A poker bad beat is a hand in which one player loses the hand when his or her opponent hits the only card that can give them the win on the last card dealt! All poker players have to endure the emotional trauma of a bad beat from time to time if they are at all intending on winning money!

Real Life Reflects Emotional Maturity

Poker players can react to a bad beat in any number of ways. The two primary ways are to either shrug the bad beat off and go on to the next hand as if nothing significant had happened or to tilt.

Everygame Casino will now talk about the emotional side of gaming starting with the game that has the most common bad best: poker.

What is Tilt?

Tilt can be described in very scientific language. We will not do so! Instead, we will define tilt the way secure poker players see it: Tilt is a player acting like a big baby after the hard loss of an expected big pot.

A bad beat in poker is like a bad beat jackpot in which all but one of the symbols line up for a seven-figure payout except....they don't!

There are No Bad Beats in Penny Ante Poker

If you are playing poker at very low stakes, usually, against friends, there will be some bad beats over the course of an evening but the pots will be relatively small. A truly bad beat will affect even the most sanguine poker player and the loss has to be quite substantial.

The key is to react like a grown-up and not like a big baby.

Losing with Four of a Kind is a Significant Bad Beat

It is rare that a player with four of a kind will expect an opponent to have a straight flush! Having said that we have to point out that in one's poker career, a poker player will experience many bad beats.

After the initial emotional trauma, an emotionally sound poker player will simply chalk up any bad beat into his or her catalog of bad beat stories! A losing player at the poker table may regale the others with rousing bad beat stories!

Luck is THE Major Factor in Poker Bad Beats

Almost by definition, a bad beat occurs when one player reads the hand correctly except that the opponent has one out and, against all odds, luck changes the hand and what was expected to be the stronger hand loses to what unexpectedly becomes the even stronger hand.

It is a great moment in poker when a player is able to hit the winning card at the end of the hand! That is, it is a great moment except for the player who receives the bad beat!

In deference to the player who lost the hand, the other players at the table will commiserate with her or him and encourage them to shrug it off.


Why is an Online Casino Talking about Poker Bad Beats?

No one wants a bad beat to happen. Still, they happen very often not only in poker or in gaming but in many other real-life situations. Everygame Casino has written this article as a public service, to help gamers deal with the bad beats that will inevitably happen in everyday life.

A good example of dealing with a bad beat is controlling road rage or airplane rage. We cannot control every situation but we can control ourselves!

Poker Play Reflects Real Life

When an opponent beats the odds and you have lost a hand that you "couldn't" lose, you need to be able to recover emotionally immediately. Extending the meaning of the term bad beat to everyday situations, means the same: it doesn't matter if you encounter a bad beat in poker, in blackjack, in slots or in the supermarket, our emotional response is what the term bad beat is all about.

Helpful Tips for Controlling One's Emotions

From the online casino point of view, the purpose of this article on bad beats is really about controlling our emotions when things do not go our way. Gaming should be fun! Gaming should be entertaining! If we get down at a bad beat in a casino game, the gaming will stop being fun and will stop being entertaining.

Here are a few good tips for controlling emotions. These tips work well in a gaming setting and they work well in many other everyday settings.

Online Casino Gaming is Usually about Playing for Real Money

We have to acknowledge the importance of money! At Everygame Casino, if the money side becomes a hindrance to entertaining gaming and gaming fun, a gamer can play in our unlimited free play mode.

Free play is one of the unsung advantages of online casino gaming that land-based casinos cannot match. The same applies to investing in stocks, bonds, or any other asset. The asset could lose money. If that happens and it ruins your emotional health, it means that you were investing not just beyond your financial means but also beyond your emotional means.

Gamers Should Allow Emotions to Play Themselves Out

The opposite is to suppress emotions. It is a lot healthier to let the emotions play out. This seems contradictory but it isn't at all! If we can't recover from a bad beat quickly, it probably means that we are exposing our emotions to too much stress.

Online casino gaming should reduce stress and it does for the vast majority of gamers! If you find yourself in the minority of gamers with too much emotion, you might consider other pursuits. Novelists, for example, use their emotions to tell a story!

Everygame Casino is Designed to Help Gamers Get Lucky

Winning at online casino games is a combination of luck and skill. The skill in the games of chance involves staying within your means when you place a bet and staying within your means when you have a bad beat.

Some gamers play for a big progressive jackpot while others play to see the flop in Texas Hold'em. Winning will happen for lucky gamers in both the games of chance and the games of skill.

Everygame Casino offers over 300 great games that as a group offer great fun and a lot of entertaining gaming! Staying within oneself is a key to online casino gaming fun!