Gaming is a Great Way to Keep Your Mind Young and Supple

All of the people who come to Everygame Online Casino do so because they like playing the games we offer.  This is as close to a tautology—meaning something that is obvious because it was expressed or embedded in a previous statement— as we can describe!

What most gamers are not aware of is that casino gaming, like playing many other games, can be a form of brain exercise!  This is good news!  Let’s take a closer look at this contention.

Everygame Casino Explains How Gaming is Good Brain Exercise

Playing Casino Games for Real Money is a Great Way to Practice Self-discipline

The key here is the money.  If a gamer places a bet that is beyond his or her means, they are not practicing self-control.  We use the term gamer very specifically because self-control is a major element of gaming with real money while placing extravagant bets takes the gaming out of the activity and turns it into gambling.

There are many examples of self-control at the casino.

Gamers Demonstrate Self-discipline by Setting Time and Monetary Budgets

Let’s say that a gamer gets home after a long day.  There is stress at work as projects have to be finished by a given deadline.  Most teams are chronically understaffed as the corona virus continues to take people away from work for long or short periods of time.  Parenthetically, we can add that most lost work time due to the virus has become much shorter than one or two years ago.

The gamer wants to just relax!  He or she curls up on the sofa and starts to play the more than 300 games on offer here at Everygame Casino.

Now, how easy would it be to continue playing, on and on, until the gamer gets hungry enough to eat or simply falls asleep?  By setting a time limit on a session, gamers tell themselves that there are other things just as fun, just as entertaining, and just as valuable as gaming.

Monetary Budgets Keep Gaming in Perspective

We set monetary budgets for most things.  We pay the rent or a mortgage we can afford.  We buy clothes we can afford.  We take the vacations we can afford.  It makes perfect sense to play the casino games we can afford.

Since any spin in slots or roulette or any hand in video poker or blackjack is available at very low risk, a gamer can play for an hour and commit relatively little to the gaming.  In fact, in blackjack and video poker, the return to player rate is close to 100%.

Being disciplined in betting is a healthy exercise and the brain produces hormones and other chemicals that reward such behavior.


Playing Casino Games is Great Exercise for the Decision-making Side of the Brain

Once again, we make many decisions all the time.  We decide how fast to drive and if we can safely pass that slow-moving truck.  We decide what to order in a restaurant.

Have you ever eaten with someone who simply can’t decide what to order, then finally places an order, and as the meal progresses announces that he or she “should have” ordered the other meal they were considering?

Playing casino games is a great way to unlearn the “wouldas”, “couldas”, and “shouldas” that hold many people back from truly actualizing themselves.  The fact that people are placing real money wagers on games makes it imperative to make good decisions!  This is not trivial at all!  Even as little as 30 minutes of gaming several times a week with the gamer in full control of his or herself can have long-term benefits in the gamer being able to make good decisions and to make them more quickly as well.

Gaming Spurs Interest in Many Subjects

As simple as slots are, they can trigger curiosity in gamers.  A slot based on an ancient culture could spur gamers to learn something about that culture.  When SpinLogic puts together a new slot—a project that takes months to complete—the team decides which characters and symbols to use.

A curious gamer might look up one or more symbols they encountered playing slots simply because they became interested in it!  This phenomenon can apply to any slot!  A gamer might want to know how the graphics teams put together a slot Like Cubee with its grand color schemes and shapes that actually have their progenitor in the painting of none other than the immortal Pablo Picasso!

Gaming at an online casino such as Everygame gives payers access to so many games!  Thus, the curious gamer will be intellectually stimulated just by spinning a few slots or playing table games!

The Games of Skill Exercise the Analytical Side of the Brain

There are many games of skill and they all have the same effect on the brain: people who love playing games of skill love the challenge of analyzing situations!  This leads many people to improve their analytical skills in many other areas.

Analyzing tricky and complex situations at work is an obvious area where enhanced analytical skill comes in handy.  Skill at analyzing situations can also help in travelling, shopping, cooking, and many other areas.

Accepting the challenge to successfully analyze a situation is a cultivated skill.  We need to accept many challenges before we can say that we are the type to willingly and gladly accept such challenges.

Land-based Casinos Can’t Provide the Same Benefits as Online Casinos

We have spoken about self-discipline, about time and money budgets, about developing curiosity, about becoming more analytical, and about learning how to make better decisions more quickly.  All of these elements of gaming are synergistically interwoven when you play at Everygame Online Casino and they are either not present at land-based casinos or they are diametrically the opposite on land.

Land-based casinos want players to come for a few nights.  A long weekend is common.  The casino wants the players to spend as much time as they can on the casino floor.  To that end, the casinos have no clocks or windows so players lose track of time.

The more a player plays at a land-based casino the less likely he or ahu is to follow a sound monetary budget.  So, land-based casinos work diligently to override time and money budgets.

Land-based casinos also offer free alcohol and free meals.  Alcohol fogs the mind and digesting a big buffet meal tires the brain.  This leads to the opposite of sound analysis.

Play Great Online Casino Games at Everygame Casino

Gaming is a lot of fun.  And it is also good for the brain!  So, JOIN EVERYGAME ONLINE CASINO NOW!