Gambling Concepts to Take to Heart

Here at Everygame Online Casino we are dedicated to make gaming as fun as possible for our online casino gamers.  As responsible businesspeople in the casino gaming market, it is our responsibility to also do our utmost to make gaming continue to be gaming and to help players avoid sliding into gambling.

Everygame Casino Talks about Sound Gaming Practices

Now, we are also aware that whenever a player puts money down on the outcome of a game, it is technically gambling.  So, here is the first of several gambling concepts that, if the player adopts them into his or her gaming, the gaming will never segue into the realm of hard gambling.

Set Time and Money Limits on Gaming

One of the signs of problem gambling is when a player spends too much time doing it.  This applies to many other areas as well.  Some people are problem exercisers.

None other than Jane Fonda was a bulimic until she discovered working out as a pastime.  She herself once said that she had replaced one obsession—bulimia and food disorders generally—with another obsession—working out.

Time and Money Budgets Work Synergistically

Both time and money budgets are important for gaming to continue to be gaming.  Everygame Casino is available to gamers on a 24/7 basis.  So there should never be any sense of having to open the casino to play.  Online casino gaming should be a part of one’s overall free time activities.

By making gaming equal in one’s mind with hobbies, playing with friends or family members, or just watching television, a player can maintain the control one needs to keep gaming as gaming.

Land-based Casinos Lead to Excessive Gaming

Time limits are for all practical purposes non-existent at land-based casinos which are decidedly not available to most players on a 24/7 basis.  Sure, the casino is open but innless a player lives where the casino is, he or she will not be able to go there often.

Land-based casino players tend to go a couple of times a year at the most and usually for a couple or three days.  This means that the time limits we are talking about here fly out the windows at land-based casinos even as land-based casinos have no windows so players wildly misjudge the time and stay on the casino floor long after they should have left to eat, sleep, or simply do something else!

Money Limits Reflect a Healthy Sense of Perspective

In art, we learn that until about 1000 years ago, painters didn’t use perspective in painting.  A good museum of art will have some paintings that show painting without perspective and then the rest of the collection demonstrating the vast difference perspective gives to a work of art.

Perspective in online casino gaming is the same.  We need to keep our overall finances in perspective at all times.  We need to do so whenever we are deciding to spend money or not.  There is no need to draw up a list here since the list should have a single item: almost everything.

There are some things that are free such as enjoying a long walk, sitting at the beach, watching the birds migrating above, and hundreds of other free activities including unlimited free play at Everygame.  Still, most things cost money and we think about whether we need the item enough to pay the asked-for sum of money.

This leads to concept number two.


The House Has the Edge in Almost Every Game

A lot of gamers get lucky!  A gamer can win a big progressive jackpot and be financially set for life.  On the other hand, the house has an edge on every game except a few variations of video poker where the player has about a half percentage point edge assuming perfect play on the part of the gamer.

Given that the house has an edge, we have to decide how much money we can dedicate to gaming on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  Gamers find that when they do set strict financial limits on gaming, it makes the gaming a lot more fun.

Fun is still and always will be the name of the game!

Set Financial Limits on Each Session and on Each Bet

If you have a $100 limit on bets and you bet $100 on a single number in roulette, your session might end immediately.  But if you make a minimal bet per hand or spin, your session can last the full-time limit you have set and the cost of gaming for 30-60 minutes could be quite modest.

Let’s say that you have set a 30-minute time limit and a penny limit per bet in slots.  You play a slot with 25 fixed paylines so each spin is for 25 cents.  The return to player rate is 97%.  If you finish the session having bet the full $100 and your luck was just average, you will leave the session with $97 which is a very fair price to pay for 30 minutes of relaxing slots play.

Now we get to the next concept gamers should know.

Slots Have a Built-in Volatility

The example we gave above should work with slots that have low volatility but they might not work with slots of high volatility.  Volatility is a concept that compares the average amount of money paid out within the game to the average actual winning sum per win and the average number of wins per spin.

This sounds complicated but it means that a high volatility slot will give fewer wins but that the average win will be higher than in a low volatility slot that gives many more wins each of which is relatively small.

In a high volatility slot with a 97% return to player rate, a few gamers will actually win money and most gamers will lose more than the 3% we spoke about in the example.  Thus, many gamers who are set on limiting their financial risk should play low volatility slots.

Avoid Succumbing to the Gambler’s Fallacy

The gambler’s fallacy says basically that some outcome is “due” to happen if it hasn’t already happened in a given period of time.  This is as false an idea as there can be in casino gaming.  This applies to every game whether a gamer plays the game at an online casino or at a land-based casino.

That is because each card or spin is a single entity in itself.  The cards, the reels, the roulette wheels and balls have no consciousness and are absolutely unaware of what has transpired before this particular hand or spin.

Obeying the basic idea behind avoiding the gambler’s fallacy will lead gamers to avoid that pitfall of many people in many areas such as business and investment as well as in the casino milieu: Never throw good money after bad!

Everygame Casino Promotes Healthy Gaming

As we said, fun is the be-all and end-all of online casino gaming.  We offer over 300 great games and we encourage gamers to sample every one of our games over time.