What Kind of Online Casino Gamer are You?

There are several different types of online casino gamers and we at Everygame Online Casino would like to peruse the different types of gamers with you.

Online Casinos Attract Gamers not Gamblers

Are You a Gamer or a Gambler?

There are gamers and gamblers.  We prefer that all of our players be gamers—players who enjoy games for their own sake—and that none are gamblers.  Gamblers tend to play too long, wager too much money overall, and make unnecessarily large bets as well.  These players enjoy gambling but are not gamers.

Where Did the Term Gamer Come From?

No one is exactly sure where this universal term originated.  We think it has to do with simply enjoying playing games for their own sake.  There are actually many different kinds of games people can play online and offline.

In addition to myriad online games of all sorts, there are also many board games that people play with family and friends.  One of the aspects of all games is what we may call the “competitive factor”.  This describes how upset or angry a player gets when they lose too much, too often, or to a weaker player.

Weak players sometimes surprise even themselves, get a little lucky, and win a game they usually lose.  If there is an opponent involved, that opponent shows a lot about himself or herself by the way they accept defeat.

Everygame Casino Has “Got Game”!

To have game is a very modern term which usually refers to athletes in highly competitive sports who have more “game” than the average player of that sport.

We can extend the term “got game” to include an online casino such as Everygame Casino.  This comes from one of the many differences between online casinos and land-based casinos: at online casinos, it is easy for gamers to play many games even in a short 30-60 minute gaming session.

As a result of the ease with which gamers can go from one game to another at Everygame Casino, we offer more than 300 games!  That is what we mean when we say that Everygame Casino has “got game”!

What is the Difference between the Games at a Land-based Casino and the Games at an Online Casino?

It is true that land-based casinos also have a lot of games.  However, they cannot match the gaming flexibility of Everygame and all other online casinos because land-based casinos have walls that online casinos do not have!

Do You Like the Variety of Gaming Choices?

Most gamers at online casinos like the choices they have that we spoke about above.  A lot of players at land-based casinos do not like the same gaming flexibility.

Online casino gamers are known to play in frequent, short gaming sessions while players at land-based casinos prefer to spend hours on the casino floor.

What Do Gamers or Gamblers Look Forward To?

This makes a sharp division of casino gambler or gamer types.  When a player arranges a trip to a land-based casino, one of the things they look forward to is spending hours on the casino floor!

If they can go for a long weekend, they have thoughts leading up to the weekend away of spending a lot of time gambling, getting free alcoholic drink after free drink, eating for free at the buffet, coming back to the casino for more gambling and not sleeping!

Online Casino Devotees Have a Completely Different Approach

Online casino gamers have the opposite approach to casino gaming: a short session to unwind and relax after work, then to get together with family or friends or to take care of their many other responsibilities.

Thus, the land-based casino gambler sees gambling at their favorite land-based casino as a total immersion experience while the online casino gamer sees playing a few games for a short time as a way to rejuvenate their minds for the rest of the evening.


Are You a Sleepy Gambler or a Wide Awake Gamer?

We mentioned that land-based casino gamblers do not like to sleep.  The land-based casinos help them lose track of time by having no windows or clocks in the casino itself.  Gamblers thus think that it might be late in the evening when it is really early in the morning!

Land-based casino gamblers don’t really care about the hour of the day as long as they get to the show—if they bought tickets or got them as a comp from the casino—on time!  Land-based casino gamblers have been heard to say that they 'didn’t come to the casino to sleep'!

Online casino gamers know that the fun of playing online casino games is directly related to many factors, sleep being one of them.

What other Factors are Important to Gamers?

At Everygame Casino Online, gamers know that they can wait until after gaming to have a drink or two.  They know that even one drink will lower their cognitive ability and will lead to poor gaming decisions.

Free alcohol is one of the things that attract gamblers to land-based casinos.

Gamers Play before Eating a Big Meal

Online casino gamers also know that they should not play after a heavy meal since the digestion process makes people drowsy.  This also leads to poor decisions.  Just as alcoholic drinks can wait so can a big meal!

Land-based casino gamblers overeat at the buffet and then immediately go back to the casino where their drowsiness costs them money in poor bets and poor decisions.

Take Care of Yourself

At home, if a gamer is not feeling well, he or she will take care of themselves and go to bed or relax with lots of liquids and possibly some hot soup.  At a land-based casino even if a gambler is not feeling even 50% well, they will stay on the casino floor because that is the single most important reason they are at the land-based casino in the first place.

Some Players Love to Go from Games of Chance to Games of Skill

This is really possible in large measure only at online casinos.  At a land-based casino, there might not be any seats available at the blackjack table while at Everygame Casino, as many gamers as wish to play can play blackjack!

Many land-based casinos have rules at video poker or blackjack that makes the house’s edge much too high.  In video poker, if the game is an 8-5 game instead of a 9-6 game, the gambler has no realistic chance to win money in the end.

Everygame Casino pays 9-6 on all video poker variations!

Similarly, many land-based casinos have changed the payout for blackjack from 3-2 to 6-5.  It seems like a small change but it puts the house clearly in the driver’s seat.  At Eveygame Casino, the return to player rate in both video poker and blackjack when the garner uses the best strategy on every hand is 99.5%!

Play Online at Everygame Casino

By their very nature, online casinos present a vastly different casino experience to the one that gamblers can avail themselves of at a land-based casino.  We have touched on just a few differences of vast importance.

Because of these differences, the type of garner is also different based solely on the venue.  Land-based casino players tend to be gamblers while online players tend to be gamers!

Everygame Casino offers a great, relaxed gaming experience!