How to Maximize Wins and Minimize Losses

This is the eternal conundrum of all people who take financial risks with the hope of earning, capitalizing, or winning money in the long run.  It applies to online casino gaming here at Everygame Online Casino as much as it applies to investments in stocks, bonds, start-ups, a rental property, a business, or simply buying a house.

Maximize Winning at Online Casino Gaming

It applies to all of the games we offer and in every situation where people use their money to increase their quality of life.  Even buying a new dress for a special occasion has some risk involved as something could spill on the dress and stain it irreparably or the dress might get caught on an exposed sharp edge and tear!

So, maximizing wins and minimizing losses as the concept applies to online casino gaming is part of the overall risk-reward way we all live!

How to Maximize Wins and Minimize Losses in Slots

Everygame Casino has over 300 games of which the vast majority are slots.  Slots are known as a pure game of chance which, on the surface, means that there is no strategic way to maximize wins.  But that is a mistake a lot of gamers and casino commentators make!

The fact is that there are ways to maximize wins and minimize losses in slots.  They have to do with which slots you play, how much you bet, and how long you play.

Volatility is the Key to Rewards in Slots

Volatility is a term casinos and game providers use to describe the size of wins and the number of winning gamers.  A high volatility slot will have relatively few winning spins but each winning spin is likely to pay out a relatively high sum.  A low volatility slot has the opposite effect: many winning spins that pay out relatively small sums.

The point to understand u stat both of these games may have the same return to player rate which in slots is usually around 97%.  To maximize wins in slots, we play high volatility slots and to minimize losses in slots we play low volatility slots!  This dichotomy simply means that the gamer has to decide which direction he or she wants to go in their slots gaming.

Progressive Slots Have Massive Rewards and More than Average Risk

In order to win the big progressive jackpot, a gamer has to bet the maximum on the winning payline.  This may get expensive for a gamer who is nurturing a modest bankroll.  In progressive slots, the way to maximize wins is to play for a big jackpot and to bet the maximum and the way to minimize losses is to budget progressive jackpot slots play very strictly.

Some gamers play fewer than ten spins in pursuit of the big jackpot while a high roller might go for the jackpot for an hour or more.

Gamers Can Minimize Losses by Avoiding Auto-play

Auto-play allows gamers to play slots and do other things at the same time.  However, auto-play also plays the games very fast.  To minimize losses we suggest playing each slot individually.  This also has the beneficial effect of giving gamers the chance to fully enjoy the slot itself.

Enjoying a slot has nothing really to do with maximizing wins and minimizing losses but it is all about having fun while gaming and that is a win in itself!


How to Maximize Wins and Minimize Losses in Blackjack

The key to winning money in blackjack is to know the rules of every variation you play, to become expert at the best strategy for every variation, and to never drink alcohol while playing.  At a land-based casino, they will offer you plenty of free alcohol while you play blackjack because they know that alcohol produces more wins for the casino!

Avoiding alcohol is especially important in the games of skill since you have to be in full control of all of your faculties to play these games well.  When you play at Everygame Casino Online, you can always delay the alcohol drinks for after the gaming session ends!  In addition, the return to player rate in blackjack is about 99.5% so even a little alcohol will maximize losses.

The best strategy in blackjack is the result of computer analysis of millions of hands.  Having faith in the results of this computer analysis will maximize wins and minimize losses in blackjack.

Play 3-2 Blackjack

There are a lot of land-based casinos that offer 6-5 blackjack.  This looks like just a small tweak in the game rules but it is really a big deal.  It is very hard to win at 6-5 blackjack while the chances if winning at 3-2 blackjack are very good indeed.

How to Maximize Wins and Minimize Losses in Video Poker

Video poker shares a lot of elements with blackjack.  The return to player rate is also about 99.5%.  The best strategy is also the result of massive computer analysis of hands.  Have faith in the best strategy despite it sometimes being counter-intuitive.

How to Maximize Wins and Minimize Losses at the Casino Generally

We begin with one simple method for having more success at the casino: play online preferably at Eveygame Casino.  Playing at a land-based casino works against the three aspects of gaming we will now discuss.

That’s because at a land-based casino, players try to get in as much gambling as they can in the few days they will be there.  This single aspect of land-based casino gambling maximizes losses and minimizes wins!

On the other hand, playing at Everygame Casino allows gamers to be in full control of their gaming.

Here are the three aspects of gaming we spoke about above:

  1. Never play hungry.
  2. Never play tired.
  3. Never play angry.

We take it as a given that you will never play thirsty and that you will never play even slightly inebriated.

When a player is hungry, tired, or angry his or her judgment becomes impaired.  Land-based casinos offer free buffet meals because they know that players will overeat and then come back to the casino tired!  Land-based casinos also have no windows so that gamers will play long after they should have gone to sleep.

Anger Management is as Important as Money Management

In poker they have the term tilt.  A player who is having a losing streak should simply call it a day.  It is infinitely easier to do this when playing online at Everygame Casino rather than at a land-based casino!

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