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How Can Everygame Casino Help Me Get Thanksgiving Adult Entertainment?

The Thanksgiving holiday is fast upon us and we will all humbly give thanks for our many blessings.  We will have a great time reminiscing about old times with old friends and catching up with what’s going on with our family members who may be living at the four corners of the globe.

If one of the heroines in the Canadian hit television series Heartland can move from Alberta to Dubai, anyone can relocate far from home. 

So, that is one of the major aspects of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend: getting together with old friends and family members.  Now, we should look at how Everygame Casino can help you get the kind of Thanksgiving adult entertainment you want.

Online is Better than Land Based

If there was ever a way to demonstrate clearly that playing online casino games is better than going to a land based casino to play, the Thanksgiving holiday is it!  How are you going to have a great time with old friends and family members if they are here and you are whiling away the time at a land based casino?

So Many Ways to Incorporate Online Gaming into Your Thanksgiving Activities

Since you probably didn’t take your desktop computer with you when you went to the airport along with seemingly the entire population of California in order to fly home for the holiday, you’ll need to find an alternative way to play.

Voila!  You can play on Everygame Casino’s great mobile gaming platform!  In a real sense this turns the land based versus online discussion on its head.  A land based casino is rooted into the ground, immovable, inflexible, and inconvenient while the casino through the mobile platform is entirely movable, entirely flexible, and super convenient!

You take it out of your pocket and play for a few minutes to a longer stretch of time as you wish.


Short Gaming Sessions are Perfect for the Thanksgiving Holiday

You really want to spend quality time with your family and friends.  But your friends eventually go home and even the heartiest family members eventually go to sleep.  Now, you’ll likely be plenty tired at this point as well.  But, if you want to do something before you turn in, online casino gaming offers a quick and easy alternative.

How Many Books Can You Read in a Few Minutes Each Day?

You can take a book off the shelf and start to read.  It might have been one of your favorite books from childhood.  If it is short enough you can even finish it in one sitting.

But what about that great book you loved reading in high school?  Can you get through all 350 pages?  So, you can read a little, listen to some music, make another cup of coffee: in fact, the list of ways to experience happy and fun Thanksgiving adult entertainment are many and varied.

Online gaming is but one of these many ways to have a good time before going to bed.

What Does Everygame Casino Offer?

If you have been gaming at Everygame, you already know the broad range of great games we offer.  If you are new to online gaming, then it pays to learn about the many ways we at Everygame provide wonderful entertainment every day of the year.

Great Games

We run over 200 slots plus many variations of table poker, video poker, and blackjack.  Slots, roulette, craps, and others are games of chance while blackjack, video poker, and table poker are games of skill.  By the way, even the games of skill have a lot of chance built into them.  For the players who truly love the games of skill, the great joy they get comes in making the correct decisions on hand after hand!

A lot of casino gamers who are just coming to experiment at an online casino, have never ventured out from what they believe are their favorite games.  For most players at a land based casino, the favorite game of choice is slots.  But even for these slots lovers, there are probably a very small handful of slots they play regularly.  That’s because you don’t have a fixed seat at a land based casino. 

At Everygame online casino, you can play all of our hundreds of slots from your single seat.  We have plenty of room.  Until further notice, cyberspace shall remain infinite.  Even the entire population of California can play the same slots game at Everygame and you’ll never even get poked by someone’s elbow!

As we said, we have many variations of poker and blackjack.  We only ask that you learn the rules and the best playing strategy for each variation.  We have heard from many a gamer that they never knew how much fun the games of skill were because, when they played at a land based casino, they were always rooted to their slots seat!

Unlimited Free Play

In order to make it even easier for you to learn the nuances of any game at Everygame Casino, we offer unlimited free play!  In this way, you’ll be able to get used to the rules in a variation of a game of skill and also get comfortable playing slots in theme categories that you generally might never try.


Everygame Casino offers many promotions since you have all the time you might want or need to take full advantage of the promotions.  Land based casinos offer free food, free drinks, free rooms (maybe) and free show tickets (double maybe).

Even the comp points promotion at Everygame is far superior to the similar promotion at a land based casino.  When will you come back to the land based casino to take advantage of your accumulated points?  Maybe never.  This question never comes up at Everygame because you can always come back to the casino….now!  Or later tonight!  Or tomorrow!  Or in three weeks when you come back from a great vacation that you paid for with the money you saved by not playing at a land based casino!

Numerous Fun Activities

We spoke at some length about getting some short or long Thanksgiving adult entertainment by playing casino games online.  as you can imagine, there is a world of fun things you can do over the holiday weekend with family and friends and kids as well.  Here are a few ideas; you can fill in a few dozen more we’re sure!

  • Take a leisurely walk around your home town.
  • Take a more challenging walk in a nearby park.
  • Take the kids to a great playground.
  • Take the kids to get a fruit shake at the mall.  We hear that strawberry fruit shakes are the universal favorite among kids from 1-100!
  • Go bowling.
  • Take the kids to a movie.

You get the idea.  There are so many ways to have fun during this long Thanksgiving weekend that you should never be bored!  Instead, you should be active and everlastingly thankful!