Here at Everygame Online Casino, we offer over 300 games for our gamers’ fun and pleasure.  Slots, for example, are great as a short-term relaxation activity for when gamers come home after another stressful day at work.

Video Poker is Great for Helping You See and Know Instantly

On the other hand, some of our games, primarily blackjack and video poker are games of skill and thought.  While they are also wildly fun to play and have a very high return to player rate of close to 100%, here we would like to talk about video poker specifically as a great game to play that will also serve to develop what we will call instantaneous recognition.

Instantaneous Recognition Can Save Your Life

It can also save the life of a loved one or a friend or acquaintance.  Instantaneous recognition works in a synergistic relationship with quick action to prevent or to reduce the impact of a crisis.

What Kinds of Crises Do we Mean?

We mean every kind of crisis.  Some crises are long in the making.  Some crises happen in the blink of an eye.  Instantaneous recognition is the ability to see a crisis as it is developing, to know that quick action is needed in order to prevent the crisis from getting out of hand or to reduce the impact of the crisis.

Is Instantaneous Recognition Important in Business?

Yes, it is!

We often speak about the ability to see trends as they are emerging.  A trend may take years to develop into a trend rather than remain an anomaly.  In business, there is often a tipping point at which an anomaly becomes a trend.

Investors are famous for NOT being able to see the tipping point in an investment.  Most investors get in too late and get out too late.  The people who make it truly big in any investment market are the ones who get in when it is not considered a good investment yet and get out when it is universally considered a good investment which often signals a fall in value.

How Does Video Poker Enhance One’s Ability to Process Information Quickly?

First and foremost, video poker is a game.  People almost always have a relaxed attitude when they play a game.  The state of relaxation decreases, however, when there is money at stake.

This is why professional and amateur athletes are far less than relaxed during their games.  It also means that as the bets gamers make increases, the feeling of relaxation from playing a game decrease.

Gamification is Taking Society by Storm

This sense of relaxation is one of the reasons so much analysis of everyday life is subsumed under the rubric of gamification.  This term refers to people taking the elements of games into very complex analyses.

For our purposes here, the very concept of gamification simply means that games are both easy-going activities and, at the same time, rife with significance.

Video Poker Controls Bets

In video poker, there is an extra payout for a Royal Flush.  In order to qualify for that extra payout, a gamer has to bet the maximum on the hand that produced the Royal Flush.

By establishing a maximum which is within the reach of almost all players, video poker is a game that allows players to stay relaxed while playing.  Players have no incentive to bet wildly.

Having established that the financial side of any video poker hand is under control, players can then concentrate on “seeing” the best strategy going forward for that hand.

This is precisely what we mean when we say that video poker is an excellent way to improve one’s ability at instantaneous recognition.


Video Poker Played Correctly Returns Almost 100% of Bets to Players

This is another significant way that video poker players can maintain a calm demeanor as they play the game for real money.  Simply knowing that over the long run, they will come very close to breaking even at video poker means that they can play the game for fun and allow the game to help them improve other skills, especially instantaneous recognition.

Most Online Casino Games Have a High Return to Player Rate

This is true of slots, baccarat, roulette, craps and especially blackjack where the return to player rate is also close to 100%.

There is, however, a big difference between a 96-97% return to player rate in slots and a 99.5% RTP rate in video poker and blackjack.

In video poker and blackjack, each hand is a stand-alone event.  There are just 52 cards in a deck and there are only so many ways the cards can be shuffled.  The volatility for video poker is the same for every variation and for every hand before it is dealt.

In slots, the volatility changes from slot to slot.  Even in a game with low volatility, the winnings will be divided among fewer players than the number that play the game.  In high volatility slots, the differential between winners and players is even greater even though the overall RTP rate is the same.

In all online casino, the random number generator determines every outcome.  The RTP rate in slots can be calibrated in the software itself.  This is not possible in video poker.  By the way, the fact that the RTP rate in slots can be hard-wired in the software is the reason that slots at land-based casinos have a lower RTP rate since the casinos have to profit more from slots in order to be able to meet their enormous operating costs.

Best Strategy in Video Poker is Often Counter-intuitive

We are finally at the root of why video poker is so good at improving one’s skill at instantaneous recognition.  A player sees the hand the computer/dealer dealt and immediately has to process the cards he or she has and the potential to improve the hand.

The most common hand is one with no winning pair or no pair at all.  Exactly how the gamer should play the hand is at the core of instantaneous recognition.

A lot depends on the cards in the hand.  If there is a high card that could pair and win the hand, the best strategy may be to hold one or even two such high cards.  But what if the player has four cards to a flush?  If the high card is not one of the four to a flush, the best strategy is to discard the high card and go for the flush.

Can’t Players Play Slowly?

Of course, they can!

But from the standpoint of developing, one’s skill at instantaneous recognition, playing slowly is counter-productive.

Here is the thought process behind this approach:

  1. People love to play games.
  2. Playing games can and should be relaxing.
  3. Modern thinking in many fields uses the elements of games to delve deeply into matters.  This is called gamification.
  4. Video poker is a game that returns almost all money wagered to gamers.
  5. Video poker has a known best strategy for every video poker variation.
  6. The best strategy is often not the obvious decision.
  7. Playing slowly will always reveal the best strategy for every play.
  8. However, playing slowly will have no effect on the ability of the player to recognize the best decision quickly.
  9. Instantaneous recognition is the goal for many if not most everyday decisions we make and improving our skill at instantaneous recognition requires that we play video poker quickly if we play the game at all.