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The Welcome Package at Everygame Casino Says Welcome in Grand Style

At probably every online casino, the first thing you see is an offer to new players.  Casinos have different names for these offers so here at Everygame Casino we will use the generic term “Welcome Package” to refer to them as a class.  What is a Welcome Package?  Should new players accept the offer made in the Welcome Package? 

Competition is Healthy

Competition is good for you as a gamer and it is also good for us as managers of an online casino.  Competition keeps us on our toes so we can serve your gaming needs better.  Competition makes us demand from our games provider to create the best new slots every month.  Competition motivates us to create the best promotions for all of our gamers, new players and loyal veteran players alike.

There are well over one thousand online casinos these days.  When Everygame Casino started out 25 years ago, there were just a small handful of online casinos.  The great growth in our industry attests to the fact that online casinos do indeed serve their gamers’ needs and the great longevity of Everygame Casino indicates that we have been serving thousands of gamers well for a quarter of a century!

Welcome to Our Casino

The Welcome Package at Everygame comes in two separate offers covering your first four deposits.  To top off the Welcome Package at Everygame, we give you a $55 no deposit bonus!

The question we have heard from new players is “Should I take the offer?”

Our answer is a resounding “yes” and in this article we will tell you why.

Over 300 Games

We have so many games that you, as a new player, will want to try out most of them.  So, the first reason to accept the Welcome Package offer is because you can sample every game we offer at Everygame with our money - not yours!

Why Should I Play Over 300 Games?

This is often the next question we hear.  It tells us that the new player that asks that question is coming to Everygame online casino from possibly many years playing casino games exclusively at land based casinos.  New gamers at Everygame are often surprised to find out that they can play all 300+ games without changing their seat!

Gamers who come to us from the world of land based casinos are usually familiar with perhaps ten games at the most.  They may be familiar with the classic casino games such as craps and roulette and they may have dipped their toes in the waters of the games of skill such as blackjack and poker.

More often, they play one or two slots and call that a weekend excursion.

We offer you the finest weekend excursion in gaming: hundreds of slots and other games without the expense of traveling and the hassles that attend traveling.

How Do I Know that I Will Like All 300+ Games?

Indeed you don’t.  In fact, most gamers don’t like all 300+ games.  However, all gamers at Everygame tell us that they like a lot more games at Everygame than they ever even played once at a land based casino!

You don’t have to like them all to find out that you like a very large number of games!

Find Out Using Our Money

So, we have come full circle back to the first good reason for accepting the Welcome Package at Everygame: you get to play so many games and all of them with our money!

A Massive Collection of Slots

The most prominent game at Everygame and probably at every casino—online or land based—is slots.  That is because modern technology has made slots the single game that can travel back in time, ahead in time, to the deepest part of the ocean or to the farthest away galaxy, to ancient cultures without end, and back to modern times seemingly in your back yard celebrating your summer holiday, or Christmas, or your children’s coming of age!

Modern slots players love being able to imagine themselves to actually be in so many different places all from the comfort of their home.  Land based casino gamers are wary of giving up their seat so they often end up spending hours at a single slot machine.

At Everygame, you never have to feel stuck.  Just go to a different game and have a great time.  Where else could you hobnob with an Aztec Chief and then direct a spaceship on a mission to Mars?

Loyalty Points

Everygame Casino runs a loyalty program in which you get points for every casino bet. You earn 1 comp point for every $10 you wager. After you reach a certain number of comp points, you can trade them in for extra cash.

So, you redeem the Welcome Package from Everygame Red and you can play a lot of different slots with the casino’s money.  You earn a lot of loyalty points in the process and visit many eras and cultures in the process.  Then you turn your comp points into cash and play some more with the casino’s money! What's the catch?  There is none!  Just a great Welcome Package....

Our Welcome Package for You

Here are the details about the ALL NEW Welcome Package at Everygame Casino.

  • With your first deposit: a 125% bonus up to $1000 - bonus code:  SIGNUP1000
  • With your second deposit: a 150% bonus up to $1500 - bonus code:  MATCHUP2
  • With your third deposit: a 125% bonus up to $1000 - bonus code:  MATCHUP3
  • With your fourth deposit: a 150% bonus up to $2000 - bonus code:  MATCHUP4
  • After you take all of the bonuses, you get a $55 no deposit bonus - bonus code:  FREEBIE55

It’s important to remember to get your bonus by using the correct bonus code within the "redeem coupon" section before you make your deposit. Minimum deposit is USD 20 for each deposit coupon.

A Final Word

We offer you the great Welcome Package because we are confident that you will like the games we offer.  Our great ambition is to be able to continue to offer gaming fun for the next quarter of a century and beyond.

It all depends on keeping you, the customer, satisfied and the first way we do so is by giving you a great Welcome Package.

Welcome to Everygame Casino!