There are two ways to play online casino games: by downloading the casino to your computer’s hard drive or by playing through your internet browser without the need to download.  Instant play casinos, such as Everygame Casino, offer both a download and Instant Play!

New Online Casino Gamers Discover the Many Benefits of Instant Play

A Form of Instant Play Was Available in the Past

When online casinos first came to the casino gaming market, gamers almost always downloaded the casino to their hard drive.  The parameters that make online casino gaming fun and enjoyable were much better in the download version than in the non-download version.

Some Gamers Refer to an Instant Play Casino as an Instant Casino

If you have ever written a text online to send to someone else, you know that shortening the term was expected!  An instant casino simply means that you can play the instant your casino registration goes through with having to wait a long time for the download to complete.

Is There Any Good Reason to Download an Online Casino?

As we said, in the past there was.  Today, with internet access so much better than it was in the 1990s, there are really only a couple of reasons to download an online casino.

Some People Live in Areas with Poor Internet Access

This one is the obvious one!  There are still many places where the internet access is poor or very slow but the electrical grid is of solid 21st century quality.  Keep in mind that if the electricity goes out because of bad weather or a technical glitch, neither play in casino gaming (yet another term for Instant Play) nor download will work!

So, if you live in an area with first-generation internet access it might be best to download Everygame Casino!

Occasionally Poor Internet Access

A lot of people have excellent internet access at home which would indicate going with Instant Play but who like to travel to very out-of-the-way places−places that have good electrical access but are otherwise off the grid.

These gamers might choose to download to a laptop computer if they need to take the laptop with them for business or personal reasons.

Playing in Slots Tournaments

Some online casinos offer slots tournaments to the download version of the casino.  If you like to play in slots tournaments, you might consider downloading an online casino.

How Strong is Your Hard Drive?

In the past, a computer hard drive was not very strong but there was a lot less to put on it than now!  So, now we have very powerful hard drives with a lot of information stored on them.

If the hard drive on your computer is already overloaded, downloading the casino to it would slow down everything you do on the computer.  As far as casino gaming is concerned, downloading to an overloaded hard drive would take a lot of the fun out of your online casino gaming−a great reason to play in Instant Play?

Everygame Casino Acknowledges a Business Anomaly!

It seems quite natural for a great online casino such as Everygame to explain what the advantages of Instant Play are.  On the other hand, we can hear gamers asking “Can I use Instant Play on other online casinos as well?”

The answer is yes and the follow-up question is: Why would Everygame Casino write an entire article about Instant Play knowing that some gamers would use the information to play elsewhere?

Everygame Casino Has a Lot to Offer Online Casino Gamers!

Online casino gaming is a lot about the games themselves and also a lot about the peripherals!  Here is a quick list of the peripherals and then we will explain why Everygame Casino is at the top of the online casino class in all of them!

  1. Safety and security
  2. Great promotions
  3. Excellent and smooth banking
  4. Fantastic customer service
  5. Easy to read terms and conditions
  6. A library of hundreds of articles that include tutorials


Fun and Safety are Mirror Images of Each Other!

In short, it would be impossible for a gamer to have the kind of existential fun gaming if he or she were not completely at ease regarding the safety of their money.

Everygame Casino provides the highest level of safety and security for gamers’ money via the best encryption software available.  A good online bank, business that takes online orders, an investment house, and so many other online sites all use encryption software.

Our encryption software also protects your gaming results in real time!  At land-based casinos, a lot of gaming information is stored on players’ cards.  These cards have no encryption so if a player loses his or her card, the information may be accessed by the wrong person!

In contrast, all of the information produced by gaming at Everygame is kept safe and secure behind the encryption software firewall!

Everygame Casino Offers Promotions Galore!

Once again, in the area of promotions, Everygame Casino is light years ahead of land-based casinos!  We offer a slew of promotions that include deposit bonuses at high bonus rates and for up to large bonus sums.  Land-based casinos cannot so much as offer these kinds of promotions.

The simple reason why this is so is that all deposit bonuses have to have a wagering requirement to stop a gamer from cashing out immediately.  At Everygame Casino, a gamer may take a week or more to complete the wagering requirement for a bonus while almost no one who patronizes a land-based casino has a week to complete a wagering requirement there!

Our promotions also usually include free spins!

Comp Points is an Enduring Promotion!

Here is a casino promotion that land-based casinos also offer.  Our comp points promo is very straightforward while the same promotion at a land-based casino has a major twist which we hinted to above.

Comp points are points a casino awards for every wager made at the casino.  Gamers can redeem these points when they grow enough to be redeemed.  Comp points are always redeemed as casino credits rather than as cold cash.

We protect gamers’ comp points information as we do all other gaming information.  On the other hand, at a land-based casino, the comp points information is kept unsecured on one’s player’s card.

We wonder how many comp points are sitting in drawers at home waiting to be redeemed!

The great British comedian, Michael McIntyre has a tremendous riff on “waiting”.  No need to wait for it; here it is:

Excellent and Smooth Banking are the Girders that Maintain the Online Casino Structure

Safety and security are an aspect of excellent banking.  Having a wide range of banking options is another.  Fast withdrawals is yet another aspect of great banking.

Everygame recently added bitcoin as an option for both deposits and withdrawals.  Bitcoin offers the most anonymous way to bank at an online casino!   Before bitcoin, the fast rise of ewallets was recognized by Everygame and other online casinos.

Everygame is Proud of Our Fantastic Customer Service

Customer service is the non-technological side of confidence in the casino.  Our customer service desk is open on a 24/7 basis.  We encourage all gamers to call or write to our service team.  The reps are trained to answer every question or to research the answer to an unusual question.

Are the T and C Readable or Gobbledygook?

There is no in-between when it comes to the technical and legal side of online casino gaming.  We have invested a great deal of effort in making our Terms and Conditions as readable as possible!

Hundreds of Informative Articles

We try to publish at least two new articles every week!  By now, our library of articles has at least 500 entries!

Taking all of what we have said here, it is no wonder that Everygame Casino is considered a leader in the online casino business!