Trends We Would Like to See in 2023

The first trend for 2023 that we at Everygame Casino see as a totally positive trend is for mobile casino gaming to continue to grow.  Mobile casinos have grown in popularity year by year for more than a decade and we see no indications that that trend will slow down!

Still, we would like to see other trends continue that will make mobile casino gaming even more popular.

What Does Everygame Casino See as Trends in 2023 and Beyond?

Graphics and Animation Rule the Roost in Online Casino Gaming

One such trend is increased excellence in the graphics and animation for the relatively small mobile screens.  There are many companies working on exactly that kind of technology and we would like to see new tech start ups come along in 2023 to both apply added pressure on the existing tech companies to innovate more but also for new minds to envision new things that the established companies have not thought of yet.

Graphics and Animation Define the Possibilities in Slots Wild Symbols

There are now many ways the wild symbol can add to the fun of online slots. Who would have thought just a few years ago that we would see moving wilds, exploding wilds, and sticky wilds.

We have been amazed at the fast development of wild symbol actions and we look forward to seeing game providers create more ways for wild symbols to run wild!

Mobile Casinos Make Land-based Casinos Seem Old Fashioned

Some wise analysts saw the growth of online casinos and the slow winnowing away of brick and mortar casinos.  The trend did start rather slowly and then started to catch steam around the turn of the century.

But land-based casinos had their own loyal following.  What has sped up the long trend downward trend in land-based casino gaming was the corona virus pandemic.

This was less a trend than a result of reality catching up with land-based casinos and catapulting online casinos forward.  The concomitant trend toward mobile speeded up the trend away from land-based casinos.

There are Too Many Land-based Casinos

We expect this trend to continue as the market is now replete with land-based casinos many of which will not survive as mere casinos.  The trend is against them.

However, a land-based casino that restarts itself as a tourist hub can remain a casino albeit nothing like the casino once was before the pandemic  but still serving a vital need.

In fact, in the Las Vegas area, there are many state and local parks that offer great vistas, hiking, camping, and the kinds of starry nights city dwellers never see.  A day outside of Las Vegas and a return late to the vacationer’s hotel room in the casino would lend itself to a short session in the casino.

Many Short Sessions are Better than a Few Long Sessions

This is exactly what we are seeing at Everygame Casino as gamers play for a short while and then move on to other fun or important activities.  The availability of the casino on a 24/7 basis makes short gaming sessions a few times a week far better than a marathon session once in a while as was the case at so many land-based casinos before the pandemic.

One fascinating development we have started to see in very recent years is the land-based casino offering in house mobile casino gaming!  This indicates that many land-based casinos see themselves as becoming obsolete in real time as pure gambling dens.


Virtual Reality Will Hasten the End of Land-based Casinos

Virtual reality is technology that has been around for at least a decade but it has been expensive and in need of tech improvement.  Today VR is much more affordable and ready to begin its own rapid rate of growth.

Soon many households will have VR at home.  In casino gaming terms VR simply means that gamers will be able to simulate the actual feeling of entering a land-based casino and playing there without needing to leave their home!

No more expensive travel costs! VR will make online casino gaming SEEM like real life casino gaming.  In other words, VR will give gamers access to a virtual reality of land-based casino gaming while they play casino games online!

Every Gamer Should be as Ready as We Are

Everygame Casino is geared up for online gaming through VR to become as popular as mobile became starting about one decade ago.  Actually, as VR makes gamers want to stand, best to enjoy the illusion, gamers will still be playing on the wonderful Everygame Casino mobile gaming platform even as the VR technology makes them FEEL as if they are in a land-based casino!

Game Providers Will Adapt to the Demand for Immersive Experiences

Immersive is an old term that is taking on a modern meaning as technology expands human horizons.  An example of immersive in everyday life is shopping from the internet.  People can see many more items in a single product category when they shop online.

This new reality applies as much to shopping for shoes as it does to shopping for a new refrigerator!

Online casino games have gone through a few transitional times.  The fast growth in tech for online experiences made the games themselves grow within the desktop milieu and then again in the mobile milieu.

Starting now, games will have to be adapted to VR.

In gaming terms, VR is the ultimate reality until an even more immersive technology comes along.

The Trend in Identity Group Studies will End as Students Come to Understand the Potential in New Technologies

Modern economies do not yet have enough technologists to create the great new world of VR.  The result will be students being urged to forego the group study area that interests them in favor of a far more lucrative career in VR research and development.

Mobile Signals will Reach Areas Heretofore Inaccessible

The use of mobile devices for the vast majority of online activities in addition to online casino gaming─such as access to the news, one’s financial accounts, communication with friends and family, and so much else─will put pressure on mobile communications companies to extend thru reach to back country and deeply rural areas that they had not reached before.

The increase in general mobile access will make these back country and deeply rural areas even more appealing to vacationers.  It will mean that instead of travelling to a land-based casino, one will be able to travel to ever more remote areas and still have access to mobile communications.

2023 Promises to be a Trend Setting Year in Many Areas

These many areas may or may not have any effect on casino gaming.  Still, trends are trends and ultimately a trend in an unrelated area may eventually affect other areas.

Here is a short list of possible trends that we might see in 2023:

  1. People might come to political elections differently.
  2. People might see the threat of another viral pandemic differently than they saw the corona virus pandemic.
  3. People might see the value of a college education differently.
  4. We will likely see changes in the roles of athletes in team sports.
  5. As people read books less, the communication of ideas will have to take place in other arenas.
  6. We will see unknown changes in what a land-based store offers.

We Will See Increased Online Casino Gaming!

Casino gaming is a big area of interest even as it is a relatively small niche in the massive modern, developed economies.  Millions of gamers are still unaware of the vast gaming opportunities embedded in modern and improving technology.

Everygame Online Casino is always in the forefront of new tech for gaming.  To be on the leading edge of trends in gaming for 2023 and beyond, we encourage you to JOIN EVERYGAME CASINO ONLINE NOW!