the Casino”.  Short sessions give gamers the fun side of online casino gaming with none of the unfun side!


How to Accept a Bonus Offer

We make many bonus offers through many promotions.  Some promotions also include a large number of free spins!  The key here is that every bonus offer has an upper bonus limit.  Here is an example: if a bonus is for 100% up to $1000, gamers can deposit as much as they like but the bonus will cap at $1000.

This means that if you don’t need to have the money in your casino account, you should never deposit more than the bonus is for.

At Everygame, Gamers Should Play Every Game!

No one at a land-based casino plays every game.  They don’t have the time and they don’t have the inclination since they have to give up their seat and terminal if they want to go on to a different game.

They may not be able to return to the game they gave up again during their few days at the casino!

The reason to play every game is because it’s part of the fun side of gaming!  We offer about 200 slots, many different variations of blackjack and video poker, progressive jackpot games, Caribbean Poker, and our collection of happy specialty games.

Learn the Rules of Every Game

The games of skill are mainly blackjack, video poker, and Caribbean Poker.  The house edge in blackjack and video poker is about one half of one percent!   This assumes that the gamer knows all of the rules and all of the strategy to maximize his or her winning chances.

The games of chance have very simple rules.  Possibly the most important rule for slots applies to progressive jackpot slots: in order to win the big jackpot, you have to bet the maximum on the winning payline.

Other than this one rule slots are pretty simple.  Roulette and craps are also games of chance but with a difference.  There are even money bets in both and there are bets that have much higher pay outs and entail taking on much higher risk.

So, it is very important to know as much as you can about the riskier bets in roulette and craps and to budget your gaming money accordingly.

All of this leads to the next entry:

Sound Money Management Makes Online Gaming Better

It is a lot easier to manage your gaming budget well at an online casino such as Everygame as opposed to the opposite incentive at land-based casinos which is to add to your gaming budget if you lose your first bankroll.

Sound money management is what responsible adults do in all areas not just in casino gaming.

Enjoy our Three Happy Go Lucky Specialty Games

These games are Fish Catch, Treasure Tree, and Banana Jones.  They are all great for the last five minutes of a gaming session as they will put a huge smile on your face!

This is especially true of Banana Jones who woo-hoos every win in his happy game!

New Gamers Enjoy Everything at Everygame Casino

We have just touched the surface.  When you join our illustrious casino, you will have access to so much more than we could detail here!