What Should New Online Casino Gamers Look For?

Every year, hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of people sign up to play at an online casino such as Everygame Online Casino. The corona virus pandemic boosted online casino sign ups and although that has slowed as entire societies that had been shut down have re-opened, online casinos such as Everygame are still accepting new gamers at a rapid pace.

Gaming at an Online Casino is Different. Everygame Casino Explains Why

Online casino gaming is still in its own heyday as people from all walks of life and all cultures continue to flock to online casinos to play.

As someone who is considering the value of online casino gaming, you are naturally looking for the casino that will offer you the best gaming, will explain everything you need to know in easy-to-understand terms, and will teach you the nuances of online gaming.

Are You New to Casino Gaming?

The first thing a new online gamer has to think about is why they are looking to play casino games online.  Are you someone who has long travelled to a land-based casino to play and now wants to explore the advantages of online gaming?  Are you completely new to casino gaming having just turned 21 or for any other reason?

Moving from Land to Cyberspace

If you are an experienced casino player and are exploring the value of signing up at an online casino, you should realize in your own mind that travelling to a casino is a big drain on your budget.  This money could be earmarked for your online casino bankroll, or you could devote the sum to any other area of interest you might have.

What new online gamers find out quickly is that online casino gaming frees up a lot of time and money for an unlimited number of outside interests!

Modern People Have More Free Time than they Realize

Even if you work in a start-up company and work long hours, you still have more free time than your great-grandparents had!  When the United States took in tens of millions of immigrants from 1880 until about 1920, these immigrants found low-income jobs that required many more hours than anyone needs to work these days.

People Like to Play

One of the things that is natural to all people is the desire to play, the joy that play brings, and the willingness to explore different avenues of play.

The fact that we have more time on our hands means that we can redefine the term “fun” to reflect the new normal.  Games still play a major role in “having fun” but people have many interests that might not have been considered specifically fun in the past as fun was then understood.

Hobbies were once seen as activities that a lot of people liked to do but they weren’t seen as fun per se. Playing with kids and grandkids was seen as fun.  Playing baseball in the park was seen as fun.  In some ways, hobbies were seen as serious yet enjoyable activities that a lot of people embraced.

The money gamers save by not traveling to a land-based casino is generally set aside for any number of hobbies.  The list of hobbies in the modern sense is so long that it would take a book-length article to complete the list.

Keep in mind that online gaming opens up vistas and people happily fill those vistas with happy activities!


New Gamers Need to See Everygame Casino as a Kind of Bank

This is really one of the most significant aspects of online casinos.  Gamers make deposits and leave the money in their casino account.  One reason they do so is because online casinos are available every day so it is simply a lot more convenient to leave money in the account

At land-based casinos, players normally cash out when they leave.  At online casinos, they leave the money in their account.

Everygame Casino Offers Many Bonuses

Many of the promotions we run are for deposit bonuses with free spins.  The bonuses stay in our online casino “bank” while the gamer works through the wagering requirement at which point she or he will be able to withdraw winnings.

Encryption Protects the Assets of Billions of People

Encryption software scrambles the content of any website so hackers can’t get at the information or assets the site is protecting.  This is why it is safe to buy things online.  This is why your personal bank has a website where you can see your money safely.

And this is why it is safe to leave your money at Everygame Casino Online!  We use the best encryption software around to safeguard your money.

Having Free Time and Money is the Result of Setting Budgets Well

We always urge gamers to set time and money budgets for gaming.  People naturally set ad hoc budgets for many activities.  We feel that setting sound budgets for a long list of purchases or activities is the proper way to organize one’s days and the casino budget should reflect that approach.

Since Everygame Casino is open on a 24/7 basis, there is no need to spend hours at the casino.  Players at land-based casinos do spend hours at the casino since when the trip is over, the casino will no longer be available.  Thirty to sixty-minute online gaming sessions a couple or a few times a week are plenty for most gamers.

Discover Games that You Never Played Before

At land-based casinos, players tend to sit at one terminal for a very long time.  Most players try a few games at most even on a long weekend at the casino and spend many hours on the casino floor.

At Everygame Casino, gamers can play all of our more than 300 games over time.  This clearly means that gamers will be able to play many, many games that they never played before.  This is obviously a benefit to slots players.  It also applies to blackjack and video poker players as there are many variations of blackjack and video poker at Everygame!

At a land-based casino, there isn’t enough floor space for a blackjack table to cover every variation we offer.  Similarly, the casino might have video poker terminals for just a few variations but not for all of the variations we offer!

Everygame Casino Offers 3-2 Blackjack and 9-6 Video Poker

One of the tricks land-based casinos use to increase profits is to lower the payouts for a blackjack from 3-2 to 6-5.  It seems like a small change but it puts blackjack squarely in the casino’s control.

In video poker, land-based casinos often change the payouts for a full house or a flush from 9-6 to 8-5.  Once again, what looks like a small change is really a very sizable change in the house’s favor.

Everygame Casino Offers Superior Mobile Gaming

Land-based casinos started to offer closed-circuit mobile gaming for their hotel guests a couple of years ago.  It seems like such a waste of time and money to travel to a land-based casino and to end up playing casino games on a mobile platform!

All in all, we feel that the advantages of online gaming at Everygame Casino are overwhelming.  New gamers should look for the many differences between online casinos and the land-based casinos they frequented in the past.

The contrast will show that online gaming is the best way to play casino games!